11 March, 2014

Tokyo Banana Strawberry Cake from Ginza

Tokyo Banana. Why is Japanese food always so good! From sashimi to sushi, now even the snack from Tokyo Banana is what alot of people are raving about! I've seen people buying them home from Japan as No.1 Souvenirs but what exactly makes it so special? Now I finally found out...

If you're wondering, Tokyo Banana is a novelty snack that you can only buy in Japan. It's such a disappointment, why isn't this delectable snack sold in Malaysia? I bet it's because it can only last 7 days from the day of production. 

The original Tokyo Banana is a rich milk-flavored banana custard cream gently wrapped in a vanilla-scented sponge cake that comes in a petite size like a cute miniature banana! Now it comes in various flavours such as chocolate, caramel and banana shake, yet I have not tried any of them =(

 Ginza Strawberry 銀座の苺ケーキ (8 pieces in a box)

During the recent Valentine, one of the sweet gifts I got was a box of Strawberry Cake from Ginza. Manufactured by the same company, it is more like a cousin of Tokyo Banana with a shape slightly rounder...and therefore cuter in a way =P

I was like, "Awww....so pretty" as I unbox the package. Each vanilla-scented sponge cake has a cute strawberry mark on top. It looks too adorable to be eaten!

The cake is about the size of my palm, and the softness of the chiffon is irresistible when enjoyed with the delicious strawberry cream and custard cream inside!

Awww...I feel bad for splitting it into half, but the oozing ichigo cream tastes so heavenly with the creamy custard. It melts perfectly in the mouth, and I think it would be a great midnight snack or high tea dessert for those who don't like overly sweet stuff =)

In Japan, it is so famous and cool but each box of 8 costs only 1000 yen. When people start importing this dainty dessert into Malaysia, the price hikes up to RM80 per box! Yet....I think it is worth the price for first timers. Can't wait to try the rest of the varieties!

*hint hint* Can anyone bring me to Tokyo for this?
Or if you visit Japan, don't forget to bring some home for me ya!

For more information about Tokyo Banana, visit http://tokyobanana.jp
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