22 March, 2014

Beauty Adventure with Paul Penders at Langkawi

Hi, lovelies! If you're into natural, all-vegan beauty products, you gotta read this! My recent trip to Langkawi, Kedah was indeed an eye opener as I met the founder of an international beauty brand and spent two great days with the team and its products. 

Paul Penders is the renowned beauty brand I'm talking about. Originated from Holland, US, the brand is named after the founder himself, Mr. Paul in the above picture. For over 40 years, the brand has been synonymous with natural cosmetics. Paul is an active environmentalist and avid animal rights activist, therefore he holds firm on his philosophy of "No Chemicals" and "No Animal Testing"

Paul frequently travels around the world in search of pure ingredients until he found that Langkawi island in Malaysia is a paradise with abundant herbs, plants and flowers. This pristine setting with its abundant plant life inspired Paul to relocate his R&D facilities to Langkawi UNESCO Geopark

Privately owned by the Penders, the Ocean Residence Langkawi is not only an ideal home for a relaxing island stay (You can rent the boutique apartments for short or longterm stays), but also the place where Paul Penders' formulations are created. We were privileged to enter the R&D laboratory and experience the beauty formula-making ourselves!

Among the ranges of products from skincare and cosmetics to body and hair care, they're certified as 100% vegan and organic, all free from chemicals! Plus, being a Muslim himself, his brand is also HALAL-certified. Now...how can my skin say No to these environmental-friendly products! 

Paul Penders Skincare
We were introduced to the basic range of Paul Penders skincare, from daily cleanser to weekly mask treatment. I noticed that every product is labelled with "LevensESSENTIE Gold®", meaning the "Essence of Life". Paul explained that it is a unique, holistic formula of 22 traditional herb extracts (including ginger, pegaga, tumeric, etc from Malaysia!) passed down from generation to generation since 100 years ago! 

Listening to his words, I was tempted to try out all the products and see how they work wonder on my dry, sensitive skin! Now let Paul Penders skincare balances my skin, hair and body in the most natural way 

After analyzing my skin, the staff has handpicked some signature items for me to try, 
along with a detailed sheet of product usage instructions.

Paul Penders Moisturizing Set (Specially catered for my skin type!)
1. Cleansing Milk
2. Skin Toner
3. P.M. Moisturizer
4. Herbal Sunscreen
5. Intensive Clarifying Therapy (ICT) 

What makes me excited to try Paul Penders is because they're wholly made 
using natural ingredients from Korea, US and everywhere around the world!

Rosemary & Calendula Cleansing Milk (120ml) @ RM85

If you're a fan of herbs, then you'd love this natural herbal facial cleanser formulated with fine plant-derived oils and uplifting rosemary essential oil. Mild and milky on the skin, it surprises me with its effectiveness in removing surface dirt and impurities yet leaving the skin soft and smooth.

Now I found a good replacement of my makeup remover! Just pour sufficient amount of milk cleanser onto the cotton pad, and wipe off your makeups gently. Voila, it works great like a good oil-based remover.

Alpinia & Teatree Cleansing Wash (120ml) @ RM85

The liquid cleanser smells quite strong because of the teatree oil. But it contains natural antibacterial properties and helps to normalize sebum production to reduce blemishes. Best for combination and oily skin!

Chamomile & Moringa Skin Toner (120ml) @ RM85

Love the chamomile ingredient that soothes and freshens up the skin! I'd call this a lotion instead of toner, because this alcohol-free toner is specially formulated to restore natural moisture balance, as well as to soothe and clarify all skin types. 

Aloe & Lavender A.M. Moisturizer (30g) @ RM95
Avocado & Cranberry P.M. Moisturizer (40g) @ RM118 

Best suited for dry and sensitive skin, I found that the Paul Penders moisturizers are extra light and non-sticky for my liking. The 'creamy' night moisturizer is probably the lightest night cream I've tried--- Highly recommended! Just spread evenly onto face every day, and a little goes a long way.

 Herbal Sunscreen SPF22 (70g) @ RM95

Skincare is nothing if you don't put on daily sun care, whether you stay indoors or exposed to the sun. Being my first sunscreen made of herbs, it smells lovely and contains natural minerals to protect against harmful UV rays of the sun while vitamins repair, soothe and hydrate the skin. 

Its non-sticky formulation works great on the body during physical exercises but not on the face as it feels rather heavy and creates a layer of white sheen on the face. Perhaps I'm too used to having extra light, water-based sunscreen everyday =)

Apart from Paul Penders basic skin care, it also offers facial specialty care products such as eye gel, hydrating control serum and whitening skin treatment which I have yet to try. But.. do you wanna try doing face and body mask like a spa treatment at home? I WANT! 

Intensive Clarifying Therapy (ICT) (110g) @ RM280 (2-in-1)

Definitely the best and most unique product from Paul Penders! Unlike the conventional mask, it comes in powder form (ICT I), and needs to be mixed with the solution (ICT II) before application. After mixing, ICT produces fresh oxygen that penetrates nutrients into the skin and dramatically improves skin elasticity. Amazing or not!! Plus it can be used for face and body, on both female and male.

 Step 1: Scoop sufficient amount of ICT I powder to the bottle cap.
Step 2: Pour ICT II liquid sufficiently to cover ICT I.
Step 3: Stir the mixture thoroughly until it becomes a paste.
Step 4: Voila! Make sure the paste is not too thick / watery, to ease application.
Step 5: Apply evenly over face and neck, avoid the eye area.
Step 6: Leave mask for 5-30 minutes and rinse with warm water. 

Let's pose with the cooling green mask! When applying a thin, even layer onto the skin, it clarifies the skin and increases moisture level. In my air-conditioned bedroom, I reckon my face would freeze because of its instantaneous soothing and cooling sensation!

When the paste begins to dry off (with visible cracking), you can remove the mask and don't wait until it dries completely. Its mixture of 22 certified organic herbs, essential oils, ceramides, antioxidants and vitamins A and E bring renewed skin clarity and luminosity within the first treatment. 

After the ICT treatment, my skin moisture level improves immediately by 27%! This is miraculous because I did the mask for a mere 5 minutes. No wonder the beauty therapists worldwide claim that ICT is the perfect answer to healthy skin! 

Since the skin care range is so satisfying, I can't wait to explore the rest of Paul Penders ranges such as bath products, body firming cellulite serum and intensive hair repair therapy. Not to forget cosmetics too!

Make-Up - Natural foundations, mineral foundation  blush, eyeshadow, cream lipstick, cover-up stick & mascara

Baby Care - Natural Baby Body Lotion and Shampoo

Thank you The Butterfly Project for this privileged beauty session at Langkawi 
with Paul Penders founder and his son, Bastian along with the friendly staff! 

#1 100% Natural and Vegan. Mild and safe for all skin types, and best suit the sensitive skin! No more worries about unwanted skin reactions =)
#2 Love the floral, herbal scent that relaxes the skin, mind and soul.
#3 Rating: 5/5 for the skin care range (except sunblock) ♥ Must buy item: Intensive Clarifying Therapy (ICT)

All ranges of Paul Penders products are now available at Rakuten online shopping site (rakuten.com.my/shop/paulpenders)
as well as at Paul Penders store under the name BioGreenoPenders (HQ) in Puchong.

Don't forget to try Paul Penders products and tell me how do you love them! :)
Stay tuned for my next post about my travel diary at this private boutique residence owned by Paul

Paul Penders
Bio Greeno Sdn Bhd
58, Jalan Puteri 2/4,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong,
Contact: 603-8063 7889 / 016-211 7396 (Product delivery is available!)


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