20 March, 2014

Review: Modbox New Arrivals March 2014

It had been a while since I last heard from Modbox. It is now back with new selections of beauty products. You can select the samples you want to go into the beauty box here or head to Modshop to purchase the full size products. Now let's see what are the latest addition in Modbox!

#1 SHAIRE LONDON Fragrance Free Hair Perfume (Dry Shampoo) 60ml @ RM35.90

It is a fragrance-free dry shampoo that keeps your hair cleansed and conditioned in between washes. Contains Malaysian seaweed extract which is a super-ingredient for your hair. It cleanses and conditions hair in between washes to reinvigorate dull and lifeless hair. Also acts as a hair tonic to repair and strengthen roots, and prevent split ends, leaving you with gorgeous, luscious locks!

The first product that impressed me is the dry shampoo, or I prefer it to be known as hair perfume spray! It is actually free from fragrance, but able to 'cleanse' the hair without using any water. I think it's a good idea especially during the season of water crisis in our country!

The bottle comes in double caps protection, to prevent unwanted reaction of the spray with the air and any leakage. I used to have greasy hair after a long day out, and now I can spray some onto my hair for the instantaneous cleansing effect. Goodbye to dull and lifeless hair!

Love it because is is enriched with seaweed extract, so it’s great for strengthening hair roots and preventing split ends. Plus, it is just quick and easy to use. Just spray the dry shampoo evenly on hair and scalp, and massage gently. You can use up to twice a day based on your needs. 

I gotta thank Shaire London for such invention that allows me to cleanse and revitalize my hair anytime I wish!

#2 RESCARE Aqua Peeling Face Exfoliating Spray (150ml) @ RM78

I have always been using exfoliator in liquid or gel form, but I hardly try on exfoliating spray. Packed with natural plant ingredients, this Rescare spray gently exfoliates while keeping skin moistured. As much as I believe exfoliating gel gives the best soothing sensation, I am surprised that Rescare is able to do the same too! 

Under such hot climate, we are exposed to the dirty air that rests on our skin and turns into blackheads. I used to get rid of these dead skin cells and impurities by using a blackhead mask, but now I have a more convenient and easy-to-use exfoliating spray!

One or two pumps will be sufficient for the entire face. Plus, the foam is 
light and refreshing for the skin with a beautiful aroma of rose water

Just spray on the face and gently massage in circular motion, then wash the 'dirty beads' off. 
Yes, it's that simple! I am going to use it 1-2 times a week, to achieve smooth, glowing skin again!

#3 MIACARE Acne Patch for Day (12 patches) @ RM9.90

Next is...for those who often have breakouts! Pimples seem to be a recurring issue for almost everyone. It is annoying especially when it pops up a night before special occasions or important events. That's why we need this miracle acne patch to hide pimples and allow quick healing.

Here's how the MiaCare Acne Patch works. Just paste it onto your pimple, and the wound will be gone!

Easy, quick and convenient way of using the acne patch!

Moreover, every patch is smaller than the size of 5 cent. Transparent in color, it can hardly be seen so you can wear it under your makeup. Well, I haven't had the chance to use it yet ...*touchwood*... I shall try it the next time zits attack me.

#4 DENTISTE' - Plus White Nighttime Toothpaste (160g) @ RM25.90

Featuring 14 natural extracts that are antiseptic and antibacterial, this toothpaste naturally increases saliva flow to prevent bacteria from multiplying. Here's your way towards fresher morning breath, healthier gums, cleaner mouth and better relationships! 

Modbox really includes beauty box from head to toe! Next item is for the oral care, because halitosis is a big no-no when you meet people! Not to mention the morning bad breath that some people may experience everyday.

Say hi to the 14 natural extracts that are naturally antiseptic and antibacterial.

The toothpaste is mild, although not as minty as I'd prefer, but very strong in herbal scent. After using this before bed, the bad breath in the next morning seems to have reduced for the first few nights! Worth a try for those who want to wake up with fresh morning breath =)

#5 DENTISTE' - Oral Rinse (380ml) @ RM25.90

Besides having a reliable toothpaste, remember to maintain maximum oral hygiene by using this oral rinse that neutralizes pH level in your mouth while increasing saliva flow to clean and reduce bacterial deposit.

Remember to gargle it every day and night. Make sure it reaches all corners of
the mouth so that you can achieve an instant result with fresh breath all day!

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  1. I only know the pimple patch brand, others are all new for me.. potential good product to try out eh?

  2. Thanks for sending this message. Nina


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