11 January, 2015

Infusion: Specialty Coffee Co @ One Utama Shopping Mall

Infusion is definitely one of the top coffee havens that you must discover especially for coffee aficionados. Well, you wouldn't believe how serious they are in this coffee business. From the beans and machines, to brewing methods and coffee art, the team has been very particular to deliver the best that suits customers' distinctive palates. Holding on the philosophy that coffee should be sweet instead of bitter, one can expect world-class coffee here as the owners are SCAE-qualified baristas themselves.

The open concept of the space is devised by its owner, who wants a place where ultimate convenience is offered for those who want to grab and go. The ambiance also reflects that, with bar style high chairs and lounges for a quick drink, and tables around the kiosk for patrons who prefer to hang out comfortably after a long shopping day. 

Cappuccino @ RM11.00

I love how he places much effort and time in crafting each and every cup of coffee. Look at the swan coffee art I get, the barista makes my concoction of espresso, foam and milk very well-balanced at the right temperature with beautiful art on it. 

Espresso-based beverages have a time frame that needs to be respected. The foam starts collapsing, the temperature starts dropping, the beautiful crema on top of my coffee start disappearing. A cup of coffee, when left for 2-3 minutes upon serving, will be left with bitterness.

Flat White @ RM11.00

You will find an extensive variety of coffee on the menu, with everything from milk to espresso base, at fairly affordable prices. As much as I enjoy the pronounced flavour of double shot espresso, the flat white suits my liking as it is more velvety with higher milk content.

Brewed Coffee - Chemex / V60 @ RM15.00

Infusion serves up the usual coffee staples but it is the Brewed Coffee that is the show-stopper. If you love appreciating fine coffees, be sure to try out the hand-dripped coffee using the high-grade specialty coffee beans from Africa that scored 92 points in the world--- Single Origin Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere Natural from Coffex Coffee Roasters.

Barista is essentially the unsung hero in this industry. From grinding the whole bean coffee into medium-fine setting to boiling the water, he ensures the temperature, volume and time are all precisely in place during the extraction process.

While reading my review of delicious brewed coffee, you might consider having one. If you are not in a position to hire a barista, you could buy a budget-friendly coffee maker with an inbuilt grinder. You can check out this researched guide before buying one. This guide will help you choose the right coffee machine fitting your budget and specific preference. Though the quality of premium coffee prepared by a barista will differ from an automated machine coffee, but some argue with modern innovation coffee machines manage to reach that level. Nevertheless, I prefer barista.

Here you can experience coffee with characters. With tantalizing floral aroma wafting in the air, the full-bodied coffee embodies citrus sweetness with exciting flavour tones of strawberry and blueberry. As minutes tick by, the coffee tends to cool down and I can taste robust tea-like flavour in it without feeling bitter at all.

Simple Hot Chocolate @ RM16

Calling all the chocoholics out there, Infusion offers an exclusive Premium Belgian Hot Chocolate range. Served alongside 100% Dark Chocolate Cocoa nibs, you can whisk in the chocolate yourself to the amount that you desire. Just enjoy the chocolate goodness in a bath of warm milk at 70°C!

The combination of milk and dark chocolate callets has made sure a perfect composition of the drink by incorporating the pronounced bittersweet cocoa taste with a full, creamy texture. 

Affogato with Double Shot Espresso @ RM14

Can't decide between coffee and dessert? Why not have the best of both worlds in one glass of affogato? Infusion introduces this off-menu item for true affogato lovers. It is a pleasant surprise to find that the Australian ice cream complete with chocolate chip crystals and very fine praline crunch topping have beautifully reined in the rich decadence of the double shot espresso.

Chocolate Truffle @ RM16

Another favourite among chocolate enthusiasts is the best-selling dark chocolate truffle cake topped with cherry-sized luxurious balls of chocolate truffles. Adorned with chocolate shavings around it, the fabulous bittersweet cake is moist with melt-in-the-mouth texture and nicely touched with sweet ganache glaze. 

Definitely an indulgent treat for those with sweet tooth!

 Macaron @ RM 4.50 per piece / RM 30 per box of 7 
(Except for Durian Flavour @ RM7 per piece)

Other desserts here (Cakes from RM 12 to RM 16 per slice, and mille crepes at RM12 per slice) are equally lovely and unforgettable. One must also try the luxurious macarons especially the popular picks such as Salted Caramel (Red), Pistachio (Green), Earl Grey (Yellow) and creamy 100% Musang King durian (Sealed in plastic).

Apart from the bestsellers, it serves many exciting flavours such as Peanut Butter,
Green Tea, Rose and Lychee, Chocolate, Espresso and Madagascar Vanilla.

Sitting perfectly between the light and airy shells, the creamy full-bodied durian filling is rich yet does not overwhelm the senses. In terms of aroma and taste, it feels as close as having the real fruit itself!

Unlike many macarons I have sampled, those at Infusion have feather-light, chewy texture with minimal sweetness. I love the way the rich salted caramel swirls offset the overall sweetness itself, making it perfect for an afternoon tea. 

1. Here you couldn't go wrong with fine coffee, delectable desserts and top-notch service from the friendly baristas.
2. It promises an optimum coffee experience by offering a variety of freshly brewed coffee using different methods such as syphoning, aeropress and dripping that will definitely keep adventurous coffee lovers on their toes. 
3. Despite of the high material cost incurred, Infusion does not compromise with the quality offered and I find that the price tags here are pretty standard compared to other sub-standard coffee places.
4. Recommended: Brewed Coffee, Affogato, Macarons 

Infusion: Specialty Coffee Co
Lot SK-108, 2nd Floor,
One Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing),
Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 603-7732 7455
Email: info@infusion.my
Website: www.infusion.my
Instagram: @upbeat_healthbar
Business Hours: 10am - 10pm daily


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