21 June, 2014

Arthur Guinness Project & British Council "Entrepreneurs For Good" 2014

Good deeds often start from home. But this time Arthur Guinness Project and British Council are doing it in a big scale by having "Entrepreneurs For Good" 2014.  It is a programme to provide funding to social entrepreneurs who run businesses not just for profit, but also to help the nation towards better living.

"Arthur Guinness Projects are proud to help society change for the better in communities across Malaysia",
said Bruce Dallas, Marketing Director of GAB.

Gavin Anderson, Country Director of British Council hopes that the 6 award winners can build their
social business ventures to benefit their communities, and able to inspire others to follow their path.

To date, over 40,000 people in the world has benefited from the Arthur Guinness Fund. 
I'm glad to join this great movement by celebrating the conclusion of this project. 

12 social entrepreneurs have set up their booths to share their ideas that press on various social and environmental issues. After months of applications, business planning, pitching and a public vote, the winners of this year’s prestigious award are revealed during this prestigious event.

Official award presentation begins with 4 awards for the Arthur Guinness Projects "Entrepreneurs For Good" 2014

#1 BYOB Green Concepts

BYOB (www.facebook.com/BYOB.Malaysia) is the only one I've heard of. The concept is simple and easy to adopt-- Bring Your Own Bottles-- If you reuse 1 plastic bottle, you'll save 2 from being ended up polluting the landfills and sea. 

#2 Clean Bites

When it comes to food, Clean Bites (www.cleanbites.my) is the kindergarten for healthy food. It aims to buy from home grown foods, inspire people to eat healthier and produce zero waste.

I have tried the signature flourless chocolate cake made of sweet potato and cocoa, as well as their snack made of banana paste, cranberries, quinoa and nuts. So healthy yet delicious!

#3 Catama Craft Enterprise

Not many still do appreciate craft and cultural arts nowadays, but luckily Catama Craft is here to work with Sarawakian women in rural, underprivileged communities to assist them in marketing the indigenous crafts and providing them economic stability.

#4 The MAD Experience (www.themadexperience.com)

It empowers everyday people to get involved to poverty alleviation through crowd-sourcing and
responsible volunteering. Just make a donation and you can join the field trip to help the needy!

......followed by 2 awards for the British Council "Entrepreneurs For Good" 2014.

#5 Ecocentric Transitions

It (www.ecocentrictransitions.com) builds environmentally empathetic and sustainable communities through workshops, consultation and training. There we learn to be more eco-responsible through environmental education, sustainble living and more.

#6 Shuttle GO (BUSCO)

Busco is a short distance, low density private shuttle service helping citizens towards
more mobile lives as they provide sustainable and easy access to public transport. 

...and finally the grand prize, People Choice's Award 2014 which is judged based on the public voting,
congratulations Tanoti!

Tanoti aims to keep alive the traditional Malaysian craft of songket weaving while enabling weavers to earn a sustainable income. They're currently working with songket weavers to establish fair business connections that sustain both the community and the craft.

Each of them will be awarded RM20,000 to RM40,000 as well as training, mentoring and other assistance to help them reach their noble objectives. Looking forward to hear more success stories from them!

Once again, congratulations to all 7 winners! 
For more information, visit www.arthurguinnessprojects.com.my

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