26 April, 2015

Sweet Surprise from BloomThis

I'm not sure how many of you actually love little surprises but I'm definitely one of them. On a fine Thursday, someone came by my doorstep and offered me a box of surprise. Puzzled yet excited, I carefully removed the sticker and the content was a love at first sight! 

The paper box is designed with pure simplicity and modest elegance.
It feels as if it is specially curated for minimalist lovers like myself :)

Exquisite wrapping....made me more excited!

A lovely note to greet me personally  

And a card with personalized message for me.
(You can write your own too) 

.....unboxing the gift is like bringing spring to me once again.
The gorgeous premium blooms show up fresh as if they are just cut from the farm.

Well, sending classic roses is a choice that never fails.
It is so fresh and bright in creamy hue, while others are as light and delicate as morning caress!

If you do not know your flowers, BloomThis shows you what you get :) Eustoma, Peacock, Agapanthus, White Rose and Matthiola all have such great natural forms that they look so pretty just on their own. 

The best part is, each stalk comes with water capsule to prevent dehydration during the delivery process. 
How thoughtful is that!

Just by admiring the flowers, I know the BloomThis team has certainly gone great lengths in preparing each and every bouquet by hand, to ensure only the best for the customers.

The box also comes with a simple and sweet note for bouquet arrangement instructions, so it's easy for me although I have not tried it before. Simply get a clean vase, fill 1/3 of it with cold tap water, trim the unwanted parts and watch it bloom for a week before the next surprise arrives again!

Can't believe that just a vase of bright flowers can make such a huge difference in my room!
It is now a fresher space with splashes of colours and warm sun-kisses through the windows.

Curiosity leads me to BloomThis.Co to check out what else are they offering.
Then I realise BloomThis collection is available in 3 options: 

1) Signature- Single Delivery (RM69 for 1 bouquet)
2) Quinzena- Fortnightly/Month (RM98 for 2 bouquets)
3) Sabbath- Weekly/ Month (RM176 for 4 bouquets)

You can get your fresh surprise at as low as RM44 per bouquet!
(+) with Complimentary personalized message to the one you care about 

*FREE Delivery is made every Thursday within KL and Penang
*All flowers are seasonal, so be surprised by different types of flowers during each and every delivery. How amazing is that! 

Flowers shouldn't come only during Valentine's, anniversaries or special occasions. I believe such surprise of the luxury all-natural fresh flowers is sure to make an impression...
I'm giving away ONE (1) FREE BloomThis Signature- Single Delivery worth RM69 to a lucky reader!

You can check it out at http://bloomthis.co/collections/bloomthis-collection/products/signature)
and the lucky winner will be given a code to redeem it before 6 May 2015.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Fill in the details using the Rafflecopter widget above and
Don't forget to leave a comment on WHO do you want to deliver to (It can be yourself!) and WHY!

Since Mother's Day is around the corner, don't you want to pamper your Mom with a good bouquet of hand-wrapped surprise? First FIVE (5) readers to purchase BloomThis Quinzena- Fortnightly/Month can enjoy 20% discount by entering this code: "BTFISH20" before 12 May 2015 (First come first serve basis)

Step 1: Add item to cart and check out
Step 2: Apply Discount Code
Step 3: Select "Bank Deposit" option in order to waive the shipping fee.

Don't forget to visit BloomThis and check out the blooming surprise!


  1. Lawa lah! boleh buat surprise kat kawan and family :)

  2. super pretty!!! I would love present to myself, for a fresh new start in life! <3


  3. Such a new method to receive flower in a box! I want it to brighten up my workplace!

  4. Hello dear, I love surprise in my life! I love beautiful flowers too! Hope to receive surprise from you. I would like to present to myself as Teacher's Day gift this year! =)

    Yee Lian

    1. Dear Yee Lian,

      Congratulations, I have dropped you an email, please reply accordingly. Thank you!

  5. Would definitely love the delivery of this surprise to my house to cheer up my mom ^^ even for a few days (:


  6. Dear Fish,

    I would love to give these flowers to myself as these days my life was really dull due to my sickness. I seriously want these flowers to brighten my days everyday and looking at the flowers like looking at my beloved mummy in the heaven and tell her I love her and miss her so much too!


  7. Fish, I simply adore and love all your shots! It's breathtaking! Makes my day just by seeing all these lovely blooms.

  8. It would be be great gift to Mom on Mother's Day!

  9. really want this! but only available around kl je kan.. *cry* fresh flowers every day would be something amazing to have

    1. no la dear...in selangor aso have....and penang too! ehhe

  10. I want to deliver this to my mum. Beautiful flowers as a Mother's Day gift to say thank you and I love you to my dearest mummy!

  11. beautiful pictures as always... <3 <3

  12. I would love to get these flowers for my mum because she loves flowers and mothers day is coming soon. I think she will really enjoy the bouquet of flowers in her room when she opens her eyes to a surprise breakfast in bed too.


  13. Would love to have this for myself! So very instagram- worthy, and imagine waking up to flowers on your bedside table! puts one in a good mood for sure..


  14. I'm a 40 yrs old with kidney failure. I'm blessed with 4 kids, 70 yrs old mom & 82 yrs old dad who still drive around helping me taking care of my family. I went for an operation yesterday & mom waited on me all through out, sitting in a very uncomfortable chair for 4 hours. I wld like to present mom Bloomthis for her strength and support all this while. Thanks.

  15. *****GIVEAWAY ENDS*****

    Thank you all for joining, and the lucky winner for one BloomThis Signature bouquet is Tan Yee Lian :D
    Happy Teacher's Day, and kindly reply to my email to redeem your voucher code.

    For the rest who joined, thank you for your support and more giveaways will be up soon! Stay tuned xo.

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