22 December, 2014

Review: SKIN & LAB Dr.Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Facial Mask

Merry Christmas, girls!! ❤ I'm sure this festive season keeps us occupied with loads of parties and dinners, and Natta Cosme is so kind to send me a Christmas surprise, imported all the way from Korea.

SKIN & LAB Dr.Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Facial Mask (100g)

Look, how thoughtful they are! You know late night partying is bad for the skin,
and if you don't want to lose your glow and baby-like complexion, 
remember to pamper your skin and take good care of it!

Purifying, Cooling and Pore Refining treatment with Glacial Clay and Oatmeal

Have you heard of SKIN & LAB? It is not just another cosmetic brand, but a specialized label to provide dermalogical solutions for the skin. And this Glacial Clay Facial Mask is one of the best-selling products in the range! 

I must admit that face sheet masks are way more convenient for me, but sadly, those can never provide instant solution to the open pores and oily condition of my skin :( So I'm trying out this Glacial Clay Facial Mask as it is proven to deeply purify the skin, and able to minimize enlarged pores and firm the sagging pore walls.

Main Ingredients:
Canadian Glacial Clay Remove impurities deep in pores, and control sebum and acne
Oatmeal Eliminate dead skin cells and hydrate skin
Tea Tree Leaf - Prevent and reduce acne, calm the skin

Canadian glacial clays have always been known for its beautifying properties--- Heal acne, reduce blemishes, and improve skin tone, firmness, and overall skin appearance. I'm looking forward for its long term results for clearer, firmer and poreless skin!

How It Works:
I'm curious about Skin & Lab's special 3C's Pore Care System: Clear, Contract, Care.
From pore cleansing, tightening to rejuvenating the skin, I wonder how effective would it be.
Can't wait to try it out!

 How To Use:
1. Apply enough amount of the clay mask over the face after toning
2. Avoid direct eye areas
3. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes to dry
4. Rinse it off gently with warm water
5. Follow by toning and moisturizing

What I Like:
The clay mask is very soft with creamy mud-like texture and a little 'sandy' due to the crushed oatmeal content.

Very comfortable and moist on skin. There is a little tingling sensation on the skin,
but I know the mask is 'working' its way to penetrate deep into my skin.

Brownie point: 
Goes to the spatula! It is very hygienic and convenient for use. Not messy at all!

During the application: I love applying a thick layer but I realise that it would be a waste because not all of the clay goodness can penetrate into the skin. So I'd recommend a thin application will be great, plus it is quicker to dry.

After 15 minutes: The mask dries up but it doesn't give any 'tightening' discomfort on the face. When the clay mask changes to lighter colour and feels more 'grainy', it's time to wash it off!

Rinsing with water is fine, but I prefer wiping off any residue with baby wipes / wet tissues to ensure my face is really clean. The black dots as seen in the above picture are bits of oatmeal, that help to remove dead skin cells and allow your skin to glow again :) 

If you do not want to apply over the entire face, you can use it only on problematic areas 
to control excess sebum secretion OR over the body/neck because it's so soothing!

The result is....uhhhh-mazing! I'm surprised that the open pores on my cheek are less visible instantly. It also calms the skin, so less redness too. My skin feels deeply hydrated and doesn't 'shine' like before, all thanks to the mask for removing the excess sebum!

I have only used this mask once, and the result is so great! Love the cooling after-effect, and my skin feels more supple by applying toner and moisturizer after the mask. It is not just an instant "cover up" product for the skin, but an effective one especially for those with oily skin, blackheads and open pores issues. 

Recommended usage:

Oily skin: 2-3 times a week
Dry to normal skin:  1-2 times a week

Suitable for:
- Acne-prone skin with lower hydration level
- Sagged skin / wide-open pores
- Deeply-rooted, dark blackheads
- Uncontrollable, excessive sebum

Love it!! Although it is not as good as Glamglow Youthmud treatment mask (Click HERE for review), but comparing both the prices (Skin&Lab costs only 1/3 of a bottle of Glamglow), I think Skin & Lab Glacial Clay Mask has done a decent job!

Recommended for oily and acne sensitive skinYou should discard it within a year of opening the bottle, but I'm sure it will finish up very quickly if you're hardworking enough to use it twice weekly 

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  1. Does it really helps to remove black head and white head? Coz i've been facing this kind of problem, though not obvious but kinda irritate when i see that lol .

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