14 April, 2015

Otherwise Cafe @ Kelana Jaya, PJ

Visiting the ever increasing industrial-style cafes in town seem to be too mainstream for some cafe hoppers. If you prefer somewhere really different and unique, Otherwise Cafe is worth visiting as it is an extremely indie-looking cafe located at the most unexpected neighbourhood area in Kelana Jaya.

Living up to its name, "Otherwise", you'd expect a total different ambiance in this cafe. It is a wedding photography studio with makeup and hair services by day, and transformed into a tastefully adorned hangout space during the evening. 

In fact, this is one of the cafes that gets raves for detail, from the classic music playing at background, to all the vintage antiques at every nook and corner of the cafe.

The owner has gone great lengths to source for rare and valuable decades-old antiques from all around the world, and even showcase his personal collectibles in this cozy space. Entering this dimly-lit cafe, surely you'd notice pieces of old train paraphernalia that is revamped and currently used as the counter, with an unique monochromatic masterpiece on the wall behind it.

On the left, I have no idea that it is an antique wooden refrigerator imported all the way from Japan until the owner tells me so! But of course you shouldn't miss out the oldest antique in the cafe--- an elaborate mahogany wooden piano used during the second World War! 

Bringing out perfectly the retro theme of the cafe, it is tastefully adorned with different items that I have not seen in my entire life! From the artfully scrapped cemented walls to irregular furniture and cool sculptures, I'm truly amazed! 

Another vintage upright piano is in the house. 

The golden age of radio may be gone, but antique radios from every other era can be seen on the display here. 

Whichever spot you choose to hang out here, it definitely gives you a different kind of enjoyment.

Get your camera ready because every nook and corner is picture worthy!!

Under the rustic atmosphere that makes us feel like we have stepped back in time, the best accompaniments would be a warm, comforting cup of coffee and a slice of homemade cake. 

 Latte @ RM11 Mocha @ RM12

For those who fancy the coffee to have deep, full-bodied flavour and rich aroma, coffees served here is exactly what you are seeking for! Using Toraja dark-roasted beans by Sprezzatura, a local roaster in town, every cup here has strong earthiness and less acidity which may be admired by some coffee enthusiasts. 

The daily selection of desserts differ everyday, so you may be surprised by new flavours during each visit! But one good thing about it is, all desserts are pegged at one same price of RM11 each.

Homemade Strawberry and Banana Cheesecake @ RM11

Cheese lovers will be totally smitten by this heavenly slice of homemade cheesecake layered with chunks of strawberry and banana. The biscuit base is so crumbly that it adds a beautiful contrasting texture to the creamy, melt-in-the-mouth cheese.

Topped with strawberry yoghurt mousse and fresh berries, I love it for being a lighter version of cheesecake that makes a sweet tooth like me feel less guilty! 

 Normandy @ RM11

Named after a region famous for apples in France, the Normandy cake features thick slices of baked apples layered with lemon creme and vanilla sponge. Sweet, tangy and delicious! 

Homemade Tiramisu @ RM11

Among the desserts, nothing beats my all-time favourite classic Italian dessert! As a true fan of tiramisu, I am more particular about its taste and texture.

Dark and indulgent, each bite is a divine layer of texture in the mouth but it is the Irish whiskey soaked ladyfingers that have us on cloud nine! Amazingly, the cake is very well-executed as it strikes a balance in bittersweet flavour and coffee aroma. 

Macadamia Nut Pie

 Cuppa Wonderland (Banana, Dried Cranberry, Oreo with Caramel Swirls)

On lucky days, homemade desserts can be aplenty in the cafe. You may get to try the classic red velvet, sour mango cheesecake, and new flavours which will be introduced from time to time. 

1. If you are intrigued by themed cafe, it makes the best reason for your next visit here.
2. Hot food is not served at the moment, but coffee and dessert are good enough for me to stay for the entire lazy afternoon.
3. Recommended: Tiramisu and Strawberry Banana Cheesecake

Otherwise Cafe
6, Jalan SS4D/14,
(next to Yipie Yaya Studio,
nearby Paradigm Mall)
47301 Kelana Jaya,
Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 6012-783 8818
Email: otherwisecafe@gmail.com
Facebook: fb.com/otherwisecafe
Instagram: @otherwisecafe

Business Hours:
Weekdays: 5pm - 10pm
Weekends: 11am - 11pm
Closed on Tuesdays 


  1. Looks like a really cool place! :D The Normandy cake looks delish~

  2. Cool looking place.. never noticed it when I'm at that area. May have to drop by and check it out if I'm around that area. Haha


  3. What an interesting cafe!! I am drooling at all the cakes!!!

  4. Oh! Too bad can't play on that old piano! LOL!

  5. Went there once but they ran out of food way too fast. A friend and I went there at 8pm several times and they only had a few slices of cakes left along with their coffee :(

  6. Oh gosh... this place is so precious... I want to go there too....

  7. I love the place. It's unique. I never been to any cafe with that style of decoration yet. It's halal aight?

  8. Your photos always look so nice la Fish! But quite a number of cafes offering great ambiance and artisan-like food!

  9. Love the decor and the desserts look yummy, will check it out!

  10. good to see there's verdict, coffee matters to me as I drink I cannot sleep. So I limit myself a cup or two a day.

  11. The name itself is already interesting. Looks like a cool place to hang out, definitely my type of place to be at with the skull tip and the princess sign. Haha. What a combination. And the strawberry cake is definitely one i wouldn't want to miss having.

  12. Love the vintage look and decor at this cafe. The cakes just so tempting, might be dropping by soon.

  13. love the decorations of the cafe... i love the food especially the cakes.. can't say NO to desserts. *drool*

  14. Lovely cafe it seems! Wonder is the piano still working onot :)


  15. The cakes look delicious, the interior look so interesting, would like to drop by one day :)

  16. OMG
    The place is so camera ready.
    I bet people are just clicking away from the moment they enter Otherwise until they leave the cafe.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Certainly a must go with friends after this.

  17. ooo new caffe! hehe. price isnt that bad too! Will definitely drop by for lunch one of these days :)


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