17 April, 2014

Spa Review: Elysyle Hot Stone Spa & Deep Tissue Massage

Mother's Day is around the corner, have you thought of the best gift to pamper your Mom? I always believe the most tedious job in the world is being a mother, because there is no holiday all year long. So I thought of bringing her for a spa to celebrate early Mother's Day because she deserves a great day off!

Located at the penthouse (4th floor) of Wisma Elken along Old Klang Road, KL, Elysyle Spa is the nearest luxurious spa from my home, and I decided to bring Mom along for a 3-hours pampering session

I heard that the slots at this spa centre are usually full during both weekdays and weekends, so I made an appointment one week prior to our visit. Upon registration, we were led into their posh living hall with plenty of floral Japanese decors, aromatherapy candles and many prestigious awards that Elysyle Spa won internationally. 

Fret not if you come with empty stomach, because each guest would be greeted with
a complimentary set of house camoumile tea and light refreshment.

VIP Treatment Room

Another thing I love about Elysyle Spa is the privacy it offers-- Just top up RM50 to book a private VIP room where you can have your own changing room, bathroom and massage bed with your guest. They even have a bathtub for you to enjoy after treatment! Recommended for those seeking for better comfort and ultimate serenity.

Let's change into our bath robes and begin the treatment!

Mama was enjoying the Complimentary Foot Soak and Scrub

If you have a really long day and just need to unwind, I believe the foot soak is a great start to put yourself into a fine mood. The foot soak here uses a milky soap that moisturizes the skin and salt scrub that removes the layer of dead skin cells. After a mere 15 minutes of foot soak, you can feel the softness of the feet instantly!

Elysyle Signature Energising Stone Spa @ RM78 (40 minutes)

If you're a first timer here, the Elysyle signature hot stone spa is definitely a must-try! It is Malaysia's first ever stone spa which uses 3 of Japan’s most popular ore (natural rock) and gemstones to bring about therapeutic and beneficial effects to the body according to the user’s health and constitution. Best for those who want to relieve stress, ease soreness and enhance energy flow.

You can choose amongst 3 types of stone bed that suits your condition the best:

Bed A – For those who are physically weak
Improves skin conditions, activates cells and increase immunity
• Low immune system / Easily fall sick
• Lethargic / Tired
• Lack of energy

Bed B – For those who are emotionally weak
Improves body immunity, hydrates skin and revitalize cells
• Low self esteem / Feeling negative / Depressed
• Insomnia / Low energy / Cold feet

Bed C – For those who are feeling stress
Relaxes body, relieves stress, refreshes mind and body with detoxification effect
• Under stress / Easily fatigue
• Recovering from an illness / Jet lags after travelling

**Not recommended for those who are overly hungry, having menstruation, high/low blood pressure, heart problem or chronic illness. Also cannot be done after intensive exercise or alcohol intake.

The hot stone spa room is very steamy and warm just like human's temperature. Just lie onto the hot stone bed, relax and let your body sweat all the toxins out. The warmth of Elysyle Energy Stone Spa stimulates blood circulation and helps restore the body to a balanced state while inducing a deep relaxation and easy sleep afterwards. It also strengthen the body immune system, speed up recovery, hydrates the skin and eliminate bodily waste.

Just 10 minutes on a stone spa can help heal your body and energise your physical and spiritual state. Of course, most people prefer a 20 to 30 minutes session. If you are new to hot stone spa, the recommended treatment time is 20 minutes. As soon as you're used to the warm temperature, you can stay in the room up to 30 minutes. 

After a long sweating moment from the hot stone spa that burned lots of calorie, I was surprised to see two sets of dessert and chilled asam boi beverages on the table. It felt great to have some light dessert to cool the body and replenish some energy.

Make sure your body has cooled and completely free from sweats, before proceeding for shower. 

Instead of the changing in the public washroom, we could skip the queue because we had our very own, private shower and bath tub inside our VIP room. It was luxuriously furnished and well-equipped with Elysyle bath and hair care products.

They are also available for sale under Elken, feel free to check them out! 

Tried it out with hot water and it felt like jacuzzi to me!

Here we can take our own sweet time to bathe, dry our hair and prep the skin with Elysyle face lotion and toner before having the next treatment :) By the way, the blue bottles (Toner and moisturizer) on the dressing table are what I have been using since I was 15. Absolutely great for dry and sensitive skin! 

Deep Tissue Body Massage @ RM188 (60 minutes) / RM238 (90 minutes)

Finally, no spa treatment is complete without a full body massage! We picked the popular deep tissue body massage, that focuses on the deepest layers of muscle tissues to release chronic muscle tension. My therapist told me that my shoulders were very stiff due to long hours facing computer, so this massage is best to promote blood circulation and relax the muscles.

Harper's BAZAAR Spa Awards 2010: Most Luxe Uplifting Massage: Signature Deep Tissue Massage 

Of course I did some research myself before going for this massage; It was found that people's blood pressure fell after a single 45 to 60 minute deep tissue massage. Great for my Mom who has slight high blood pressure :) Others on the list include original Swiss massage, pure aromatherapy and shiatsu body massage.

At Elysyle Spa, I believe they pick only the best for the customers as everything used here is so zen. The massage treatments are done using 100% pure, organic and natural essential oils imported from France. Rose Geranium, the flavour I picked, was very relaxing and helpful for meditation. Love the fresh, cheerful rosy scent!

Elysyle Spa surely wouldn't allow its guests leaving with starving sotmach. At the end of the pampering session, we were served with some sandwiches and hot ginger tea before bidding goodbye.

All the treatments I did on that day (Foot soak, stone spa, massage) also come in various packages and promotions from time to time. If you're looking for value-added pampering sessions, now you know where can you find them :) 

Here's the price chart for all the treatments available at Elysyle Spa.
For better value for money, I'd suggest you to come with a friend and opt for packages :)

1. Truly appreciate the professionalism of the massage therapist who can tell which part of my body 
2. Great services! I truly enjoy the topnotch quality of customer service as the staff pays attention to the details to ensure the most relaxing and satisfying spa experience here. 
3. Highly recommended for those looking for luxuriously comfortable experience beyond mere pampering session.

Elysyle Spa
Penthouse (4th Floor)
(Entrance is next to EK Mart)
Wisma Elken,
5th Mile, Jalan Klang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact Number: 603-7785 1111
Website: www.elysylespa.com.my
Facebook: fb.com/elysylespa

Business Hours:
Tuesdays - Saturdays: 10.30am to 7.30pm
Sundays: 10.30am to 5.30pm
Closed on Mondays


  1. Nice spa. I Also wanted a massage badly. I was so stressful lately.

  2. wow what a nice pampering session.

  3. wow what a nice pampering session.

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