04 March, 2014

Review: Vanity Trove Customized Box with My Favourites!

My journey with Vanity Trove throughout 2013 was indeed a delightful one, I collected all the monthly beauty box from February to September, including 3 special edition troves, where you can read on my reviews HERE

The box is used to be rose pink and white in colour, until few months ago Vanity Trove changed a whole new box in creamy beige that further enhanced its elegance. If you remember my previous post, you can now pick your own beauty samples into your trove! 

For RM50, I was entitled to choose 6 beauty items but Vanity Trove never fails to surprise me 
by adding more stuff into the trove! Now let's see what are my beauty picks for the month =)

#1 ARTDECO Eye Shadow in Violet Amethyst (Full Size!) (0.8g)

Originated from Germany, the Artdeco eye shadow is a must-have as the extremely fine glitter particles makes a special eye-catcher for different occasions. Although it does not come in any case, but it is definitely worth going into my trove because a full-sized Artdeco eye shadow retails at RM29.00!

#2 DECLEOR Aroma Cleanse Cleansing Milk (10ml) + Lotion (10ml)

DECLEOR is one of my favourite skincare products! From the Decleor Aromatherapy Ritual Workshop I attended last year, I already own the full sized cleansing milk and toner, but I don't mind getting another deluxe sized ones for my convenience while travelling. Love the milky cleanser and lotion that feels soft and smells like honey on the skin! 

#3 WELLA Professionals ENRICH Moisturizing Shampoo (50ml) + Mask (25ml)

I love the scent of Shea butter in the luxuriously silky shampoo and mask! It is rich and hydrating, best to nourish and moisturize thick hair. Can't wait to see a radiant shine on my hair soon.

#4 NATURE'S LAB Bergamot & Tangerine Premium Natural Body Wash (50ml)

Natural product is always the best friend of my skin, that's why I love this citrus body wash that is not only fragrant but also freshens my mind. Deliciously sweet and tangy, I wish it is edible!

Nature's Lab is brought to you by Skinlab.

#5 ANTIPODES Joyful Hand & Body Cream (30ml)

To pamper myself from head to toe during this festive season, the Antipodes joyful hand and body cream helps get rid of dry, flaky skin especially around the elbow, kneecap and ankle area. Enriched with avocado oil, the velvety cream feels soft on the skin without leaving any residue. 

#6 TruDTox Naturally Purify Botanical Tea Blend (Full Size!) (5 Tea Bags x 3g in 1 Box)

I've always seen TruDTox in pharmacies, but this is my first time trying this Swiss natural and organic botanical tea that works gently to cleanse our natural detox organs. Tastes like an ordinary herbal tea with no harsh laxatives, I notice my bowel movement somewhat improves a little.

#7 Mystery Gift: SCHWARZKOPF BC Hair Therapy - BC Oil Miracle Shampoo (30ml)

I also have the same in full size, along with BC Oil Miracle Gold Shimmer Treatment and Liquid Oil Conditioner. I find it less oily as expected, and able to nourish the hair well from the roots. Do read on my full review here: Schwarzkopf BC Oil Miracle series review

#8 Antipodes and Nature's Lab Vouchers

For only RM50, I get 7 travel-sized items and 2 full-sized products!! Amazing or not!

For customizable trove, you can get 6 to 8 samples in each trove.
The more you subscribe, the more items you get in each trove!


  1. There's just so much work needed to make a girl pretty!

  2. i love the wella one, yes the scent :))


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