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07 July, 2014

Review: Schwarzkopf Natural & Easy Hair Color

Woohoo! My favourite hair care brand, Schwarzkopf has something new for us! I believe this brand needs no further introduction, because it has been so popular with its quality and effective hair care, colour and styling products for the past 115 years. 

Now, Schwarzkopf is back with its latest creation--- Natural and easy hair dye that you can DIY at home! Just a brief heads up, it's the first hair coloration using enhanced natural plant extracts in Malaysia with 100% grey-coverage, brilliant shine and the best thing is: Ammonia FREE!

I always hate the smell of commercial hair colours that made me feel uncomfortable for many days despite of numerous times of rinsing and doing treatment. That's why when Schwarzkopf comes up with something with no ammonia and odourless, I am on cloud nine!

Nature always gives us the best that we could ask for.  This newly researched hair coloration packs with natural plant extracts used by the Chinese traditional medicine practitioners which are proven to be effective in nourishing and producing smooth and healthy shiny hair after colouring.

The four (4) natural plant extracts in Natural & Easy are lychee, wolfberry, polygonum, and green tea. There goes more nutrients for the hair, to enhance the shine and increase hydration. Plus, it contains no ammonia and other preservatives, therefore odourless!

It's specially catered for your Dad and Mom who wants to try this hair color too.
100% Grey Coverage and natural-looking hair colour best meets the needs of Asian hair.

8 Colours Available in Store:
3.0 Dark Brown
3.68 Hibiscuz Mahogany Brown
4.08 Chestnut Brown
4.57 Coconut Pure Brown
4.7 Medium Brown
4.9 Deep Violet
5.0 Light Brown
5.05 Golden Light Brown

The natural range of shades (7 browns and 1 red) suit Asians very well :) Not only does it protects your hair; it gives you an extra glow with its most natural color that matches your Asian eye color and skin tone!

1 tube of Colour Cream
1 bottle of Developer Emulsion
1 bottle of Colour Shine Conditioner
1 pair of Protective Ear Caps
1 pair of Protective Gloves
1 piece of Special Shawl
1 copy of Instruction Leaflet

With all the accessories provided, now coloring the hair at home will not be messy anymore :)

One word. Easy! If you've tried coloring your hair at home using bubble foam, this product requires exactly the same steps too. But you can always refer to the instruction leaflet if you're unsure. 

Step 1: Prepare yourself with clothing protection, gloves, ear caps and a watch.
Step 2: Squeeze the content of Color Cream tube into the Developer Emulsion bottle.

Step 3: Close bottle an shake vigorously until all components are thoroughly mixed into a smooth cream.

Step 4: Unscrew cap and begin application on dry, not pre-washed hair.

 Step 5: Massage the mixture into the roots with your fingertips.
Step 6: Allow the mixture to work for 30 minutes.
Step 7: Wet hair with warm water and work into lather. Rinse until water runs clear.

The best thing I love about it is that, it is odourless! Totally free from the choking ammonia smell, and it feels very gentle to the hair and scalp. If your hair is already colored and a regrowth is visible, you only need to apply 2/3 of the mixture on the regrowth area.

Step 8: Massage Color Shine Conditioner into wet hair. 
Leave on for 2 minutes, then rinse.

The conditioner is able to nourish, smoothen and moisturize the hair, giving it a glossy shine. With all details are being taken care of, the steps to get the salon quality hair colour result have never been so easy before!


My hair color was already fading, therefore you can see patches of uneven tones on the "Before" picture. In comparison, Schwarzkopf hair color evens out my hair color, allowing it to have a solid, bold shade of dark brown. Say hello to my new healthy hair! :)

1. It is one of the cheapest deodorants I've seen, plus it's natural, safe yet amazingly effective.
2. So easy to use, quick and most importantly, it's odourless!
3. Recommended for those looking for budget hair dye, be it young and old.

Schwarzkopf Natural & Easy Hair Color is available in major pharmacies,
supermarkets and drugstores nationwide at RM34.90.

For more information, visit and

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