09 July, 2014

How To Organize Your Cosmetics, Jewellery & Stationery

Back to few years ago when I start purchasing loads and loads of makeup products, everytime I'd dump them into the drawer and only pick the few that I really love to use. I always have this issue of "organizing" my cosmetics, because there are way too many! 

.....until recently I decided to get a proper organizer to place all my beloved babies.

Acrylic Multi-Compartment Makeup Organizers @ RM68

Ta-daaa! Time to invest in a good, multi-compartment cosmetics organizer. Is it pretty? Saw lots of them at some home furnishing stores in the mall, but the prices are so shocking! Thank God I found one at Happy2u.my, my ultimate platform for fashion wear, accessories and beauty stuff. 

At the first glance, I'm impressed by its elegance, and multi-functional design  

Comes in thick, high-quality Grade A plastic, I'm surprised that the organizer is very durable and doesn't break easily although I have once dropped it onto the floor due to my carelessness T_T It may look fragile, but no worries, quality assured! 

It comes in different sizes, but I prefer something large with a top standing holder so that most of the compartments are just nice to fit my current beauty collection. Plus, the top compartments and 3-tier drawers are detachable! 

1. For Jewelleries
So happy that it can fit all my small-sized jewelleries such as rings, bracelets and earrings!

As I put in my jewelleries, I need not to be afraid of damaging them, because 
each compartment comes with a soft, protective net that acts as a 'cushion' to my beloved collection. 

2. For Makeup Products
Lipsticks, mascara, eyeliners, eyeshadows and blushers have found their new home! 

Here's a clearer picture of the top compartment. Best used for my beloved collection of lipsticks!

3. For Stationeries
Alternatively, you can place on your working desk and transform it into a stationery holder. 
Pens, scissors, sticky notes and paper clips can easily be arranged into the multiple compartments.

Now I can easily reach them, and no more playing "hide-and-seek" with my favourite products! 

If I were to have any complain at all, it'd be the insufficient space for my ever expanding collection of lipsticks, mascara and jewellery. Anyway I'm planning to buy another one and stack them up together 

Other designs/sizes are available on www.happy2u.my; Price ranges from RM45 to RM68.
The website also sells fashionable items at very affordable prices! Feel free to check it out ya :)

Keep stalking Happy2u at:
Facebook: fb.com/happy2ucc
Instagram: @happy2ucc


  1. Murahnya fish!!! Selalu kat IG, ni RM 125~

  2. like the design of this organizer :)

  3. Thanks fish for the info😄seriously this would be mynnew fave online store ...cheaper than IG

  4. this is definitely one of the cheapest place I've heard of! Lol


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