30 April, 2015

Kin No Uma Japanese Restaurant @ Palace of Golden Horses, Seri Kembangan

Japanese food is a huge deal in Kuala Lumpur, but real good ones are few and far between. Palace of the Golden Horses reflects this penchant for Japanese food with a restaurant featuring not only an authentically Japanese menu, but an interior, right down to the fresh and premium ingredients, that are so Japanese that you will be tasting it in every bite of the sushi, bento boxes and wasabi!

Spacious hallway leading you towards the dining area.

The cozy space, which can seat up to 78 people, is decorated in earthy tones, with splashes of colors on the tables and shoji panel windows surrounding the walls. It is enhanced by warm lighting which further accentuates its contemporary Japanese atmosphere. 

Diners can choose to sit on the traditional tatami flooring in one of the two private rooms, dine at the modern dining hall area or by the teppanyaki counter to enjoy live cooking demonstration.
While the menu reflects the true art of Japanese gastronomy, Kin No Uma is helmed by masterful chefs who have been trained in Japan for a minimum of 5 years, therefore they seek perfection in every roll of sushi, every slice of salmon and every morsel of wasabi that leaves the kitchen. 

Offering only the freshest and most premium ingredients, all seafood here are imported directly from Japan every Thursday. Therefore you definitely can't go wrong with the house signature sashimi and bento sets.

Edamame @ RM14

To begin your culinary experience of fine Japanese cuisine, always opt for an appetizer. A bowlful of warm boiled green soya bean serves great as a delicious snack while conversations around the table keep going. 

Miso Shiru @ RM15

Then comes the soul-comforting Miso soup, a rich soya bean paste broth with Japanese seaweed, tofu and dashi stock. Individually portioned, its savoury warmth slides smoothly down the throat as we gently chew on chunks of crunchy seaweed and deep-fried bean curd.

Kaiso Salada @ RM24

With 5 types of Japanese seaweed tossed with honey mustard, this light, refreshing salad is a beautiful medley of textures and flavours. It is simply perfect to prep the palate for the coming dishes. 

You can choose light dressing of vinaigrette or thousand island, if you love.

Kin No Uma Roll @ RM58

The biggest applause of the evening goes to the signature Kin No Uma roll, served with a dollop of light and mild Japanese wasabi to suit the local taste. The juicy sweet combination of deep-fried king prawn, succulent crabmeat, avocado, cheese and mayonnaise is encased in seaweed and sushi rice. 

On its own, the king prawn is crunchy, the crabmeat extra sweet but together they are divine on the palate. Personally, this is probably the best sushi maki I've ever had! Truly a dish to remember! 

Look at those vibrant, sweet fish roe and fresh white seafood flesh.
We can easily wipe out the entire platter within minutes!

Maruyama Tempura @ RM42

Another familiar dish to look out for is the deep-fried assorted seafood and vegetables beautifully presented in golden lacy exterior. The chef’s tempura batter is so light and airy that it will not leave you feeling heavy or mask the essence of large scallops, prawns and crabstick.

Wakadori Teriyaki @ RM37

Equally surprising in its own way is the boneless grilled chicken strips that come in thick coating of sweet teriyaki sauce. Amazingly juicy and well-marinated, every slice of the bird sends an explosion of fragrant, lightly charred taste through the senses. 

Gindara @ RM45

Seafood is definitely the crowd's favourite among the teppanyaki selections. The cod simply melts in the mouth, with the flaky meat just dripping with the rich taste of the garlic butter sauce which is enhanced by a refreshing citrus zing. The combination looks simple but it comes together beautifully and heightens our senses. 


Macha Aisukuriimu @ RM17

The homemade ice cream selection is pleasing even for those who are watching their weights as it is not too sweet but still flavoursome with authentic green tea flavour, unlike those highly sweetened ones that are served elsewhere. The creamy, dense texture of the green tea ice cream with a hint of icy bits and unsweetened red bean is the ultimate finish to a fine meal. 

The experience of a good meal comprises not only great tasting food, but also encompass the atmosphere of the restaurant, artistic presentation of food, impeccable service and the company. Being excellent in all mentioned criteria, Kin No Uma definitely leaves you an unforgettable up-scaled Japanese dining experience!

1. Truly an amazing place for a true Japanese gastronomic experience. 
2. Every penny is well-spent for the portion and quality of top-notch ingredients that can hardly be achieved by other Japanese easteries around Klang Valley. Kin No Uma is definitely worth visiting!
3. Recommended: Kin No Uma Roll, Miso Soup, Mixed Tempura, Chicken Teriyaki, Fish Teppanyaki, Green Tea Ice Cream (Well, that's basically ALL of them because I truly love every bit of each dish!)

