03 December, 2015

Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe @ Bangsar, KL

Bingsu, the icy Korean dessert with toppings has been a popular scene in town lately. My recent hunt for real good Bingsu has led me to Hanbing, a chain restaurant brought from Korea and currently owned by a bunch of Koreans here.

I'm surprised that we can have the entire cafe to ourselves during a rainy Friday evening, around 7.30pm.

Interestingly, the ala carte menu is only one page long, but the varieties are wide enough to
make us torn between choices...because every item looks so tempting and worth trying out!

Korean baguettes, snacks, rice and noodles are aplenty here.
Set meal is available but not during the evening of our visit.

Korean Honey Fried Chicken @ RM17

As my friend does not take spicy food, we order a plate of boneless honey coated Korean chicken strips instead of my usual favourite spicy version. Although not as crisp and aromatic as expected, I still appreciate the bouncy texture of the meat, making it a great snack to munch on.

Cheese Topokki @ RM26

Next up is the traditional chewy Korean Rice Cakes topped with a blanket of melted cheese alongside plenty of fish cakes and ramyeon (Korean maggi haha!). I enjoy savouring the spicy sweet sauce that is not overly thick and it does not overwhelm the senses.

Something interesting that they include here is the traditional Kim Mari seaweed roll 
stuffed with glass noodles and vegetables, which is quite soft and light for my liking. 
Kimchi Fried Rice - Egg Base @ RM11
Tucking into comfort food like this hot plate of eggy fried rice is equally enjoyable especially during cold weather. I'm surprised by the lovely smooth layer of cheese at the bottom that further accentuates the aroma of the rice.

Injeolmi Red Bean Snow Ice @ RM24

Last but not least, the star of the evening is certainly its signature Bingsu-- Snowy soft milky shaved ice with chewy rice cakes, red bean paste, roasted soy bean powder and almond flakes.

The ice base achieves the smooth, milky and thick consistency that I enjoy, alongside many chewy cubes of rice cakes in it. But towards finishing the bowl, we realise we need more injeolmi powder to go along with the ice.

The crowd starts to flock in around 9pm on a Friday night, and the queue is getting longer as the clock ticks by. So, if you feel like enjoying some good food here, do come early and secure a seat.

1. Overall, the dining experience is pretty satisfying albeit expensive.
2. For hot food, I personally recommend the Cheesy Topokki if you need something filling and spicy. 3. But the ultimate reason to visit Hanbing is still for its signature Bingsu desserts.

Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe
33, Jalan Telawi 3,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603-2202 0238
Email: hanbingmalaysia@gmail.com
Website: http://hanbing.my
Instagram: @hanbingmy

Business Hours:
Mon-Thu: 12pm- 12am
Fri-Sat: 12pm -1am
Sun: 12pm- 12am


  1. Every single dishes you ordered look nice and the portion quite big! For me, i think i need to share with friends.

  2. Yes I tried their Injeolmi Bingsu! Love it so much. The price of the other dishes are quite on the higher end though but that kimchi fried rice looks yummy with the additional cheese

  3. nice place to eat and dine, wanna go there to dine soon. Son no try this place before.

  4. Food looks yum especially the ramyeon but a bit too steep for me, price wise. Portion for the snow bean ice looks huge!

  5. OMG! Injeolmi Red Bean Snow Ice looks so yummy! I have always been attracted to the desserts, anywhere. Thanks for sharing, now I know what to haunt next.

  6. Nice looking food... I want to try this too... training my palate for some Korean dishes for my upcoming Korean trip... LOL

  7. wow. cream sauce topokki. first time hearing of that. I'm usually very particular on Topokki because so far no restaurant in malaysia can serve it as nice as the ones in korea. haha. shall drop by to this place is I am ever in the area.

  8. I feel so hot. Desperately in need of Injeolmi Red Bean Snow Ice. Looks refreshing here.

  9. Kimchi Fried Rice - Egg Base !! i lose control when c cheese !!

  10. Sei lerrr... my diet habis after reading this I m craving for their cheese toppoki, hehehe.

  11. Price is slightly on the higher side, but the cheesseeeey dishes makes it all worth it! <3

  12. Wanted to go this place last night but couldn't find parking! T_T Looks yummmyyyy!!

  13. wah, that savoury chewy korean rice cake.. looks sinfully delicious. Gone la my diet like this.

  14. wow! cheesy cheesy....i am so so tempting to eat the cheese Toppoki served in this cafe :P
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  15. Heard so much about this place, the Cheese Topokki looks really appetizing, would like to try that out :)

  16. The food and the signature bingsu really looks big and nice boy you're right that at rm24 for Ice is really pretty pricy

  17. OMG!! I saw OREO snow ice <3 bring me go babe <3

  18. Now this is a spread Fish. Absolutely love the Red Bean Snow Ice- it looks really good!

  19. I came to this shop for their dessert-bingsu ! I really like their Oreo Bingsu and this portion can share up to 2 person. If you wanna try their Green tea Bingsu, visit their shop on weekdays.

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