26 June, 2015

MBG Fruits Salad Bar @ Tropicana City Mall & Wangsa Walk

Salad On The Go created by yours truly  

Salad has been part of my daily diet no matter how busy is my routine. Nothing beats the enjoyment of munching through the colorful and naturally sweet fruits that yield different textures, flavours and nutritional values. Being a huge fan of salad, I got really excited when creating my very own "Salad On The Go" in MBG FruitShop's latest Fruit Salad Bar at Tropicana City Mall

If you happen to drop by at MBG FruitShop at Tropicana City Mall or Wangsa Walk Shopping Mall, surely you'd notice its new Fruit Salad Bar that features more than 30 types of fruits, vegetables, toppings and dressings for the most discerning palates. Be it a quick nutritious meal or a healthy snack, the salad gives a great boost of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fibre and water, while curbing hunger. 

All you need is to grab a bowl, pick your favourite choices of salad, weigh it, and pay at the counter. The best part is, everything on the bar is pegged at a single price of RM3.70 per 100g. Now everyone can indulge in expensive fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, grapefruits and kiwis.

Look at those FRESH STRAWBERRIES! Simply delicious.

I believe everyone has different preferences when it comes to fruits. But my personal philosophy is always about mixing and matching as many colours as possible, and go light with the dressing because most fruits are already naturally packed with flavours.

Plain fruit salad can be boring, but not at MGB because here you can add premium toppings such as Organic Chia Seeds, Natural Dried Longan Pulp, Mixed Dried Cranberries, Blackcurrants, Mulberry, Raisins, Nuts and Seeds.

As for the dressing, there are plenty of room for creativity because MGB provides various types of dressings from savoury to sweet. I am attracted by the Roasted Sesame Dressing and Date Syrup apart from the basic salad dressings such as Honey Mustard, Yogurt and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Some nutritious creation that you can try is the Sunshine Rainbow Salad featuring mango, kiwi, berries, raisin and almonds. I love how it is paired with nutrient-dense dressing which is made of zesty orange, lemon and lime juice; Simply perfect for those who have sweet tooth. 

Cool Greek Yogurt Salad and Thai-inspired Savoury Spiced Green Apple and Mango Salad 

Savoury type of fruit salad is equally interesting as one can customize the dressing using herbs and spices such as chives, fresh parsley, vinegar and pepper. As for me, yogurt is my personal favourite for breakfast and lunch as it is refreshingly cool and provides protein, calcium and good probiotics. 

It is definitely a convenient, fun and creative way to enjoy your daily dose of fruits and vegetables at MGB!

At the other side of the store, there are large assortments of imported and local fruits to be chosen from. Looking at the fresh, colorful fruits, I am tempted to get some and prepare my own hearty salad at home! 

Spotted one of my favourites: Huge California Red Cherry

.....And Avocado, the antioxidant superfruit!

The Avocado, Date Syrup and Yogurt Milkshake is highly recommended for its creamy goodness! But if you prefer something light, refreshing and energizing, do try out the pure healthy juices here too :) 

Making fruit salad with the fellow friends can be so enjoyable!
Wanna have some healthy and yummy fruit salad too?

MBG Fruit Salad Bar is currently available in Tropicana City Mall, PJ and Wangsa Walk Mall, Wangsa Maju. Do check out www.mbg.com.my for more information!


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