04 January, 2016

Airisse Bakery @ Glomac Cyberjaya

Checking out the latest commercial area in Cyberjaya, I am thrilled to spot a relatively new bread factory and cafe here--- Airisse Bakery, which has been around Glomac Cyberjaya for half a year now.

Like many bakery shops, the grab-and-go concept in Airisse allows customers to pick some 100% HALAL freshly baked buns, sandwiches and pastries while on the go. If you plan to stay longer for some drinks and quick bites, there are a couple of tables and seats for customers to chill around. 

Ice Bubba Tea @ RM5 ; Ice Bubba Green Tea @ RM5
Aromatic, milky and thirst-quenching for a hot scorching day!

But their specialty is still the amazing range of cakes. Airisse is famous for its chocolate moist cakes such as Snicker ChocolateToffee Nut Chocolate, Horlicks Cake... (And more new flavours to come!)

Interestingly, the beautiful presentation of the whole cakes caught my attention at the first sight! It takes only 2 days reservation before you can collect your cake at the outlet or have it delivered to your doorstep (Within Cyberjaya area only)

 French Macaron White Chocolate Cake @ RM13

This cake is a chocoholic's dream!  The layers of chocolate cake are very soft, moist and well intensified with rich chocolate flavour without being too sweet for me. Simply yummy on its own or with creamy white chocolate frosting!

 Toffee Nut Chocolate @ RM12

Similarly, the toffee nut chocolate is equally decadent with an honest chocolate taste but slightly sweeter with rich caramel toffee and crunchy toasted almond aroma. Best paired with strong black coffee to accentuate the chocolate flavor.

The best part is, every Friday you can enjoy 40% OFF on ALL sliced cakes!

Apart from cakes, they make amazing puff pastries too!

In case you are wondering, all the breads and pastries are baked every morning,
for bulk supplies to neighbouring offices and for retail in the shop.

If you are interested to learn baking, Airisse Bakery also hosts baking classes; You can register online at www.airisse.co or manual register by Whatsapp-ing to 6019-6950400 and make direct payment accordingly. 

Japanese Cream Puff @ RM4.50 for 3 pieces

Their Number 1 best-selling pastry is the Japanese cream puff. Comes in a box of 3, I am surprised by the light, crisp and airy texture of this choux pastry. ❤ Its sweet delectable cream filling melts in the mouth perfectly along with sugar dusting. 

Eclair @ RM4.50 for 2 pieces
Eclairs are equally great for chocolate lovers!

Mini Cheese Tarts (3 pieces in a box): Nutella Cheese and Blueberry Cheese
The cheesy filling is softer and creamier than the usual ones I've tried, just the way I love it to be!

If you are a bread person like myself, surely you must also check out what's on the rack!

Cheezy Bun: MUST TRY!

The soft and fluffy bread may look ordinary from outside, but it is the
generous amount of soft cream cheese filling that adds little surprise to the bread. 

 Chocolate Butterscotch Bun @ RM2.50
The butterscotch and dark chocolate drizzles with toasted almond toppings are just heavenly!

 Pulla Bread with Cheese and Raisin @ RM2.50
Mildly-sweet twisted roll flavoured with melted cheese and raisins

Tuna Bun topped with Chicken Floss @ RM3.20

To sum up my experience here, I enjoy the concept of Airisse Bakery that offers a very wide variety of savoury Breads, Brioches and Buns, sweet treats such as Japanese Cream Puff, Cakes (Whole and Slice), as well as Baking Classes for beginners and intermediates. 

Don't forget to check it out if you are in Cyberjaya!

Airisse Bakery
11, Block B,
Jalan GC 3,
Glomac Cyberjaya,
63000 Cyberjaya,
Contact: 603-8322 8300 / 6019-695 0400
Website: www.airisse.co
Facebook: fb.com/AirisseBakeryCyberjaya
Instagram: @airissebakery
Twitter: @airissebakery

Business Hours:
Mon-Fri: 8am-8pm
Sat: 8am-1pm
Closed on Sundays


  1. Cream puffs are my fave – but this is in Cyberjaya! Too far for me to go to, but perhaps if I happen to be there, I might drop by.


  2. Their bread and cakes all looks yummy! But the bakery quite far for me too bad

  3. Their cakes really caught my eyes!
    Feel like visiting this place on Friday since they are having promotion for cakes on Friday!

  4. thanks for recommending this. glad that we have more choices in Cyberjaya! woohoo!!

  5. The French Macaron White Chocolate Cake looks awesome. I love that the prices are really pocket-friendly.

  6. Lovely bread and cakes to check out... Too bad it is sooooo far away from me but I might drop by if I am headed that way

  7. Now i only realise that cyberjaya have this beautiful and yummy bakery there!!! the puff look so yummy...i like puff...hehe

  8. All the buns looks tempting. I want to try it myself.

  9. I passed by this shop before but never try their bread. Will drop by if I have meeting in Cyberjaya next time.

  10. wow! I love cakes, pastries, breads etc :) Just that this shop a bit far for me to travel to enjoy as it is in Cyberjaya...cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  11. wow it is a great place and it looks good. will try them if happen to be in cyberjaya

  12. Kind of craving for the Japanese Cream Puff now. It looks so fluffy and the cream inside is smooth.

  13. Cyberjaya got so many nice place to hang around d.. Back to the days when I'm still there... It's really jungle..

  14. cyberjaya! you punya tempat.. hehehe :) great to see spots like these in cyberjaya


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