18 November, 2015

Chocolatier Experience with Tim Clark @ Intercontinental KL

What's better than A Chocolatier Experience with my girlfriends in a fine afternoon?

Tim Clark, an acclaimed Master Pastry Chef and Melbourne’s award winning artisan chocolatier and pâtissier is here at InterContinental® Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with the InterContinental Kuala Lumpur World Celebrity Chef Series 2015, to create the best in new and innovative cakes, chocolates, pastries and macarons for afternoon tea, dessert menu, chocolate buffet as well as a master cooking class from 15 November to 20 November 2015.

 Artisanal Afternoon Tea at IVIV (OneSixFive) Lounge and Bar

Each limited-time tea set allows guests to enjoy the finest indulgence of Chef Tim Clark’s ambrosial selections of sweet and savoury items with a pot of selected house tea from TWG Tea

Available daily between 2:00pm to 5:00pm, RM 160 nett per tea stand, inclusive two pots of tea.

Chermoula Spice Roast Duck Orange Marmalade Sandwich

Mille Feuille of Smoked Atlantic Salmon

Among the savouries, my favourite goes to the beautifully crafted slices of salmon that resembles the French pastry. Layered with cream cheese, each piece is simply heavenly!

 Smashed Avocado Open Face Sandwich with Toasted Pine Nuts and Micro Cress
 If you are a bread person, the avocado sandwich is equally indulgent and filling.

 Chick Pear Fritter in Tahini, Coriander Mayonnaise

 Eggplant Caviar Marinated Lamb Ciabatta
As I am more inclined towards sweet stuff, I can't decide which is my favourite item on the tea stand because the incredible sweet and tangy combination of desserts is just perfect. For instance, the Chef's specialty Murray River Salted Caramel Macaron is to-die-for. 

Choc Pop with Freeze Dried Raspberry

Passion Fruit Marshmallow Cubes
Tangy, soft, hits at the right spot!

Cocoa Fraise

Strawberry Mascarpone

Double Chocolate Cake

Of course, no afternoon tea is perfect without a good cup of warm tea.

TWG has picked 8 types of tea out of its vast selections of over 400 types of tea in the house, to pair with the sweet and savoury tea set, ensuring that diners get to enjoy the combination at its best. 

I pick the legendary grand classic, TWG Earl Grey tea-- Fragrant and richly infused with bergamot. Other selections available include TWG's signature Moonfruit Black Tea, Moroccan Mint Tea, Grand Jasmine Tea, just to name a few. 

Prime Chocolatier Collection

To complete the chocolatier experience, be spoilt for choice with the delectably-crafted Double Chocolate, Maracuja Cheesecake and more at the IVIV (ONESIXFIVE) chocolate counter that are sure to leave your senses craving for more.

Available daily between 8:00am to 9:00pm, RM 8.00nett per piece onwards.

The Great Indulgence with Wine Pairing

Further heightening the experience is a wine pairing session with the desserts. Revel in a velvety smooth confectionery of Rhubarb Creme Brulee, Cocoa Fraise and the like after dinner, paired with wines of white zinfandel, moscato, shiraz, and the moscato d’asti.

Available Daily between 7:00pm to 12:00 midnight, four pairings available:
RM 42 nett for one pair of dessert and wine pairing;
RM 128 nett for four pairs of dessert and wine pairing.

For reservations or more details, please call 03-2782 6000 / 03-2782 6398 or email foodandbeverage@intercontinental-kl.com.my. Visit them at www.intercontinental-kl.com.my, follow them on Facebook and Instagram @intercontinental.kualalumpur, Twitter @interconkl.


  1. Nom... I like chocolates. This is certainly like heaven for all who love chocolates. Hope I can make it there for a feast!

  2. Why it only last for short time? I am so in love with chocolates but this is chocolatier. The choc pop with freeze dried raspeberry is what caught me the most and I also don't know why.

  3. Mille Feuille of Smoked Atlantic Salmon! This looks so delicious! I would love to have it and pair it with TWG. What an afternoon! Yums!

  4. Wow so many delicious dessert, can I have it all? I don't mind to do few hours exercise to burn it out :P Just can't resist CAKE :D

  5. Makes me want to drink tea with my pinky finger sticking out. hehe.
    Everything looks so cute and yummy.

  6. Lovely afternoon Tea! Such an interesting place.

  7. WAH! all those chococlate! so jealous lo

  8. Strawberry Mascarpone looks delicious. I really want this now.

  9. TWG has provide the high quality tea . I have try once and i love their pastries/ cake.

  10. Oh my, the macarons and the mascarpone. I always hang out at TWG with my girls.. Would definitely try this the next time we visit TWG! :)

  11. Wow!!! I saw the salmon photo!!! I like salmon!!!

  12. their range is super extensive, so many types not just the typical tea sets

  13. Perfect place for Afternoon Tea! I love the range of their food, looks so high class and yummy!

  14. Oh My God! This is girl's paradise to enjoy afternoon tea in pretty ambiance!

  15. Was expecting every single photo to be chocolate covered dishes lol! At least got a balance of normal and sweet food la :P

  16. Their high tea set looks appetizing especially the Chick Pear Fritter in Tahini.

  17. Wow nice food, especially the Double Chocolate Cake, my favorite, yummy :)

  18. That is really high indulgence...oh wow.... it is sooo super tempting I want some.... sob...

  19. Eh? Wine pairing, Miera? Neway the chocolates looks exquisite.

  20. Eh? Wine pairing, Miera? Neway the chocolates looks exquisite.

  21. Mak aih artistik nyaa aaa semua makanan !!!

  22. so much sweetness in one post.. i love desserts like these to the max. Bad for health, but oh so good for the tastebuds

  23. Love their high tea selection. Must be taking up lots of effort to made those tea set!


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