12 March, 2015

Facial Cleansing with Ephyra Skin Bar

Hello pretties! ❤ Do you usually wake up and see zits or pimples on the face? Well, I'm lucky that acne has not caused much troubles to my skin. But occasionally I do have large pimples on the cheek, forehead, or T-zone area. Well, how to get rid of that? 

Sad but true enough, anti-acne gel can improve the condition but only temporarily :( Therefore I have been looking for a good facial cleanser until I stumble upon this Ephyra Skin Bar that has been in the market for a couple of months and gained much popularity among both ladies and men! 

I don't normally use soap bar, but because of its 3-in-1 whitening, anti-aging and anti-acne properties in one mighty bar, I decided to give it a try. If this is new to you, Ephyra Skin Bar is a soap bar for both face and body, made of 100% natural ingredients to combat acne, uneven skintone and even body odour! 

It is made of 7 main ingredients:

Glutathione: Rich in antioxidant to protect protein enzymes, reduce aging and minimize free radicals
Bearberry Aplha Arbutin A Extract: Effective, quick and safe in brightening your skin
Rice Bran Oil: Repair and renew skin
Carrot Extract: Reduce blemishes, uneven skin tone, and protect skin from harmful UV rays
Seaweed: Anti-aging agent to repair texture and tone of the skin
Glycerin: Reduce oiliness, bacteria and eczema issue on skin, while giving maximum moisture
Collagen: Improve skin firmness and elasticity 

How it helps to achieve 100% natural instant skin makeover for all ages, be it female or male:

❤ Moisturize skin
❤ Brighten, soften and firm up skin
❤ Repair acne skin and reduce scars
❤ Reduce blackheads, oil and dead skin cells that cause pore blockages
❤ Reduce body odour! (That's why it's good for your skin from head to toe too!)

Yes, all the goodness are packed into one translucent blue skin bar!

Not only it is naturally formulated, Ephyra Skin Bar is also cruelty-free!

 Further explanation is available at the back of the box :)
I have read about few testimonials from the past consumers and most of them are satiefied with the result. Hopefully after I use it for a couple of weeks, I would love to see improvements on my skin complexion, texture and appearance too!

Stay tuned for my complete review of Ephyra Skin Bar! 

Check out more about Ephyra Skin Bar!

Contact: 019-3800 779 / 03-4141 7889
Instagram: @ephyraskin

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