09 January, 2015

Julie's Hershey's Cookies Now in Malaysia

Speaking of childhood biscuits, the first brand that comes into my mind is no other than Julie's, our very own homegrown cookie manufacturer and biscuit producer in Malaysia. I bet every house would have a large tin of Julie's assorted biscuits as a staple for both young and old. 

Now something new is baked in the Asian market!

Julie’s Baked With Love cookies and Hershey’s iconic chocolates have come together to bring you super yummy Julie's Hershey's Cookies! It's indeed the most perfect match on Earth-- combining the world-class biscuit quality with Hershey's premium chocolate powder. 
 Chocolate + Cookies = MAJOR LOVE!

....Now meet the 6 new variants of Julie’s Hershey’s Cookies!

#1 Chocolate Fudge
Soft, creamy choc fudge sandwiched between rich chocolate cookies.
Best whizzed with milk and ice cream for thick and delicious chocolate fudge milkshake.

#2 Chocolate Chip Oat 
Nourish your body with goodness from toasted rolled oats!
Crumble them into oat meal porridge for a healthy breakfast treat.

#3 Chocolate Fudge Vanilla Flavoured
Soft, gooey vanilla fudge with chocolate cookies. 
Melt them into your piping hot milk with cocoa powder and enjoy such comfort drink :)

#4 Chocolate Chip Hazelnut
Bold smoky Hazelnuts infused in delectable chocolate chip cookie.
Layer them into your parfait with banana, ice cream, pudding, cake and sponge.
So crunchy!

#5 Chocolate Chip
Everyone's classic favourite snack on the go.
Serve with anything from ice cream to milk and you'd be impressed.

#6 Chocolate Waffles
Crunchy, buttery and purely indulgent!
Perfect to dig into it with rich, luscious ice cream.

During the recent launch of Julie's Hershey's cookies, we bloggers were all thrilled and
just couldn't wait to try out this latest family-favourite range of cookies!

I'd wish to bring the gigantic boxes of cookies home! :D

Selfie shot of my favourite Kak Ella, Cookie and myself!

 *om nom nom*

Among the bestsellers are the Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Chips Hazelnut and Chocolate Waffles (from most left to right). All of them are not excessively sweet, but packed with cocoa goodness!

My personal favourite goes to the Chocolate Waffles!
Despite of lacking of the buttery flavours, the waffles are very crispy and chocolatey.

 Good to go with ice creams and other beverages too!

 Aeris, Elana and yours truly; But where's our Cookie?

Mr Martin Ang, Director of Perfect Food Manufacturing said, “Each cookie carries its own distinct flavour. It marks the successful beginning of Julie’s and Hershey’s exciting new venture.”

2015 is going to be exciting with Julie's Hershey's!

The 6 new Julie’s Hershey’s cookie variants will be available in all major hypermarket and supermarket stores. The product will be launched in phases throughout Asia and all ASEAN countries, Taiwan and Mongolia in early 2015.

Let's visit Julie's Biscuits at www.julies.com.my


  1. Look delicious!!! Can't wait to get those for my supplies in the hostel! Great post <3 xo


  2. Beautiful pic. Especially loving your selfie with the waffles! LOL

  3. Hi babe! Thanks for the post! Love the photos! Should have taken one with you too.. see you soon.


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