31 August, 2015

Ishin Japanese Dining @ Old Klang Road, KL

Strategically tucked in a stand-alone double-storey bungalow along Old Klang Road, ISHIN Japanese Dining has always been amongst the top fine Japanese restaurants in town since 2009, but I have not got any chance to check them out until recently I am finally here at ISHIN, to enjoy some life's finer moments with a wide array of genuine Japanese and Kaiseki style cuisines. 

Upon arrival, there is a free valet service where we can leave our car to the jockey and step into Ishin's cozy space that exudes a warm, contemporary Japanese atmosphere. Taking the centre stage of the restaurant is the oval sushi counter where sashimi and sushi are skilfully prepared right in front of diners. 

Double-Boiled Shiro Baigai (Japanese Ivory Shell)

To begin our culinary adventure, we are treated with the freshly air-flown seafood from Japan's renowned Tsukiji market. During this month, the seasonal Japanese ivory shells are abundant in Japan, and we are glad to sample the soft meaty flesh which is savoury sweet and bursting with juicy oceanic flavours upon each bite. 

The chewy meat is pretty succulent!

Kamo Ibushiyaki Salada with Yuzu Dressing 

Following the well-liked appetizer, we have a bowl of smoked duck salad drizzled with Japanese citrus fruit dressing. Combining avocado slices and fresh greens, this ligh and refreshing salad is a beautiful medley of textures and flavours. It is simply perfect to prep the palate for the coming dishes.

Chef's Recommendation: Sashimi Platter (11 types)

The highlight of the evening is surely Ishin's sashimi spread which has been well-known for its freshness, high quality standard and generous portions. Apart from ensuring the fresh import of finest quality ingredients from Tokyo, Ishin is equipped with a superior -60° C Dairei Super Freezer to better preserve the ingredients' natural juiciness and tastes.

Sashimi topped with Tobiko (Fish roes)

Therefore, everything on this platter is amongst the freshest I've tried! The variety includes Nama Sanma (Pacific Saury), Hotate (Scallop), Chutoro (Medium Fatty Tuna), Botan Ebi (Shrimp), Kampachi (Amberjack), Shiro Maguro (Butterfish), Hamachi (Yellowtail), Hirame (Flute), Akagai (Ark Shell), Salmon and fish roes. 

Look at the generous portion of thickly-cut tuna! The flesh has just the right amount of fat and good marbling without being too "oily".

 Presentation wise, it is totally an eye candy to us.

Frankly, the ultra fresh sashimi is good to go on its own, without any condiment. But in Ishin, I just couldn't resist myself from pairing it with the freshly grated wasabi from the rhizome itself. The wasabi has blown us away with its unique pungent flavour, texture and "heat" at the freshest state. 

Fresh Komachi Ayu Shioyaki

If you are up for hot food items, then you should try the sweet fish which is salt-grilled to crispy outer perfection while keeping the inner part tender and juicy. Despite of having alot of minuscule bones, this fish is a delicious treat as it gets us hooked on the sweet flesh and tiny fish eggs. Plus, the zesty lime juice lifts up its overall taste.

Lobster Kaminabe Soup

Another stomach comforting dish is the Japanese paper hotpot that is traditionally cooked directly under fire without burning the paper. The lobster soup is surprisingly savoury, and I simply adore the rich flavours with subtle hints of miso. 

Such a luxury soup with chunks of fresh lobster meat is just too good to resist!

Salmon Belly with Spicy Apple Sauce

As for the teppanyaki dish, our grilled salmon belly is served on individual hot plate with intricate garnishing of fried garlic, bonito flakes and chopped scallion. I appreciate the chef's selection of serving salmon belly instead of other parts of the salmon, because it is softer, more delicate and literally melts in the mouth with the slightly spicy, sweet and tangy sauce. Highly recommended if you are a salmon lover!

Hokkaido King Crab and Oyster with Yuzu Sauce

The following dish is something unique that I have not tried before. Large, chunky pieces of crab meat and oyster are lightly deep-fried before being served on citrusy yuzu sauce. The seafood is rich in oceanic juices which is enhanced by a refreshing citrus zing. The combination looks simple but it comes together beautifully and heightens our senses. 

3 Kankaku No Men (3 Sensory Noodles)

Interesting dishes come one after another. Served on a bed of ice, each glass is filled with different types of cold noodles and sauces, and topped with ebikko, seaweed, scallion and more. The one with pink buckwheat noodles topped with seaweed (Picture above: Bottom Right) tastes very mild as it is soaked in light dipping soup. 