Kin No Uma Japanese Restaurant
Lobby Level
Palace of The Golden Horses
Jalan Kuda Emas,
Mines Resort City,
43300 Seri Kembangan,
Contact: 603-8944 3484
Website: www.palaceofthegoldenhorses.com.my
Facebook: fb.com/PalaceOfTheGoldenHorses
Twitter: @minespgh
Instagram: @palaceofthegoldenhorses

Operating Hours
Every Tuesday to Sunday
Lunch: 12.00pm - 12.30pm
Dinner: 6.30pm - 10.30pm
Closed on Monday

29 April, 2015

Strangers at 47 @ Section 17, PJ

There is something enchanting about the calm atmosphere and jovial staff at this cosy cafe, which sits along the less-populated row of shop lots in Section 17. What we adore even more is the concept behind this cafe--  It is known for its variety of homemade crepe-based savouries and desserts, which go well with the usual coffee staples. 

...no strangers. Only friends we haven't met. 
- Strangers at 47 aims to be a place where people meet and bond over good food,
where strangers become friends.

Boasting a vintage industrial look, the cafe is tastefully decorated with old warehouse pendant lights and wooden furniture to give the space a more cosy, intimate feelings. I must agree that Strangers at 47 makes a perfect setting to gather friends and family alike for sumptuous, soul-soothing treats. 

To enjoy more of the natural light, al fresco dining is available right at the entrance of the shop.

Matcha Latte @ RM10

They serve up an array of coffees using high quality beans but it is the Matcha Latte which is a show stopper. Interestingly, here you can choose to replace the usual full cream milk with soy milk for stronger aroma and extra flavour although the concoction may not give the similar frothy texture.

Hot Chocolate @ RM10

Non-coffee drinkers can opt for a delicious cup of creamy hot chocolate with rich cocoa flavour or fresh juices. It is not as full bodied as I'd expect, but it pairs well with both savoury and sweet fusion crepes.

Forget about the conventional French crepes; those served here are uniquely paired with various ingredients and taste heavenly! Just like the restaurant's name, each of the crepes on the menu has fun and quirky names. The best thing is, they diligently introduce new, seasonal items every few months, so you'll always be in for a treat.

A Hen’s Crush @ RM17 

We start with the crowd's favourite A Hen's Crush, for an exquisite yet exhilarating mix of textures and flavours. It features a well-balanced combination of carb, protein and fibre as there are pan-seared chicken, sweet capsicums, golden hash brown, sunny side-up and citrus-cucumber-onion salad wrapped within the chilli-flaked crepe. 

Each bite is robust in flavours, especially when paired with house-made spicy tangy sauce that exudes delicious smoky aroma. Soft, moist and comfortingly warm, the savoury crepe is slightly cheesy and melts in the mouth with the fresh ingredients. 

The portion can be very filling for one, and group sharing is recommended if you wish to try different types of crepes that are equally well loaded with mushrooms, seafood or beef. 

Shore To Please @ RM21.50

Seafood lovers can rejoice as Shore To Please is served with sizable cajun tiger prawns and crunchy battered squids along with other condiments such as spinach, caramelised onion, roasted cherry tomato and bits of salted egg yolk.

The seafood here is fresh and adds pleasant crunchy textures to the creamy spinach. The salted egg yolk bits are nice additions to further lift up the overall taste of the dish, as commonly seen in the Chinese cooking style for seafood. 


Dessert fiends will be spoilt with choices when it comes to sweet crepes because they serve up sweet potato crepe, apple crumble in crepe form and many more. Alternatively, you can choose from an array of delectable cakes, home-baked by the owner's mum which completes the coffee experience. 

Dark Side @ RM10

If you are going less adventurous in flavours, do try the Dark Side, a chocolate crepe with dark chocolate spread, white chocolate curls, orange caramel and vanilla ice-cream. The chocolate filling is so thick that every mouthful is melting good with rich creamy cocoa flavour. Despite of that, the sweetness is just right and does not overwhelm the senses.

The Mandarin @ RM11

Strangers at 47 also offers seasonal items off the menu, and we have The Mandarin during Chinese New Year. The orange crepe is stuffed with mandarin orange cream cheese and orange chunks, surrounded by sprinkles of dark chocolate shave and pomegranate, and finally topped with vanilla ice cream. The festive fruit adds a delicious tang to the ultra creamy cheese spread and whets our appetite with refreshing fruity flavour. 

1. I love the concept of pairing almost anything with the crepes and hence creating interesting combinations which are one-of-a-kind!
2. Forget about the common belief of having crepes as snacks; Just head over to Strangers at 47 and enjoy a whole new experience of unique crepes!
3. Recommended: All of them! Seriously both savoury and sweet crepes are excellent and worth to die for!

Strangers At 47
47, Jalan 17/45,
(Same row as Kanna Curry House)
46400 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 011-1669 5707
Email: foodgaragemy@gmail.com
Facebook: fb.com/strangersat47
Instagram: @strangersat47
Business Hours: 11am - 10pm daily
Closed on Tuesdays.

28 April, 2015

Review: CLIO Gelpresso Waterproof Eyeshadow

Another makeup splurge this April after a very much satisfying highly pigmented, bold red lipstick from CLIO
CLIO has always been known as the No.1 Eyeliner brand in Korea, so what about the best friend of eyeliner? I must admit that I have plenty of pressed and cream eyeshadow palette at home, and this is my first eyeshadow from CLIO that comes in a much convenient packaging--- An eyeshadow stick!

