24 November, 2014

Chubbies Cafe @ Shaftsbury Square, Cyberjaya

The cafe scene is common everywhere in town and spread towards outskirts too. Of late, I can see new cafes start swarming into this robust technology town of Cyberjaya. Chubbies Cafe, an 1-year-old coffee place is one of the perfect venues to always have coffee, food and chill out moments.

Both the young owners of this cafe are quite chubby and therefore decide to have this name for their 'baby'. Dining at Chubbies is a great experience for me, as I have been there many times and each visit is memorable with quality food and lovely drinks. 

In this European-styled cafe, they even have hanging chair inside and outside of the cafe for diners.

Not sure what to order? Skip the menu and look straight at the list of signature items at the counter.

Matcha Latte @ RM7.80

Being a casual coffee drinker, I always love to have some twist on my cup of coffee. The beautifully crafted green tea latte is great for those who want a balance of daily coffee dose and milk. What a lovely concoction of espresso, green tea and steamed milk that enhances the sweetness without masking the bitter flavours!

Chubbfrappe Mix Berry @ RM8.80

Being the signature ice blended drink at Chubbies, Chubbfrappe comes in a few fruity flavours, and my favourite is mixed berries (puree and juice) that give a refreshing zing to the palate. 

Tuna Croissant @ RM13.90

They may not offer any set meal here, but the platter of croissant has a huge serving, beautiful presentation and most importantly, an affordable price tag. Great for both breakfast and lunch! Personally, I can't possibly finish the whole portion all by myself.

The house mashed potatoes surely wow me, as it is well-seasoned and beautifully retains its texture, unlike the usual soft and mushy type that other cafes serve. Served with tuna, scrambled egg and a side of salad, the combination is simply perfect and filling.

Love the generous drizzle with rich, buttery Hollandaise sauce over the creamy scrambled egg!

The homemade croissant here is extra crispy and buttery! Thumbs up!

Carbonara @ RM14.90

Pasta lovers will enjoy the carbonara that is topped with loads of turkey ham and button mushrooms on a bed of al dente pasta with house cream sauce. I always hate white sauce, but I must agree that this is really lovely and I can't resist it! 

The smooth, creamy sauce is absolutely delicious!

1. It is a perfect place to chill out under relaxing ambiance. The only downside is that, securing a seat during lunch hour is difficult because of the huge corporate crowd. 
2. The hot food items are extremely good with lots of varieties focusing on croissant, sandwich, pizza and pasta. Perfectly comfort food with interesting presentations!
3. Service is quick, but lack of a personal touch, probably because they're too busy during peak hours. 
4. Pricewise, it is very affordable compared to other cafes within Klang Valley. 
5. Recommended: Tuna Croissant, Matcha Latte

Chubbies Cafe 
P3-21, Shaftsbury Square,
Persiaran Multimedia, Cyberjaya 6
63000 Cyberjaya,
Contact: 603-8320 9313
Facebook: fb.com/chubbies89
Business Hours: 8:30am - 8:30pm daily
Closed on Sundays

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