To be more adventurous, try the one with white noodles (Picture above: Top Left) as it is punch packed with wasabi flavours. Lastly, my personal favourite goes to the one with yellow noodles, topped with tobiko (Picture above: Bottom Right) as it is filled with creamy sesame sauce that gives a refreshing, savoury touch to the soft noodles. 

Ice Cream / Sorbet: Kyoho (Grape), Yuzu, Melon, Momo (Peach), Goma (Black Sesame)

If there is still room for desserts, you shouldn't miss the homemade ice creams in exotic flavours which are crafted using real, natural ingredients, unlike those highly sweetened ones that are served elsewhere. For instance, the light and icy cool sorbet selections are made of sweet Japanese melons, sun-kissed peaches, succulent mountain grapes, and juicy yuzu.

Nagano Kyoho (The grape size can go as large as a plum!),
Momo (Soft and large Japanese premium peach) and Japanese sweet corns

Kirin Ichiban Draught Beer

Desserts do not mark the end of our sumptuous dinner yet. Since Ishin operates until 1a.m. everyday, we decide to stay a little longer to keep our conversations while enjoying a couple of glasses of Japanese beers. It tastes great for me as it is light bodied, smooth and sweet with mild malty aftertaste.

Ishin is currently having Buy 1 Free 1 Kirin Beer promotion, 
from 8pm to 1am daily, while stock last. Don't miss it ya!

1. Truly an amazing place for a true Japanese gastronomic experience. Here you don't need to pay a 5-star hotel's Japanese restaurant price, but you can get equally good (Or better) quality food and services. 
2. Every penny is well-spent for the portion and quality of top-notch ingredients that can hardly be achieved by other Japanese easteries around Klang Valley. Ishin is definitely worth visiting!
3. Recommended: SashimiLobster Kaminabe Soup, Hokkaido King Crab and Oyster with Yuzu Sauce, Goma Ice Cream (Well, that's basically ALL of them because I truly love every bit of each dish!)

Ishin Japanese Dining 
No. 202, Persiaran Klang,
Batu 3 3/4,
Off Jalan Kelang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603-7980 8228 (for reservation)
Website: www.ishin.my
Facebook: fb.com/ishinmy

Operating Hours:
12:00 pm-3:00 pm
6:00 pm-1:00 am

29 August, 2015

Shazzwan Launches Debut Album "Titipan Banduan Muda"

I am feeling so proud of being a Malaysian! Here's a great news for our local hip hop entertainment industry. Shazzwan, an up-coming hip-hop artist and producer supported by Yayasan Raja Muda Selangor (YRMS), has recently debuts his first album titled ‘Titipan Banduan Muda’.

And I was really honored to be one of the invited guests of the day to enjoy his live music together with the royals, friends of media, and fellow hiphop enthusiasts in the industry. 

The prestigious launch event received royal attendance by Duli Yang Teramat Mulia Tengku Amir Shah Ibni Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Alhaj, Raja Muda Selangor; Yang Amat Mulia Tengku Datin Paduka Setia Zatashah binti Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Alhaj. and Y.A.D. Dato’ Setia Aubry Rahim Also present at the event were the foundation’s Board of Trustees comprising of Y.A.D. Raja Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Arshad bin Raja Tun Uda, Chairman of YRMS; Y.A.D. Dato’ Setia Mohammad Adzib bin Mohd. Isa; Y.A.D. Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Syed Mohd Yusof bin Tun Syed Nasir; Y.Bhg. Puan Sri Datin T.D. Ampikaipakan; and Y.Bhg. Dato’ Richard A. J. Curtis.

Prior to the launch,  Y.A.D. Raja Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Arshad bin Raja Tun Uda, chairman of YRMS explained that the Yayasan supports youths between the ages of 18 to 29 years old by helping them develop their confidence and motivation, skills and talents, enabling them to be employed.

Under the ‘Talent for the World’ programme, Shazzwan has undergone 10 years of apprenticeship with the guidance of renowned artist and producer Yogeswaran Veerasingam a.k.a. Yogi B. We are truly proud of him, and glad that YRMS is able to help someone from a chequered past to turn over a new leaf. 

Yang Amat Mulia Tengku Datin Paduka Setia Zatashah binti Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Alhaj., launches Shazzwan's album 'Titipan Banduan Muda' along with Y.A.D. Raja Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Arshad bin Raja Tun Uda, chairman of Yayasan Raja Muda Selangor.

