02 September, 2015

Maybank Go Ahead Challenge (#MGAC2015): Season Of Smile (‪#‎SOS)

Do you remember my previous post about Maybank Go Ahead Challenge 2015 ‪(#‎MGAC2015‬)? The global competition had been ongoing for months, and last week marked the final week of the top 60 challengers from around the world to accept final round of challenges.

Let's make the world a better place!

As part of the challenges, the global finalists of ‪#‎MGAC2015‬ took over Bukit Bintang with creative projects and activities for the general public, through their CSR fundraising initiative dubbed Season Of Smile (‪#‎SOS)‬. All the funds raised would go into different charities.

10 groups of finalists had set up their own booth along Bukit Bintang, namely in front of Pavilion KL, Starhill Gallery and Lot 10 shopping malls. Kudos to their strong perseverance and strong spirits, they were promoting for the good cause regardless of rain or shine!

Let's take a picture with the cute mascot!

Puan Nora, the Head of Group Human Capital for Maybank Group 
and her colleagues were there to check out this meaningful campaign too.

Among the 10 booths that we had visited, "Amsanna" was one of my favourite because of their great services and friendliness. The station was transformed into a beauty parlour where I managed to get my nail manicure fix while Carmen went for eyebrow shaping and hand massage. I guess a nice pampering session certainly makes girls happy! 

These ‪#‎MGAC2015 finalists really deserved a pat on the shoulder! They are really creative when it comes to creating CSR projects. "MR Mary & Ross" shopping kiosk allowed us to play a shopping game by matching the shopping bag price to a targeted amount.

For instance, Carmen and I were given 30 seconds to grab anything in store that can accumulate to the range between RM49 to RM51. If we succeed in this challenge, then we would be able to bring everything we picked home.

Haha, but neither of us were grocery shopping queen. Luck was not on our side, and our total amount was RM52.63. Anyway it was alright, because we managed to donate RM20 to the charity homes! 

After shopping, it was time to treat our hungry tummy. Thanks to one of the booths, "Finnie", Milkcow soft serve ice cream came perfectly at the nick of time as a late afternoon dessert. 

As we strolled along the street, more and more food were coming our way. The brownies and cupcakes from different teams were all selling like hot cakes! I could see it was indeed a great effort from the MGAC challengers to prepare for this event within such a short timeframe.

"Tom's Food: Best Hotdogs and Pizzas in Town"

On the other hand, the "Hamilton" team spread happiness by offering selfie and instant photo printing services for just RM5! Well, how often do you get instant prints like this? It's super worth it right! 

Thanks for being the smiley agents and painting the town yellow!

"Shroom"--- Another unique idea I've seen, combinning both Uber cab and AirBNB accommodation services into one.

Look at those angels! I can feel smiles are everywhere and love is in the air.

Despite of being just a short one-day Season Of Smile (‪#‎SOS)‬ fundraising event, it was great to see how hard everyone in MGAC2015 had worked to make a difference in other's lives. With this, MGAC become more than just a global challenge platform, but an avenue for everyone to become a winner because they have hearts of champions.

Now that MGAC2015 has come to an end, and congratulations to the winning teams who walked away with amazing cash prizes and global internship opportunities.

Champion : Team Star Wars (USD 40,000)
1st Runner Up : Team Terminator (USD 20,000)
2nd Runner Up : Team X-Men (USD 10,000)
Most Popular ‪#‎MGAC2015‬ Team : Team X-Men

Anyway, I hope to see you again in Maybank Go Ahead Challenge 2016.
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