20 March, 2015

Magnum Belgian Indulgence & Plated Desserts @ Mid Valley Megamall

When I first heard about chocolate and fine dining, I am eager to try the combination of savoury ingredients and chocolate in a beautifully crafted dish. Courtesy to MAGNUM Kuala Lumpur for an exclusive fine dining session, we get to celebrate "The Best of Belgian Indulgence" by having 4-course signature dishes that are infused with the highest quality Belgian chocolate

If you think the pleasurable moments only lie within consuming every stick of Magnum Ice Cream with toppings, then you're wrong because the exquisite chocolate experience in Magnum has gone beyond that. As the frontier of chocolate expertise, In Magnum, chocolate can be served creatively in the soup, appetizer and main course!

Spice Butternut Squash Veloute, shaved bitter dark chocolate, cinnamon

To open up the palate before main courses are served, I happily relish my creamy butternut pumpkin soup that is heavily scented with cinnamon and topped with shaved bitter dark chocolate. I'm amazed that dark chocolate, cinnamon and pumpkin can actually work wonder when combined together! 

Marinated capellini, crisp unagi beignet, salted choc emulsion, ulam–ulaman, soy reduction, crisp ginger

Light and tangy, the appetizer features cold, herb-marinated capellini pasta served with traditional salad, crispy melt-in-the-mouth fried eel, salted chocolate emulsion and crispy ginger, surrounded by a drizzle of soy reduction. The taste of bittersweet dark chocolate is rather light, but overall it is indeed a refreshing appetizer.

Pan seared butterfish, sautéed baby spinach, white chocolate “beurre blanc”

My favourite of the day goes to the main course-- Juicy butterfish fillet is pan-seared to crisp perfection on the outside, and served on a bed of baby spinach and white chocolate "beurre blanc" sauce. What stands out in the dish is the hot, white French butter sauce combined with MAGNUM white chocolate! Truly amazing; It beautifully lends hints of sweet and sour taste to the fillet. 

In fact. the white flesh of the butterfish is a winning taste by itself, because of its fresh, flaky texture!

Death by Chocolate

The ultimate Belgian Indulgence comes to its highlight when Death by Chocolate is served. Being the richest chocolate dessert that MAGNUM Pleasure Store has ever offered, it is sinful but irresistibly pleasurable!  

Baked to order, the warm chocolate molten lava cake forms the thick layer sitting on the pan. MAGNUM chocolate brownies ice-cream and chocolate crunch pearls toppings are nice additions to the already delicious treat. Digging into the cake, we are blown away by the creamy oozing chocolate lava! It seems a tad sweet for me, but overall it resembles the best of Belgian indulgence! 

Apart from the specially curated off-menu dishes, we also try the signature plated desserts that are available on the menu. You can order them when dining at the first floor of the Magnum KL outlet :)

Magnum Red Velvet @ RM28

Being a hardcore fan of cheese, I am exhilarated upon being served the beautifully-presented platter of classic red velvet cake with dark chocolate dipped vanilla magnum, red velvet crumbs and crushed pistachios. Whether you drizzle some chocolate sauce or add whipped cream cheese to the ice cream, it brings greater enjoyment of this complex dessert in different ways. 

Magnum Trifle @ RM25

Served in a jar, it looks like a jar of healthy overnight oats to me! As I dig into the concoction, I realise there are cashew meringue, mascarpone cream and honey sweet sour balsamic cream served with white chocolate dipped vanilla magnum topped with freeze dried raspberries and fresh strawberries.

Just stir it thoroughly and enjoy the perfect blend of texture and flavour that totally surprises you! 

Apart from desserts on the menu, Magnum's staple ice cream with 3 toppings of your choice is a must-have during every visit to this cafe! How can you resist the Magnum thick, cracking Belgian chocolate and smooth delicious ice cream made with the finest ingredients?

Topping varieties range from the staple nuts and chips to the adventurous dried chilli and rose petals!
Mine is vanilla Magnum ice cream dipped in dark chocolate sauce and topped with rose petals, golden crunch pearls and crushed hazelnuts. Finally, the waitress laces it with vanilla sauce to make the ice cream looks more appealing and picture worthy! 

1. The overall experience is exceptional as Magnum successfully brings everyday pleasurable indulgent to a whole new level. 
2. The sinful desserts are more acceptable as compared to the chocolate infused dishes.
3. Recommended: Magnum Trifle, Magnum Red Velvet

MAGNUM will be launching “Celebrating Chocolate Pleasures” campaign in April 2015 and get ready to serve you the ultimate taste of premium chocolate and ice cream experience through concourse events, digital contests and in-store promotions! 

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3rd Floor
(Near to GSC Cinema)
Mid Valley Megamall
58000 Kuala Lumpur
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