Guest of Honour, Yang Amat Mulia Tengku Datin Paduka Setia Zatashah binti Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Alhaj.; Duli Yang Teramat Mulia Tengku Amir Shah Ibni Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Alhaj, Raja Muda Selangor; Y.A.D. Raja Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Arshad bin Raja Tun Uda and Yogi B. Shazzwan presenting his album ‘Titipan Banduan Muda’ to Raja Muda Selangor.

Shazzwan (Second from right) also performed ‘Titipan Banduan Muda’ featuring upcoming singer, MAL during the event. Listening to his lyrics, I realise his album indeed has an inspiring story to tell. 

The album ‘Titipan Banduan Muda’ reflects Shazzwan’s life transformation from a juvenile delinquent to a hip-hop artist and the meaningful lyrics convey different lessons learnt from his experiences, leading the next generation to a better and brighter future. All thanks to the support of YRMS' Board of Trustees, donors and Yogi B!

Among the eight featured songs, my favourite goes to  ‘You’re My’ featuring renowned singer and actress, Tisha Shamsir, as well as ‘Titipan Banduan Muda’ featuring upcoming singer, MAL. The rest of Shazzwan's latest songs that you should check out include ‘Aku Tak Kisah’; ‘Aku Udah Turun’; ‘Cakap Dalam Gelap’;Dosa Menghantui’; ‘Hidup’; and ‘Every Single Morning’.

‘Titipan Banduan Muda’ will be on sale at music stores nationwide and iTunes from Friday, 4 September 2015 and end of September respectively. Do follow Shazzwan on his Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/shazzwan.mss to get more updates about him!

For more information about YRMS, visit www.yrms.org.my.

28 August, 2015

Pure Beauty x All Things Girl (姊妹淘) TVB Drama

Courtesy to Watsons Malaysia, I finally get to meet my favourite Hong Kong superstars as the beauty-inspired infotainment program, All Things Girl (姊妹淘) is recently launched in Malaysia, brought by Pure Beauty exclusively at Watsons. The Malaysian version series will adopt the concept aired in Hong Kong, but more tailored for our local audience. 

There were over 500 guests, members of the media and shoppers at Sunway Pyramid
eagerly waiting for the appearance of the 3 beautiful Hong Kong artistes.

Welcome to Malaysia, Priscilla Wong 黃翠如, Elena Kong 江美儀 and  Joyce Tang 滕丽名!

The Malaysian version of All Things Girl (姊妹淘) series will adopt the concept aired in Hong Kong, but more tailored for our local audience. Here you can expect a special 6-episode program in which each of the trio will host the episode and speak on topics relevant to women today. 
During the launch, we also learned some great personal beauty tips from the superstars, followed by some beauty demonstrations with Pure Beauty exclusively at Watsons products. The lucky winners of the day had selfie opportunities with the stars too, how I'd wish I could do the same!

The launch was officiated by Caryn Loh, General Manager of Trading, Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing of Watsons Malaysia and the fellow Hong Kong artists.

....followed by the presentation of flowers to the Hong Kong superstars.

Watsons customers who attended the event even had an exclusive meet and greet session with the artistes!

If you have not heard of Pure Beauty, it is a Korean skincare brand, made for Asian woman using the latest Korean technology and finest natural ingredients.

The skin care range available at Watsons stores include:
Pure Beauty Geoaqua Ultra-Hydrating range for deep hydration using Onsen's precious spring water
Pure Beauty Pomegranate Antioxidant range for visibly younger-looking and more radiant skin
Pure Beauty White & Bright series to brighten overall skin tone in just 28 days
Pure Beauty Lift & Nourish series for the best of youth restore

All Things Girl (姊妹淘) program, sponsored by Pure Beauty, will start airing on 6 September 2015 at 9pm on Astro's Wah Lai Toi and Wah Lai Toi HD channels.

Don't forget to visit the brands on Facebook!

27 August, 2015

Tea Break with BOH Cham & 3in1 Less Sugar

"Jom yamcha!" is an everyday phrase we use in our Malaysian vocabulary. Whether 'tarik-ed' and frothy or fragrantly steaming, the tea-drinking culture has been part and parcel of my social life which I can't live without.

Having said that, we will feel guilty sometimes for the extra sugar in each cup of coffee or tea. Fortunately, BOH has heard our concerns and therefore introduces the latest Malaysian 'Cham' and BOH 3in1 Less Sugar for a healthier cuppa, minus the calories and artificial sweetness.

