25 August, 2014

Review: Magic Eyes Instant Eyeshadow

Hello lovelies! Any eyeshadow fans here? ❤ In my daily makeup routine, I don't usually put on eyeshadows....because of my uber laziness level x 1000000. Another reason is I'm really bad at it. Since I can't handle those 4 shades in an eye palette,  I opt for a quicker, easier solution! 

Magic Eyes Instant Eyeshadow @ RM29.90 per box

......introducing the latest fashionable makeup solution for lazy people like me :P I bought this magic pack of eyeshadows from HERE. It comes in a pack of 6 pairs, each in tri-tones of different shades

Wrapped in a box, I love the amazing 3-colour shades combination specially blended by professionals that goes well with different occasion and outfit! Perfect for that last minute dinners or parties you're attending when you're short of time.

Woohoo! It comes in so many new and popular shades, plus
you can mix colors for every box purchased at Supermodel's Secrets.

#01 Pink Bloom 
#02 Naturale
#05 Drama Queen
#07Lovely Lavender
#10 Tropical Sunrise
#11 Midnight Meadows
#13 Blue Lagoon
#14 Naturale Browns
#15 Tropical Sunset
Limited Edition Cotton Candy
Limited Edition Island Breeze 
Limited Edition Summer Meadows

I can apply this instant eyeshadow anytime anywhere in the office, washroom or even in the car. Great for travelling too, if you want to leave those palettes at home. When I was told this is the  world's fastest professional eyeshadow application as it takes ONLY 10 seconds, I couldn't believe it until I try it out and see the result myself.....

I'm giving a try on the natural brown eyeshadows!
Step 1: Prepare
Close your eyelid, then raise your eyebrow to give a flat surface for better application. 

Step 2: Apply
Using both hands, hold the applicator on the base of the eyelid for 5 seconds.

Step 3: Slide / Blend
For sharp look: Slide the applicator across your eyelid in the right direction.
For softer look: Use the back of the applicator to blend the applied area.

Extra Tips: Any error can easily be rectified by using blending technique.

Love the silky-fine finish and glitters around the eyelids! So glamorous, and it doesn't smudge easily. On average, it can last up to 6 hours as I stay indoors and don't perspire much. 

Under flashlight, it looks absolutely natural yet mesmerizing!

Overall, I'm impressed with the result! So simple to use, super FAST and longlasting on the eyelids. 
It takes only 10 seconds to get those killer eye makeups that rock your night!   

Use code "ohFISHiee" to get 10% OFF on ANY purchase at www.Supermodels2u.com

Thank you Supermodel's Secrets for bringing in various awesome and 'magical' products into Malaysia that I can't find them elsewhere! From beauty products to fashionable wears that you may not see them before, you can now get them at Supermodel's Secrets 

Now everyone can be gorgeous without burning a hole in the pocket!

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