18 March, 2014

Repetto Paris Fragrance Launch in Malaysia

Speaking of Repetto, I can imagine a graceful ballerina revealing her self-confidence, softness and sensuality through the delicate dance movement. Inspired by the world of dance, Repetto's first eau de toilette is the symbol of grace and femininity.

Repetto is a fashion icon from Paris, boasting a wide range of ballerina shoes, tutu skirts, leather goods and ready-to-wear collection. Until recently the introduction of its first fragrance is a new chapter in its history on the theme of dance based on a hand-sewn formula allying a selection of raw materials that both are luxurious and rich in authenticity.

Repetto: A heritage of grace ; I feel so dreamy upon entering the hall!

Being one of the first to try Repetto's fragrance, we had a great time reminiscing our precious
childhood memory as we experienced its great success of the ballet and ballerina shoes.

Like a graceful ballerina,  Repetto's fragrance is an alliance of emotions: a satin veil which brushes the skin, a body which twirls and arches itself in an infinite grace…

This precious scent is inspired by the movements, curves and elegance of ballerinas. It is a refined formula which seeks for perfection through authenticity. It is a musky powdery rose perfume where the rose is tutu by its dress, quintessence of femininity by its smell, mesmerizing by its beauty, and purity by its authenticity.

Look at the famous Repetto pink case with its subtly tinted glass bottle wrapped with a satin ribbon, sealed with the brand's iconic "r" (R for Repetto) and weighted with an elegant drop pendant! It looks so sweet, delicate and refined. 

The floral woody musky fragrance opens with a refreshing burst of pear, coupled with a powdery whiff of cherry blossom. The heart notes transcends gently to a satin rose and the orange blossom. Like a sophisticated Ballet, it fades into a powdery amber, with the slightest hints of ambery woods and vanilla.

I personally prefer light, rosy fragrance which doesn't smell overly sweet or overpowered by the musky woodiness. And Repetto EDT is exactly what I fall in love with at the first whiff! It is so feminine and sensual with its light floral notes. 

Every girl who loves fairytales and dreams would definitely love it too!

Meet the ballerina flats collection by Repetto :)
Love the dance-themed ready-to-wear collection that combines 
mesh with short wide skirts, and mille feuilles of overlaid fabric!

Glad to have a quick chat with Amber again during the event! 
She was posing gracefully like a ballerina, while I.... was doing something funny I guess.

Nice experiencing the world of ballerinas with Amber and The Lilac Bloggers!

Repetto fragrance set comes in an EDT of 3 sizes: 80ml (RM320) / 50ml (RM245) / 30ml (RM155)
along with a satin body lotion and perfumed shower gel

Repetto Paris EDT is available in Malaysia at:
ISETAN: The Garden, KLCC, Bandar Utama (March 2014)
SEPHORA (April 2014)
PARKSON: Pavilion, Sunway Pyramid, Gurney Plaza (June 2014)


  1. Thanks for the post:) I shall certainly take a sniff when I'm next at Sephora. Currently obsessed with repetto flats:)

  2. Like the post, very nice pictures! :)


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