03 August, 2015

Triple Mellow @ Sri Petaling

Conceptual and themed cafes are often fascinating, especially for cafe hoppers like myself. But I have not come across any sports-themed cafe in KL/PJ until I visit Triple Mellow. It may look like any ordinary coffee place from the outside, but as soon as I enter the space, I'm amused by the spirit of triathletes behind this name. 

Triathlon is a high-endurance series of sports involving swimming, cycling and running, which I personally feel that it is slowly gaining popularity in Malaysia. And this is exactly the place where these athletes gather and share their interests. If you have similar passion in triathlons or keen on joining the fun, feel free to drop by and speak to them! 

While one side of the semi-brick walls is adorned with several triathlon race tags, sports attire and accessories, we notice the opposite side is lined with colorful medals which the owner and his mates have accumulated over the years of being triathletes. 

Putting those admiration aside, I think the ambiance itself has many stories to tell. The cafe is very spacious and tranquil where you can dine at your own ease on the comfortable couch or high stools, without feeling distracted by the conversations of others. 

As you may have predicted, the food here emphasizes on nutritional and healthy concept with minimal use of sugar and salt, as well as MSG-free. If you are craving for "real" food made of fresh, premium ingredients, here's probably one of the must-visit places. Triple Mellow also takes its coffee seriously, by importing only the Pacamara medium-roasted beans from one of Thailand's premier roasters. Let's try it out!

Caffe Latte @ RM9

Speaking of this truly Thai export, the Pacamara beans are very well-known among coffee enthusiasts and cafe owners for its bean quality and packaging, but not as popular among casual drinkers. However, I personally enjoy this cup of mild, smooth latte with chocolatey flavour and caramel-finished. 

Caffe Triple Mellow @ RM10

Next, we also try the signature coffee here, which tastes extraordinarily smooth with a splash of condensed milk. If you prefer better balance of sweet and bitter flavours, this is definitely a must-try. 

Moving on to the food menu, each and every dish sounds tempting with its own quirky names that relate closely with triathlon. Affordable set breakfasts, lunches and dinners are available here, so don't worry about burning a hole in the pocket. 

Diet Burger - Ultra Chicken Run @ RM15.90

Despite of being spoilt by choices, we finally decide to opt for the new item on the menu-- Diet burger. I'm not joking when I say this, it is definitely not the ordinary type of greasy and fattening burger that we often associate to. Here we can enjoy homemade patties and replace the oily French fries with healthy potato chips. 

The pan-fried chicken patty is finely minced with carrots, creating a soft and juicy texture yet not too mushy for me. To further elevate the texture of the burger, the crispy oats add a nice crunch to it, without being greasy at all. 

Diet Burger - Century Beef Ride @ RM15.90

Beef lovers will have a great time digging into the pan-grilled seasoned beef patty which beautifully retains its soft but chunky texture and meaty beef taste. Every bite is so flavourful, and distinctive from the usual overly-processed patty which is unpleasantly dense and compressed. 

Diet Burger - Swimathon Fish @ RM15.90

The diet burger also comes in another variation- Fish, which I find it more interesting as it exudes subtle aroma of lemongrass from the patty and paired well with the tangy green apple slices. Its texture reminds me of the classic Thai fish cakes, so bouncy and wonderfully flavoured. It's my personal favourite among all. 

Special Mellow Sauce ; Al-pesto Mayo ; Lemonade Mayo

Served along with onion rings, lettuce, tomatoes and crispy potatoes, the burger set is completed with assorted homemade dips which are unique in flavours. They are mildly sweet and tangy for my liking, but it is the signature Mellow Sauce that wows me with the refreshing fruity flavour. 

Sloppy Mashed Pot @ RM12.50

If you prefer something simple yet tummy-comforting, the mashed pot is a fuss-free dish that can easily satisfy you with its thick, chunky blend of potatoes and carrots, topped with saucy ground meat. In fact, the potato is already a winning taste by itself, and I'd skip the tomato-based sauce altogether. 

Argon Hot Sausage Mellow @ RM14.50

Well, the menu does not just revolve around American food. As the next dish arrives, we are totally blown away by this fiery hot pot of baked potatoes, tomatoes, capcisums, carrot, eggplant and straw mushroom. It is comforting to have warm tortilla wrapping around the spicy goodness although I can feel a tad hot on the collar after a few mouthfuls. 

As for the finale of the meal, cakes are aplenty in the chiller. If you are lucky, then you'll get to try the bestselling homemade no-bake cheesecake here. But luck is not on my side during my visit, so I think I will be back for the cheesecake next time. 

Chocolate Waffle @ RM10.90

So we go for hot desserts instead, and the popular chocolate-based waffle is recommended for those who prefer light snacks. Topped with 2 scoops of ice cream, the waffle is extra crispy with very light chocolate flavour. Be sure to enjoy it while hot, otherwise it becomes hard when it cools. 

1. Triple Mellow has an interesting and healthy food concept that is worth going for. 
2. Reason to revisit: Quiet, comfortable ambiance where I can sit and work for hours; Good comfort food on the menu. 
3. Recommended: Argon Hot Sausage Mellow, Swimathon Fish Burger

Triple Mellow
47, Jalan Radin Anum,
Bandar Baru Seri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-9054 7431
Facebook: fb.com/triplemellow

Business Hours:
10.30am - 10.30pm daily except Tuesdays
Closed on Tuesdays 

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