When two Malaysians' all-time favourites-- Teh Tarik and White Coffee meet each other, they blend perfectly into the new, unique BOH Cham that is healthy and low in calories, because of the Stevia leaf extract infused into it.

Two models representing premium Coffee Beans and Stevia Leaf

I have no idea how great this Stevia leaf is until I experience it myself! It is a natural plant extract thar is naturally sweet with zero calories and most importantly, safe for consumption by both adults and children.

Personally, I love how the BOH Cham exudes robust aroma of coffee and produces smooth and milky texture in every sip. Package wise, each convenient sachet allows enjoyment at anytime and anywhere you want.
It's equally great when served cold too, especially during scorching hot afternoons!

Sharing the spotlight is the all-new BOH 3-in-1 Less Sugar which is also infused with Stevia Leaf extract. Newly added to the family of BOH's already popular 3in1 range (Original, Vanilla and Caramel), it has 25% less sugar than its siblings. Perfect choice for the healthy conscious, while promising the same level of rich taste and sweetness of the 'Original'.

Mr. Chen Chaw Chang, Head of Marketing and Export, BOH Plantations Sdn Bhd gives his welcome note and explains the milestones BOH has achieved with its 85 years experience in the tea industry. Well, certainly BOH will never disappoint us in its authentically Malaysian beverages' quality and flavours.

Let's toast to Hari Merdeka ke-58!

BOH Cham (12 sachets) @ RM14.30 and
BOH 3in1 Less Sugar (18 sachets) @ RM9.90
are available at major supermarkets, marts and convenience stores nationwide.

Let's Share the Ummph with BOH at:
Website: www.boh.com.my

25 August, 2015

Laneige's BB Cushion Pore Control & Mini Pore Range

Have you seen a gigantic, walking Laneige BB Cushion? Hahah.

Famed for its Water Science technology, LANEIGE is one of the top Korean brands as it gains strong presence across 14 countries around Asia, UK and US now. Personally, I am a huge fan too, since I first attended Laneige K-Beauty Workshop 2 years ago. And that was when Laneige introduced me to its mighty BB Cushion....

....and I have been using the bestselling Whitening BB Cushion since then. Recently, Laneige has made a step further to address the concerns of those with oily skin and large pores! The latest Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control is packed with 6-in-1 benefits:

♥ Pore Control
♥ Pore Coverage
♥ Semi-Matte Finish
♥ Water Resistant
♥ Soothing Effect
♥ UV Protection

It is available in 6 shades namely the basic #13 True Beige, #21 Natural Beige, #23 Sand Beige, #31 Brown Beige and two new shades which include #21P Pink Beige (for a fair and pinkish complexion) and #33 Cocoa Beige (ideal for darker skin tone). 

I am impressed by its Dual Powder Formula-- Sebum Control Powder to control excess sebum, and Anti-Darkening Powder to keep the bright, clean and fresh complexion all day long. Interestingly, it cools down the skin by 3 degrees Celsius as soon as it touches the skin, leaving a refreshing and cooling sensation which I think it's very suitable for our climate.

Overall, the lasting freshness to the dewy skin is the key reason you should try it out yourself!

To obtain the best of pore control result, I am tempted to try the all-new Mini Pore Range – Mini Pore Waterclay Mask (RM100 for 70ml), watery gel-type clay that controls excessive sebum, tightens pores and supplies moisture to dry pores, as well as Mini Pore Blurring Tightener (RM135 for 40ml), a lightweight gel to blur pore lines and care for enlarged and dry pores.

In conjunction to the launch of pore care series, Laneige has embarked on a Beauty Road journey, touring around 7 cities in Asia including Bangkok, Singapore, China and our home, Malaysia. Let's get beautiful together!

The special guest throughout the tour is Hwang Se-On, Korea’s celebrity model who offers modeling and photoshoot tips alongside the Laneige Global Makeup team who uses Korean makeup techniques to help one look their best in photos.

Am so lucky to be able to stand next to Seoni and take a picture!

The Laneige makeup guru also comes all the way from Korea for this product demonstration featuring the BB Cushion Pore Control. 

For light makeup day, you can easily put it on as a base that can last me up to 12 hours without getting any oily shine. Then you just need to dab on the T-zone area again, to have better coverage of pores. Remember, always use dabbing motion for easy blending and even coverage. 

Laneige's BB Cushion Pore Control & Mini Pore Range are now available at
all Laneige boutiques and beauty counters (AEON, Parkson, ISETAN, Sephora).

For more information on Laneige, visit:
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