01 June, 2015

Telling the Story of Love with Soufeel

Accessories are girl's best friends. You probably couldn't imagine how happy was I when I received the gift of surprise from Soufeel, It feels like love at first sight when it came by my doorstep in a sleek white gift box laced with blue ribbon.

 And it's the pure simplicity that makes it an ideal gift for any occasion.

16cm Exclusive 925 Sterling Silver Basic Bracelet (More details here)

For the bracelet, I go with the basic one because I am ready to spice it up with customized charms. Actually Soufeel also offers bangles, necklaces, pendants and rings to complement your style. The varieties are too many that I couldn't explain here, you gotta visit their website to check it out yourself. 

Going simple and classic with this silver basic bracelet!

Did I forget to mention that the bracelet comes in different lengths ranging from 16cm to 23cm? All you need is to choose correctly by measuring your wrist circumference and add 2cm to arrive at the final length of bracelet that you should be wearing.

Crafted from 925 Sterling Silver, each and every charm I pick has a story to tell.

As for the accessories, it is fun to collect charms during different occasions although sometimes I find the choices can be overwhelming — there are hundreds of charms to choose from of various types and styles categorized by themes. Some look very classy and elegant, while others are cute and vintage.

Love Forever Dangle Charm (More details here)

I can't help but to eye on the dangling charms especially those with words on it.
Simple design with an added touch of romance.

Wedding Rings Dangle Charm (More details here)

For those who are getting a gift for their loved ones, I guess nothing suits more than a pair of rings that resemble eternity? In fact, the wedding rings charm is pretty and romantic in a cute way! 

Hollow Flower Dangle Charm (More details here)

Keyfob Charm (More details here)

The first four charms I pick come in pure silver colour, which can easily be matched with any other charms or stoppers. As for colorful charms, Murano glass beads may interest you. I kinda regretted for not getting any of those because the colours are just too pretty! 

Love To Shop Charm (More details here)

Shopping is another favourite of mine, so that explains this charm. In Soufeel, some charms are attached with little diamantes, and I guess this good enough to add small elements of pink into my bracelet. 

Wine Goblet Charm (More details here)

I guess that's how much I love wine? And!! It is beautifully adorned with a bright red garnet colored CZ stone on top!

Ferris Wheel Dangle Charm (More details here)

The best is always saved for the last. My favourite among all goes to the ferris wheel dangle charm which is delicately crafted with red stone around the wheel (Yes, it can spin!). Personally, ferris wheel is my symbol of dreams and freedom, so I just can't resist this beautiful charm the moment I see it! 

It looks just as great when used as a pendant for short necklaces!

Finally, the combination of 7 charms in one bracelet completes my story of love ❤ Since there is still plenty of space to fit in more charms, it makes a good reason for rewarding myself during the next special occasion :)


Good quality, great varieties and highly customizable. There is no other competitor that can equate Soufeel's super good prices! If you are looking for authentic 925 Sterling Silver jewelry without burning a hole in the pocket, Soufeel is probably a brand you should consider :) 


Get 5% discount for ANY purchase in Soufeel
by keying in the code: FISH5 upon check out.


Soufeel ships internationally, so be sure to check them out and surprise your loved ones!

Website: www.soufeel.com.my
Facebook: fb.com/SoufeelJewelry
Twitter: @Soufeel
Instagram: @SoufeelJewelry


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