21 November, 2015

Einstein Cafe @ Petaling Street, KL

Einstein Cafe is one of the most unexpected hidden gem along Jalan Sultan, the heritage lane of Chinatown, which has been famed for the century-old shops and local street food vendors. This is certainly not any ordinary cafe I've visited so far.

Finding a parking spot here is abit tricky, so it is better to take LRT to "Plaza Rakyat" station, and a brisk 10 minutes walk towards China Town will lead you to this cafe, located along the same row as The Front Door cafe which I visited previously.

The staircase right next to an optical shop will lead you up to the cafe. Even before I step into the cafe, I can feel the extraordinary touch of old-school vibes.

The interior of this cafe is rather dim, nevertheless it exudes a very vintage ambiance
with lots of earthy elements and splashes of warm tones in it.

Walkway leading to the washroom.

Kickstarting my day with a cup of hot Latte here, it feels so comforting and tummy-warming before I start indulging into some of the signature dishes in the house. The aroma and consistency hit just at the right spot.

First to tantalize the taste buds is no other than the classic Cheesy Egg Sandwiches. The toast is heavily buttered and crisp on its own. Generously layered with melted cheese, egg, chicken ham and mayonnaise, you just can't go wrong with such comfort food.

The well-marinated Chicken Chop is one of the signature items here, and highly recommended for its juicy goodness. Slightly charred, the meat is tender on it own and the spiced marinade lends a pleasant aroma and robust flavour to the chicken. 

The palatable Aglio Olio Pasta is equally worth a mention, although I only try a small tasting portion. It is pretty hard to find good pasta at such an affordable price nowadays. Plus, it is neither too dry nor oily for my liking, and it is well-seasoned with olive oil, pepper garlic and chilli flakes! The texture is just nice, and the Italian sausages are generously portioned. 

Best paired with the chicken chop if you are a big eater! 

Einstein Cafe also has a separate Vegetarian menu, so do hop over if you feel like having something meatless :)

1. Overall, this cafe is the place you should visit for picture worthy scenes and simple yet comforting Western dishes. 
2. Taste wise, I think it is pretty good considering the affordable price and daily promotion of RM10 main courses.
3. If you have a taste for the old charm and comfort food, Einstein Cafe is the right place to go.

Einstein Cafe 

58, Jalan Sultan,
50000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 6012-363 6004
Email: thefrontdoorcafe@gmail.com
Facebook: fb.com/einstein.cafe.kl
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