23 March, 2015

UNITEN Open Day: Decide Your Future

As some of you might know, I'm graduating from my Bachelor Degree within 2 months' time. How fast time flies! I still remember how lost I was upon leaving high school, not knowing my direction in future. For those who have just gotten the SPM or STPM results, are you feeling the same as I did? 

Well, we are luckier than our parents as we now have wider choices in terms of courses availability, universities, loans and scholarship options. Saw the banner on the above picture? It was Open Day for UNITEN on the 7th March 2015, therefore I decided to drop by at its main campus and inquired about its post-graduate courses :) 

Located between Kajang and Putrajaya, UNITEN is amongst the first private universities in Malaysia. It offers engineering and IT courses at its main campus. Its second campus located at Bandar Muadzam Shah, Pahang focuses on business and accounting related courses. 

As I stepped into the hall, the crowd was overwhelming during the Saturday morning! Most of them had already enrolled online, and they also enjoyed exclusive offers such as waived processing and commitment fees given during the Open Day.

We were free to visit the hall of exhibition with various booths from each faculty including College of Foundation and General Studies (CFGS), College of Engineering (COE), College of Business Management & Accounting (COBA), College of Information Technology (COIT) as well as College of Graduate Studies

Being a Tenaga Nasional university, no doubt UNITEN is famed for its prestigious Engineering courses that produce both undergraduates and postgraduates who stand among the best in the nation! But its business-related courses are equally notable, as I personally have few friends who did their Accounting degree here and are working in Big 4 now :) 

Apart from academic programs, I believe extra-curricular activities are always important to achieve a balanced student life. Private universities usually pay less emphasis on this due to the lack of facilities, but as for UNITEN, it has a full-fledged sports recreation centre and an Olympic-szed swimming pool for students who love outdoors. 

I saw a horse stable there too! Did I forget to mention that
UNITEN has its own Horseback Riding Club? So cool right!

We then took a quick tour around the campus. In fact, just by looking at the map, you'll realize that the campus is so huge and well-equipped with various facilities. From basic amenities such as mosque and food court, to golf driving range; you name it, they have it! 

For ultimate convenience, students from afar should check out the well-maintained hostel apartment.
I'd love to stay in this place that is high up the hill, so tranquil and comfortable! 

Students can't go wrong with the dedicated laboratories in this new building for IT faculty.

Research Management Centre and Power Engineering Centre; I believe this is for professional Engineering scholars.

Library and College of Foundation and General Studies 

There are plenty of walkways that connect one building to another,
and I simply love the green environment here! 

Another thing is, UNITEN has good news for high achievers! You can apply for different scholarships by Yayasan Tenaga Nasional, Yayasan Khazanah, PIDM and many more, before the deadlines ranging between April to May. 

Realize your dreams and enrol in Foundation, Diploma, Degree, Master and PhD courses
along with respective education loans and scholarships at UNITEN!

Call them at +603-8921 2020 for more details
or visit its official website: www.uniten.edu.my
and Facebook page: www.facebook.com/uniten


  1. so where will you be working at? =D

  2. looks like a really cool place to study eh...

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