13 July, 2015

Review: IN STYLER Ceramic Hot Brush and Flat Iron Pro

I am sure you have heard of various hair styling products that are much raved about, but not sure which to invest in, since they are generally not cheap. In fact, only few are able to perform well without causing much damage to the hair.

As for me, I also have this dilemma of getting a good value-for-money hair styler until I try the magical IN STYLER Ceramic Hot Brush and Flat Iron Pro which I got it from HiShop Malaysia.

Weight: 0.76 lbs (346g)
Length of power cord: 15cm
Length of heated barrel: 3.6 inches (9.2cm)
Diameter of heated barrel: 1.2 inches (3.1cm)
Power: 120-240V, 50/60Hz, 120 Watts (after 1 min), 60 Watts (at steady state)
Automatic shut off: After 45 minutes 
Pre heating: 1 minute

Low (170C/338F) for fine, color-treated hair
 High (190C/374F) for thick, naturally wavy hair

You must be wondering what's so good about this product when there are so many competitor brands out there. I personally love its amazing Dual Ionic Ceramic Technology that combines styling power of ceramic heat with frizz-fighting ionic molecules to transform dull, frizzy, lifeless hair.

Now let my video review do all the talking!
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Lock / Unlock Button to interchange between curling and straightening function

Once you unlock, it will open up this way and can be used as a flat iron.

Low / High Heat Button for different hair types 

My favourite feature is still its Cool Touch Bristles technology, meaning you can style with complete control, no burning of fingers, ears, or forehead! You can try to touch the tong, it's only slightly warm, not the conventional burning hot type. After using it, there will be no burns or tangles and most importantly, the hair looks healthy and voluminous.

1. My personal experience with the IN STYLER salon styler is pretty good. Since my hair is naturally short, and I use the curler from mid-length till end, the waves created are exactly what I want :) It adds nice body to the hair in just a matter of minutes. 
2. It is easy and ultra quick to be used! And I love how convenient it is to switch from curling brush to flat iron, and both work great for me. 
3. No complaints about this. I love it!

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