04 May, 2015

Frisky Goat @ TTDI

Tucked along the busy street in TTDI, Frisky Goat is a popular neighbourhood café cum bakery that serves up freshly-baked pastries, homemade cakes and hot Western food as early as 8a.m. everyday! Good comfort food here comes hand in hand with awesome coffee, premium tea and tall cool drinks.

As you enter, you'll notice lots of lovely goat ornaments that resemble the quirky name of the café.

In this cozy cafe, there are plenty of bar style high chairs and tables for a quick drink, comfortable lounging hairs for those who play to stay for a while as well as tables outside the cafe for patrons who prefer having their meal with nicotine. 

The relaxing environment with a modern European vibe draws my attention
before the polite staff greets and leads me to a table for four. 

Wide selection of TWG Tea

Non-coffee drinkers can rejoice as Frisky Goat offers a variety of fine, luxurious TWG tea served in dainty European tea sets. You can take a good whiff of each flavour, before deciding on which to order. 

The freshly-baked pastries, buns, breads and pies are simply perfect for those seeking for soul-satisfying early-morning meals. Since the buttery aroma fills the space near the bakery counter, I understand why the fresh bakes here usually sell like hot cakes especially in the morning!

Eggs En Cocotte @ RM21.50

If you plan to stay longer for a proper meal, the simple oven-baked eggs in ramekin should satisfy any fan of comfort food with its delicious heartiness. Here you can choose how well you want the eggs to be cooked (We opt for runny eggs). The explosion of flavours while having a mouthful of the spiced lamb sausage, beef bacon and cherry tomatoes within the pool of runny egg, is simply heavenly.

Spread with butter and dipped into the cheesy concoction, tucking into the homemade crusty toast is a hearty experience in itself. 

Slow Roasted Chicken Confit @ RM27.90

As for the main course, the tender bird is well-flavoured by a marinade of herbs and it is tasty when served with sweetcorn ragout, creamy mashed potatoes and thyme chicken jus. I am surprised how it remains quite warm despite me taking some time to finish. The potato, however, cools quite quickly.

Glossy Flossy @ RM20

To keep the adventurous cafe hoppers on the toes, Frisky Goat introduces monthly special items with updated interpretations of traditional cuisine and inventive offerings inspired by current food trend. New on the seasonal menu, we have the savoury waffle sandwich layered with turkey ham, cheese, tomato, and then crowned with chicken floss and deep-fried poached egg.

The presentation is impressive. The chicken floss and ham in this savoury waffle dish actually works, but it is the deep-fried poached egg that has me on cloud nine as nothing can satisfy more than runny yolk and creamy egg whites. 

Desserts here are lovely and unforgettable. Unlike many cafes which source their cakes from external bakers, here everything is made in-house and pegged at a range of affordable prices not exceeding RM12 each! 

Red Opera @ RM10

Red opera cake is a sweet serenade to end our sumptuous meal. Using a mix of berries, the chef's version of this classic French dessert is simply decadent as its sourish sting lift up the overall taste without being over-cloying at all. 

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake @ RM9

When two timeless ingredients come together, it is no surprise that this is another best-selling cake in the house. As I fork through the moist and rich chocolate sponge, it is very fluffy, light and well-layered with thick, creamy salted caramel. The real cocoa taste certainly melts my heart.

Mocha @ RM10

Whether you opt for sweet waffles topped with ice creams or homemade cakes at the counter, be sure to make your finale to the meal a cup of coffee sipped while you continue and enjoy. 

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Frisky Goat
72, Jalan Burhanudin Helmi,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-7731 2965
Email: angeline@friskygoat.my
Website: www.friskygoat.my
Facebook: fb.com/FriskyGoat
Business Hours: 8am - 10.30pm daily (Last call at 9.45pm)

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