07 September, 2014

Dukes & Duchess @ TTDI

Opened its doors since 2012 as a trendy hybrid chill-out bar and restaurant within the neighbourhood of TTDI, Dukes & Duchess (D&D) has been a popular spot for hog lovers and thirsty drinkers.

Helmed by Chef de cuisine Don Daniel Theseira who has 35-years experience in Malacca, Singapore and Australia, he has recently crafted a new menu that boasts over 70 types of wide ranging flavours to cater for those who expect the best of Western delights and local cuisine. Let's check them out!

Setting my foot into the restaurant, I am overwhelmed with a sense of classiness and luxury as the restaurant is beautifully-adorned with dark wooden wall coverings and deep shaded soft fabric drapes. Along with auburn tables and cushioned chairs, it gives a cozy Victorian-grunge ambience that lures every customer who seeks for comfort. 

#1 Roasted Mushroom Soup @ RM15

The beautifully roasted button mushrooms is braised and blended into creamy concoction, 
well-garnished with parsley and best served hot with slices of crispy garlic bread.

#2 Nachos Chili Con Carne (Pork / Beef) @ RM25

When it comes to my favourite bar's snack, nothing can beat a cheesy platter of crispy nachos drenched in Chef's homemade chili con carne. Despite of the overzealous application of melted cheese topping, the cheesy flavour is surprisingly not overwhelming at all. Be sure to savor while it's hot!

#3 Devil's Curry Chicken @ RM16 / Mutton Dry Curry @ RM18

Honestly, I'm surprised that the restaurant serves great local food such as Rendang Claypot, Malaccan Portuguese Spicy Noodles and Sambal. Being an expert in Malaccan dishes, the chef can't go wrong with his signature devil's curry chicken that boasts an aromatic claypot of creamy curry debal, with chunks of chicken thigh in it. Served with keropok and bread or white rice with mango pickle.

#4 Crispy Pork Knuckle (2-pax sharing) @ RM88

Hog lovers will be fascinated with loads of porky selections that are claimed as crowd's favourite dishes. First, we unravel the porky goodness of a 1.3kg imported knuckle which is marinated over 24 hours and grilled to crispy perfection. It has been cut into pieces when served piping hot from the kitchen.

Topped with grilled bacon, you can expect each piece to have a good balance of fat and lean meat. 
It is surprisingly addictive when paired with homemade hot chilli dip. 

#5 Australian Sticky Pork Ribs (Half slab - 500g) @ RM42

Unlike what the name suggests, the pork ribs are not the type of "sticky", barbecuey nibble that I'd expect. Nevertheless, they are soft and succulent enough after being marinated over 24 hours in D&D's special blend.

#6 Grilled Pork Chop @ RM30

Well, not many can do well on the pork chops. Some I tried were too hard to be forked into and every bite was a nightmare. Here, I can find a pretty good one, with the right amount of tenderness and unique flavours from the marinade of lemongrass, ginger and garlic. Plus, the bacon topping adds a brownie point to the already perfectly grilled pork chop.

#7 Chef's Pizza (Pork / Beef) @ RM28
Pork or beef chilli con carne with cream-based sauce on crispy thin crust 

#8 Silence of the Lamb @ RM30 / Grilled Chicken Chop @ RM26

Another notable grilled item is the 300g grilled lamb shoulder which has a beautiful aroma of charred goodness, and juicy tender texture that keeps you going for more. It is served with fries, grilled vegetables and homemade black pepper sauce.

#9 Creamy Carbonara with Bacon @ RM24
Well done on the al dente spaghetti and creamy rich sauce!

#10 Molten Lava Cake @ RM16

The homemade lava cake swirled with strawberry sauce is another highlight of the evening! For those who have sweet tooth, you'd enjoy the flowing chocolate beneath the crispy crust. So rich and decadent!

If you plan to stay after dinner, do enjoy some drinks here. Beers are served in ice frozen mugs whilst the bar carries a long list of premium malt whiskeys, vodkas, tequilas, gins, rums, wines, champagnes, sangrias, cocktails and mocktails.

Dukes & Duchess
1. Portion wise, I have no complaints considering the very competitive and reasonable prices. 
2. In terms of taste, the Chef has done very well in the local dishes and grilled items.
3. Recommended: Devil's Curry Chicken, Nachos Chili Con Carne, Bacon Carbonara

Dukes & Duchess (Non-halal)
52, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: Mr. Gopal +6012 922 2159; +6014 538 2666
Facebook: fb.com/pages/Dukes-Duchess-TTDI
Business Hours: 11.45am to 2am daily

This food tasting session was organised by HungryGoWhere Malaysia – Discover, Eat, Share today!


  1. Great review! The nachos chili con carne looks really tempting! *0*

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary

  2. Fish, your food post always make me hungry and craving leh wei...
    The value set lunch is available for public holiday too?


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