26 November, 2014

Afternoon High Tea @ NOSH, Bangsar

NOSH has always been known for its breakfast and brunch menu, but I'm surprised when it appears to be one of the highly recommended afternoon tea venue when I google it online. Our initial plan was to head to Orchid Conservatory at Majestic Hotel, but the staff said it is full till January 2015! Other hotels' English tea sessions are fully booked too, hence we were here checking out NOSH. 

True to its name, NOSH lures diners to enjoy the food here enthusiastically or greedily. From what I read online, NOSH is full during weekend afternoon tea time, but surprisingly the place was empty on a fine Sunday afternoon! What caught our attention was the menu for the Autumn-Winter dessert menu as well as the ever popular weekend afternoon tea set displayed outside the restaurant. 

The place is cosy, but don't expect any English-styled setting within this minimalist space.

On the Desserts menu, it features the signature high tea, as well as a myriad selections of cakes and pastries in the house. We were really spoilt with choices as we glanced through the long list of sweet treats!

We ordered a 3-tier high tea set that featured a balanced combination of savouries, scones, sweet selections, as well as complimentary coffee (Long Black) or tea. Each set is priced at RM58++ per set, ideally for 2 pax. Available only on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays from 2.30pm to 5.30pm.

.....in case you're wondering how big is the portion... Well, it's good for sharing among 3 pax.

Lowest Tier: Savouries
Chicken Ham on Pomodoro Sauce with Cheddar Cheese
Egg Mayo with Capers and Dill

On the bottom tier, we had simple sandwiches-- Two slices of egg mayo sandwich and two pieces of open-face sandwiched topped with melted cheese and ham. Both were decent and tasted great, but nothing much to shout about. 

Middle Tier:
Warm Scones served with Clotted Cream, Jam and Butter

Well, I believe English high tea is not complete without scones! Here we had 4 pieces of warm scones. Golden in color, I was absolutely in love with its buttery aroma and crisp exterior. Spread with a lush honey butter and tangy berry jam, it was very enjoyable with its moist fluffy interior. 

Top Tier: Sweet Selections
Choose 4 out of 6 items on the menu 

On the top tier, diners can pick 4 mini desserts from a list of 6 for each set. All of them are the best-selling desserts at NOSH, so it may be tricky to choose the best 4 that suits our taste. Anyway, we order all except the Sweet Potato Gateaux and Earl Grey Creme Brulee.

Caramel Walnut Cheese Cake

Being a cheese lover, this was the first item that went into my favourite list. The cheese cake here was extraordinarily light and smooth, without being overcloying at all. The crunchy walnut topping was so rich in flavours and perfectly paired with the fluffy cheesiness. 

Chocolate Roll with Berry Mousse

Just a simple sponge cake rolled with tangy berry mousse that allowed every bite
to be filled with snowy sensation and light sweetness. Lovely!

Filo Berry and Green Tea Azuki Eclair

Sitting on a crispy cookie, the filo berry was overloaded with whipped cream, berries and filo pastry which I thought it was a nice variation from the usual pavlova. Nice try! 

On the other hand, you should try the popular green tea eclair especially for green tea and red bean lovers! Filled with loads of Japanese red bean paste within the pastry, it was beautifully combined with creamy bittersweet green tea sauce which I loved the most...

Chamomile Tea and Earl Grey Tea 

Between a choice of Long Black coffee or tea, we absolutely preferred the latter one. For each set, we were able to choose 2 pots of refillable tea from the wide range including English breakfast tea, green tea, and other fragrant teas.

Wanting to try more of the new dessert, we had an eye on the seasonal Autumn-Winter dessert menu that featured exciting selections such as Earl Grey Chochola Gateaux, Autumn's Rare Cheese Medley and lots more, at an affordable price tag from RM14 to RM22. In fact, all the names sounded as good as they looked on the menu but we managed to try only one of those...

Choco Berry Glacee @ RM21

Presentation wise, the stack of soft nutty double chocolate cookies layered with rich gourmet berry ice cream was pretty and Instagram-worthy. Love the refreshingly sweet ice cream that was jam-packed with chunks of real berries in it! Nevertheless, it would be a wonderful autumnal combination if the cookies were softer and more chewy.

1. Overrated and overpriced afternoon tea set. In terms of overall presentation and taste, it was acceptable but not much to rave about.
2. If you really need a dose of dessert here, opt for the individual all-time favourite desserts on a separate dessert menu.
3. Revisit? Probably yes, but only for the breakfast/brunch menu.

7, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603 2201 3548
Email: enquiries@nosh.my
Website: www.nosh.my
Facebook: fb.com/NoshKL

Business Hours:
Mon - Thurs: 10am - 11pm
Fri - Sat: 10am - 1am
Sun: 10am - 11pm

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  1. This place for corporate events doesn’t have any 'i'm too cool and busy for you' bartenders. As per me, everyone here is nice, friendly, and helpful and they really seem to like their jobs there and that is important to me.


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