 No. 8 Feeling High (1.6g) @ RM45.90

CLIO Gelpresso Waterproof Shadow has a jumbo gel stick applicator that makes it easy to create a dramatic look in just one stroke. Great for quick touch-up or interchangeably used as an eyeshadow or eyeliner.

The shade I pick is light gold with satin, shimmery finish which blends effortlessly and matches well with other colors. Texture wise, every stroke feels like melting gel as its creamy texture glides smoothly on the eyelids.

Honestly, there are not many eyeshadows that actually stay put over long hours without smudging. Easiest way to make sure your eyeshadow doesn't melt? Use this amazing eyeshadow from CLIO! I'm impressed by its highly pigmented shade and rich, intense glittery impact that lasts more than 8 hours.

Under normal lighting, the shimmer seems quite subtle on the skin. With flashlight, it looks a little reddish gold. And I can easily get that glamorous look with a touch of mascara and eyeliner! Most importantly, the smokey eye effect is achievable within seconds and this eyeshadow will not crease on you.

Overall, this shade is also perfect for the corner of the eyes to give a "brightening" effect.

I can't wait to experiment with the rest of the colours! 

#1 CLIO has made eye makeup so easy and convenient without comprising on the quality, long-lasting result. No need spend a chunk of time to get the smokey eye right anymore! 
#2 The shimmery effect is quite subtle, so I love its eye-brightening effect that suits for all-day occasions :)
#3 Rating: 5/5 ♥ Repurchase? Of course. I am eyeing on other shades that give a more dramatic eye makeup!

CLIO Gelpresso Waterproof Eyeshadow is available at all SASA stores nationwide.

26 April, 2015

Sweet Surprise from BloomThis

I'm not sure how many of you actually love little surprises but I'm definitely one of them. On a fine Thursday, someone came by my doorstep and offered me a box of surprise. Puzzled yet excited, I carefully removed the sticker and the content was a love at first sight! 

The paper box is designed with pure simplicity and modest elegance.
It feels as if it is specially curated for minimalist lovers like myself :)

Exquisite wrapping....made me more excited!

A lovely note to greet me personally  

And a card with personalized message for me.
(You can write your own too) 

.....unboxing the gift is like bringing spring to me once again.
The gorgeous premium blooms show up fresh as if they are just cut from the farm.

Well, sending classic roses is a choice that never fails.
It is so fresh and bright in creamy hue, while others are as light and delicate as morning caress!

If you do not know your flowers, BloomThis shows you what you get :) Eustoma, Peacock, Agapanthus, White Rose and Matthiola all have such great natural forms that they look so pretty just on their own. 

The best part is, each stalk comes with water capsule to prevent dehydration during the delivery process. 
How thoughtful is that!

Just by admiring the flowers, I know the BloomThis team has certainly gone great lengths in preparing each and every bouquet by hand, to ensure only the best for the customers.

The box also comes with a simple and sweet note for bouquet arrangement instructions, so it's easy for me although I have not tried it before. Simply get a clean vase, fill 1/3 of it with cold tap water, trim the unwanted parts and watch it bloom for a week before the next surprise arrives again!

Can't believe that just a vase of bright flowers can make such a huge difference in my room!
It is now a fresher space with splashes of colours and warm sun-kisses through the windows.

Curiosity leads me to BloomThis.Co to check out what else are they offering.
Then I realise BloomThis collection is available in 3 options: 

1) Signature- Single Delivery (RM69 for 1 bouquet)
2) Quinzena- Fortnightly/Month (RM98 for 2 bouquets)
3) Sabbath- Weekly/ Month (RM176 for 4 bouquets)

You can get your fresh surprise at as low as RM44 per bouquet!
(+) with Complimentary personalized message to the one you care about 

*FREE Delivery is made every Thursday within KL and Penang
*All flowers are seasonal, so be surprised by different types of flowers during each and every delivery. How amazing is that! 

Flowers shouldn't come only during Valentine's, anniversaries or special occasions. I believe such surprise of the luxury all-natural fresh flowers is sure to make an impression...
I'm giving away ONE (1) FREE BloomThis Signature- Single Delivery worth RM69 to a lucky reader!

You can check it out at http://bloomthis.co/collections/bloomthis-collection/products/signature)
and the lucky winner will be given a code to redeem it before 6 May 2015.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Fill in the details using the Rafflecopter widget above and
Don't forget to leave a comment on WHO do you want to deliver to (It can be yourself!) and WHY!

Since Mother's Day is around the corner, don't you want to pamper your Mom with a good bouquet of hand-wrapped surprise? First FIVE (5) readers to purchase BloomThis Quinzena- Fortnightly/Month can enjoy 20% discount by entering this code: "BTFISH20" before 12 May 2015 (First come first serve basis)

Step 1: Add item to cart and check out
Step 2: Apply Discount Code
Step 3: Select "Bank Deposit" option in order to waive the shipping fee.

Don't forget to visit BloomThis and check out the blooming surprise!
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