12 June, 2014

Bad Boy Cooks @ SetiaWalk Puchong

How often do you go for burgers and steaks which may cost a bomb yet unable to promise a satisfying dining experience? Instead of paying so much for such dissatisfaction, why don't make your every penny spent worth the value by visiting Bad Boy Cooks?

If you happen to drop by at SetiaWalk for movie, karaoke or shopping, be sure to check out this bright red outlet on the block. Now let's find out how well these bad boys can cook! 

The philosophy here is pretty simple: They serve customers with real food, no frills. Diners can enjoy their meal comfortably under the brightly lit American ambiance created by the combination of open glass windows, quirky red furniture and black-and-white checkered flooring.

Be prepared for a long post, as I have tried almost everything on the menu with the fellow foodies.
Can't believe that 9 of us are able to finish all of them and still ask for more. Too yummy, perhaps?

#1 Italian Tomato @ RM6

To begin our gastronomical adventure here, we are served with a wonderful, hot broth of tomatoes and herbs that warms the stomach with a hint of sweetness beyond the creamy texture.

#2 Country Mushrooms @ RM6

If you prefer something even creamier, do opt for the mushroom soup instead. Each spoonful is filled with chunks of mushrooms, and I'm surprised with the generous portion for the price I pay. 

#3 Bad Boy Caesar @ RM8

Coated with creamy salad dressing, the bed of classic romaine lettuce is topped with boiled egg, beef bacon and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. Definitely a must-try item for the healthy goers. 

#4 Bad Boy Mash @ RM4 

Don't be surprised when you see the wide variety of snacks here are priced below RM7. For instance, the platter of 3 scoops of mashed potato is a great bargain. Unlike the commercial ones, the mash here is not the overly processed type. It is whipped into chunky goodness within the creaminess of potato, drizzled with brown onion sauce.

#5 Bad Boy Wings @ RM6

You shouldn't miss the crowd's favourite spicy chilli chicken wings too! Beautifully coated with the special sweet-spicy sauce, the crispy chicken wings are pretty addictive once you get hooked on.

 #6 Chilli Nachos @ RM6

I skip my beef portion but my partner in crime puts a thumbs up to this basket of hand-cut corn chips topped with chilli beef, cheese and mayonaisse. All the credits go to the minced beef that is braised in chilli paste for 3 hours before being served fresh everyday.

 #7 Chilli Fries @ RM6

Not a fan of nachos? Replace it with thick cut fries topped with chilli beef and cheese instead.

 #8 Double Beef Burger with Thick Cut Fries @ RM13

Forget those patties from the store, here you can enjoy handmade beef patties layered with melted cheese and bun. The well-marinated meat may not be as smooth, but it gives a pleasant crunchy sensation that keeps you craving for more. 

 #9 Fire Bird Burger with Coleslaw and Fries @ RM9

Although the basic chicken burger looks ordinary from the picture, I'm happy that the chicken patty is made of real meat, and therefore extra tender, juicy and slightly smoky when pan fried with cheese. 

 #10 Green Bad Boys Dog @ RM12

A nice variation of the mushroom burger, we sample on the house signature chicken hotdog topped with loads of sliced mushrooms and onions but it turns out a tad dry for my liking. However, the sausage turns out extra delicious with a chewy layer of skin that reminds me of Taiwanese sausages.

 #11 Bad Boys Chilli Dog @ RM12

I reckon anything on the menu can pair well with the chilli beef. The bun may turn soggy as it absorbs the chill beef sauce, but tastewise the spicy, sweet and savoury combination is simply perfect.

 #12 Cajun Chicken Chop @ RM12

If you're not a fan of burgers or hotdogs, how about having a hearty platter of grilled chicken chop accompanied with coleslaw and mashed potatoes instead? Nice marinade, tender juicy meat and generous portion of sidelines, what's more can I ask for?

 #13 Beef Patty and Mash @ RM13

Beef lovers will be delighted as Bad Boy Cooks also serves their special homemade beef patty with sunny side-up, coleslaw and mashed potatoes in pomodoro sauce. The beef patty is nicely cooked to retain its juiciness within the springy clumps, interspersed with pockets of rendered fat and juicy meat.

 #14 Grilled Lamb @ RM19

Instead of having the lamb chop in a whole, the lamb cutlets are well cooked and equally good in flavours, 
served with coleslaw and mashed potatoes in creamy mushroom sauce.

 #15 Grilled Fish with Coleslaw and Fries @ RM12

 #16 Al Funghi @ RM9 + Beef Bacon @ RM3

At Bad Boy Cooks, the menu is pretty flexible and you can mix and match a wide varieties of items. Simply spice up the usual creamy mushroom spaghetti with your fave toppings-- Grilled chicken, scallopini, beef patty, mushroom, egg, chilli beef and cheese. You name it, they have it!

 #17 Tempura Fish Bowl @ RM9

The only oriental section on the menu is the selection of rice bowls- Chicken Katsu (RM9), Tempura Fish or Tempura Vegetables (RM8). Served on a bed of short-grain Japanese rice, the crispy battered fish fillets are drizzled with a dash of soy sauce. Tastes great while hot!

 #18 Chocolate Nut Cookies @ RM3 each

If you're up for some sweet treats, the homemade cookies are perfect for an afternoon tea or for takeaways.
Good to indulge with a cup of coffee over a chat with some friends :)

 #19 Chocolate Almond Brownie @ RM6 each

The soft, moist brownie here is loaded with chunks of almonds, and not cloying at all. 
If you find it a bit plain, just top it with a scoop of vanilla, strawberry or chocolate ice cream.

 #20 Bad Boy Madness @ RM19

Bad Boy Madness is the signature dessert that has all the sweet items served on one plate. Topped with loads of colorful rice, chocolate chips and whipped cream, it combines the classic banana split with ice cream, brownie and 2 pieces of chocolate nut cookies. This beautiful mess is perfect for sharing among 3-4 persons (or perhaps just 2 pax, if you have a sweet tooth).

If you're looking for some comfort American cuisine that eases your pocket, Bad Boy Cooks is probably
one of the few places in town that meet my expectation in terms of taste, ambiance, price and service.

Oh ya, students can enjoy 10% OFF on all items everyday from 12noon to 7pm!

1. Lots of western varieties that please the diners with generous portion. Taste wise, it is fair and nothing overrated.
2. Everything on the menu is below RM20. Great place to dine when your wallet is tight! 
3. Recommended: Chilli Nachos, Double Beef Burger, Cajun Chicken Chop, Bad Boy Madness

Bad Boy Cooks (Pork Free!)
(Behind Beer Factory)
B-10-G , Block B,
Persiaran Wawasan,
Pusat Bandar Puchong, 
47160 Puchong, Selangor. 
Contact: 603-5891 1206
Facebook: fb.com/BBCSetiawalk
Operating Hours: 12pm - 11pm daily
GPS: 3.031793, 101.61680

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  1. their prices are really very reasonable for what you get!


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