13 July, 2015

Ahoy Cafe @ SS15, Subang Jaya

Cafe hopping is one of my favourite pastimes, especially at those themed cafes that surprise me with beautiful decors and amazing story behind its name. When it comes to nautical theme, Ahoy is the first that wows me with a cool vintage sailor concept. 

Stepping into the cafe located along the same row as Cosans Coffee, I am totally amazed by the ship and boat drawings on the wooden walls. Take a good look at the ceiling, and you'll be surprised by the creative way of hanging the light bulbs using marine ropes with tie knots. 

In this cafe, every nook and corner is decorated in different styles, hence exude fresh and unique feel for diners who enjoy creativity. While I am fascinated by the cute whale-shaped wall shelf and colorful "boat" sofa, the best section of the cafe that I love the most is the hanging swing with plenty of natural sunkisses  from the ceiling.

You'll also find dainty little decors around the spacious room which complement well with the vintage nautical theme.

Spot the anchor!

Similar to many cafes, Ahoy also has a chiller which displays different types of sweet treats, savoury munch and bottled juices. But one thing that I love is the wide variety of cakes available here especially during weekends. With over 10 types of cakes and pastries, I really have a hard time picking my favourite because all of them look so yummy! 

The beverages menu is equally extensive too, great for both coffee enthusiasts and casual drinkers.

Mocha @ RM12

For now, it does not serve any hand-drip coffee but plenty of the espresso-based selections are worth trying out as it uses a blend of medium roasted beans from various origins. But since I have lower tolerance towards caffeine, I'd love to have my coffee infused with green tea and milk to exude a sweeter flavour. 

Green Tea Cafe Latte @ RM12

Ahoy Signature Kimchi Turkey Ham Wrap @ RM18.50

If you are seeking for hot food, the first item to order is certainly this unique kimchi wrap that exudes a taste of Korean with American-Mexican twist. Thick chunks of kimchi, turkey ham and melted cheese are wrapped in lightly crisp tortilla skin, yielding a nice crunch and subtle tangy flavour in each bite. It is served with a bed of salad and creamy chicken mushroom soup too.

Thumbs up to the unique combination that I could hardly find elsewhere!
Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese Bagel + Fries + Salad @ RM19.00

I must admit that bagels are common in many cafes, but good ones are very few and far between. It is a pleasant surprise to have such perfectly baked bagel with a beautiful crisp exterior and airy light interior.

The bagel itself is extra crunchy, and good to dip into the accompanying secret mayonnaise that has a bit of garlicky flavour with aroma of parsley. It tastes pretty much like sour cream to me, definitely a must-try!

Rainbow Mille Crepe @ RM12.90

As for the dessert, you can request for any words to be written on your dessert plate but I am totally taken by surprise when the owner crafts my name on it. She is such a sweet lady! The rainbow mille crepe is one of the bestsellers here, because it is simply picture-perfect. I bet every girl or child couldn't resist this!

Love the beautifully sheet-thin layers that melt perfectly in the mouth with subtle sweetness!

Baileys Cocoa Mille Crepe @ RM11.90

Dessert wise, I'd usually go for alcoholic tiramisu, but here I notice the mille crepe here is injected with Bailey's Irish cream liqueur so I am tempted to give it a try. Topped with thick dark cocoa powder, the cake is lightly sweet and the liqueur taste is very mild. 

Ahoy is currently having promotions for its coffee, cakes and hot food. But if you make booking through OffPeak.my, then you can enjoy up to 20% on all the items in the ala carte menu. Don't forget to download Offpeak Mobile Apps on Apple or Android to make your booking easier! 

1. Overall, I love its quiet and cosy ambiance where I can spend my whole afternoon there working or just chilling with friends. 
2. Reason for visiting: Nautical decors that are picture worthy at every corner and beautiful cakes
3. Recommended: Kimchi Turkey Ham Wrap, Rainbow Mille Crepe 

Ahoy Cafe 
74, Jalan SS15/4,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Contact: 603-5887 5591
Facebook: fb.com/ahoy.my
Instagram: @ahoy.my
Business Hours: 11am - 12am daily


  1. Hi may I know how does the Rainbow crepe cake taste? I mean is that has different taste as per colour?

  2. This place looks so cute!!!!!


  3. The place looks amazing! I'd like to visit once i get the chance~ salmon bagel~~ yay to kimchi combo!

    everything magical


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