01 March, 2014

Dove School of Skindulgence Campaign

I have been using some baby milk bath for the past 20 years until I tried the Dove® Body Wash with NutriumMoisture™ from my Bag of Love May 2013 edition. And I love its milkiness that leaves me skin well-nourished, I guess that's how my journey with Dove began :)

Dove Body Wash comes in 6 variants:
Sensitive Skin / Gentle Exfoliating / Beauty Nourishing / Fresh Touch / Energize / Revive 

Taking pride for being "Better-than-milk", it is a daily pampering regime which contains moisturizing and nourishing ingredients to replenish nutrients into the skin during shower. All you need is just one or two pumps each time you shower.

Continuing my journey with Dove, I was invited to the launch of Dove® School of Skindulgence Facebook campaign that encourages women to take a step further to achieve overall beauty and wellness. It's time to indulge and pamper yourselves everyday in less time and with less money...

Wanna stay young and pretty like the Dove girls? Dove products help nourish your outer skin 
but that's not enough, we ought to pamper ourselves to achieve beauty from within. 

Hence, Dove® School of Skindulgence challenges you to achieve wellness through 3 main pillars of Skindulgence: Eat Right, Stay Active and Pamper Yourself! .....Most importantly, all this effort begins from HOME!

"Let's love ourselves, eat right, and stay active through simple no-hassle, no fuss, inexpensive activities that we can do at home,” said Siti Suhaila Abd Hamid, Brand Manager, Unilever (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd.

Juggling between work and family, majority women nowadays have insufficient "me time" everyday. 
Plus, indulging their skin on a daily basis (facial, spa, massage, etc) can be too costly. 

That's why Dove wants us to take a pledge and make ourselves well-pampered at home!

Look, everyone is happy to begin the pledge with Dove!

Skindulgence Advice 1: #EAT RIGHT

Eating right sounds easy, but difficult to achieve because Malaysia is such a food haven that tempts me with delicious food everyday! Now let's see how you can change your diet habit by packing lunchbox to the office, avoid eating out and start cooking in a healthy way at home.  

The first chapter of Dove School of Skindulgence begins at the kitchen, let's whip up some delicious yet healthy meal!

All the ingredients and utensils are prepared for us. I notice there are large portions of vegetables with moderate size of lean meat and minimal usage of oil. But no worries, healthy meals can be colorful and tasty too!

The method of preparing salad and pasta is so easy and quick as explained by the chef!

Ta-daa! Perhaps I can be a good wife too. HAHAHA
First, prepare the ingredients (vege, lean chicken, tomato, corn and orange dressing). 
Mix them in a bowl and voila, it's that simple!

Here's my messy-looking salad, but it's yummy and filling =)

The mushroom edamame spaghetti is slightly more complicated, as you'd need to sauteed the mushroom before mixing them with the soy dressing and spaghetti. Lastly, don't forget to top it with sesame and bonito flakes for a nice presentation!

Ah.....this is so mouth-watering! All in a sudden I feel so talented, hahaha.

Skindulgence Advice 2: #STAY ACTIVE

Staying active is an issue for white-collar workers, most would give excuses such as having no time for exercise. Actually, exercise can begin from home! I love doing workouts, climbing stairs and yoga at home. But after breaking a sweat, don't forget to cleanse yourself with the milky Dove body bath :) 

Skindulgence Advice 3: #LOVE YOURSELF 

Loving yourself means making yourself feel good from a short but effective pampering session at home. Shower, spa, facial and massage can all be done at home because there are plenty of DIY formula out there for you to try on!

Let's see what we can indulge ourselves in!

Let's do a quick moisture test to compare milk and Dove body wash. Surprisingly, milk can't do much on the skin, whereas the moisture level of the skin has increased dramatically after using Dove product. Better than milk? YES, proven!

Dove body wash is available in 1 litre bottles at RM22.90 and 200ml at RM5.90.
My personal favourite is still the basic, Beauty Nourishing variant!

Yes, we're ready to take a pledge and join the Dove School of Indulgence campaign, 
because lots of amazing prizes are awaiting us! 

Do you want to win a hamper like the one I have now? 
Or an all-expense-paid 3D2N island getaway to Krabi?

Let's Join the Dove School of Indulgence Challenge!
 Don't forget to like "My Dove Body Wash" Facebook Page first!

 Step 2: You'll be redirected to this page, and click "Find Out How" to know more about the contest.

Step 3: Click "Register Now" to sync the app with your Instagram account before you begin posting pictures.

All you need to do is to share at least ONE photograph daily via Instagram hash-tags (#skindulgence #betterthanmilk #eatright #stayactive) with a minimum total of 21 photographs (7 per pillars) in the 21 days of how you take care of yourselves at home!

#1  The more pictures you post, the higher the chances of winning!
#2  A continuous posting for 21 days is compulsory.
#3 The challenge begins now and ends on 30 April 2014. 
#4 The maximum number of photographs is 63 (21 per pillar)

For eight weeks, three winners will be selected each week based on their creativity on each activity and they will each win RM100 worth of Dove Body Wash hamper. The 10 grand prize winners will have the memorable experience of a 3 day/2 night island getaway to Krabi!!!

Oh I heard Krabi is calling me already!
I’ve taken the pledge, so keep stalking me on Instagram for the next 21 days! 
Don't forget to follow me @ohfishiee! This contest is open for all, so come and have fun with us :)

For more information about Dove, please visit facebook.com/mydovebodywash!


  1. woahhh!!!

    So good and excited to start our challenge huh?

    Good luck Fishee! Love you and support you too!

  2. You look great and younger in this hair length!
    And I love how you edit and arrange the pictures in every posts! :D



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