03 September, 2015

Top Korean Apps are Launching Soon in Malaysia!

Things are just too good to be true. I believe all of us are smartphone users with one or more mobile devices that we can't live without everyday. Something great is coming up from the top Korean mobile app professionals, in conjunction to the upcoming Korean Apps Wave 2015 event on the 8–9th September 2015 at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Hotel

If you have not heard of it, this event is a joint effort among the big names in the mobile apps industry-- MOIBA (Mobile Internet Business Association–Korea), Ubi-Nuri Inc. (Korean bigger content aggregator) and My Appszil Asia Sdn Bhd (MASB)-- with the support by Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) Sdn Bhd. This huge event will showcase top mobile apps from Korea and Malaysia, as well as the success stories of these top selected app developers.

Among the top apps, here are some which will be launched in Malaysia and you'll be able to download them onto your Android and iOS devices! 

FAMY-- Family Chat and location tracking app (Android and iOS)

Chatting app can be quite common in Malaysia, but I find this new FAMY app very interesting as it keep your family members safe by providing accurate location tracking, storing history of movement paths and allowing you to share your location to a group and send SOS message if anything goes wrong. Best app for ladies and children!

BridgeCall-- Free call service that lets you make calls without launching the app itself (Android and iOS)

Another functional app that I personally can't wait to try is the BridgeCall. It automatically
transfers your regular call to a free call if the recipient is also a BridgeCall user. How cool is that! 

 Boto the Pink Dolphin-- A game-playing education program to enhance child's creativity and talents

On top of that, there are also plenty of children education apps that are originally designed
in Korea but now they have been localized to suit our Malaysian market. 

Invention Savers-- Let your young ones unleash their creativity!

RE-VOLT Classic 3D Racing Game,-- Everyone's all-time favourite arcade game.

God Summoners-- A strategic game about mythological heroes and gods.
You can even play it through a smart Samsung TV after downloading the app!

Happy Chicken Town-- A very cute, casual game to destress during the day!

In fact, this regional Korean Apps Wave event will certainly be an eye opener for the gamers, fans, journalists, those in related industries and university students. I can't wait to check out the latest apps that the talented developers will be showcasing.

See you on the 8–9th September 2015 at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Hotel!


  1. That Famy app looks super useful! Can't wait to "make" my family members use it! The accurate location tracking features look like it's going to be a great safety tool! :)
    Would be great if you could check out my blog and follow me there! xx

    1. Hi Ailany! :) Yup it is. Best to get all of your family members to use the apps and enjoy it together ya! Hahah, thanks for hopping by, by the way.

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