26 January, 2016

Chinese New Year Steamboat @ YeZi at The Roof, Bandar Utama

I am back with another round of traditional prosperity toss at the popular award-winning dining outlet of The Roof  Yezi (椰子) Steamboat Restaurant  followed by a premium steamboat feast. In celebrating the festive season, Yezi introduces 3 Chinese New Year Dinner set menus:

Priced from RM538 for 6 pax onwards / RM798 for 10 pax onwards.
Available from now till 29th February, 5pm – 1am. 

Dine at Yezi throughout the 15 days of CNY and each table will get to dip into the “Ang Pao Fortune Box” with a total value of RM8,888 in food vouchers up for grabs. In conjunction with Valentine’s Day and “Ren Ri” (14th February – 7th day of CNY), Yezi will also be giving away a special dessert to all its customers.

It is actually a tradition for some families to have steamboat during Chinese New Year reunion dinner, as a resemblance of family get-together. Instead of going through all the hassles to have steamboat at home, why not enjoy it in a posh, relaxing ambiance without getting sweaty at all?

Adorned with various imperial Chinese decors, Yezi captures the ambiance of old world China.

 Al-fresco steamboat feast with a magnificent skyline view, have you tried it before?

Comes in 2 sizes (Small for 5 pax, Big for 10 pax), the Prosperity Yee Sang here is priced from RM68++ onwards, regardless of whether you want to enjoy it at Yezi or at home. You can choose among Salmon, Jellyfish and Abalone for the topping. Available till 22 February 2016. 

On top of the prosperity set menu, we order some side dishes separately, as an appetizer while waiting for the broth to be boiled. The Bacon Roll is so bouncy and flavourful inside, with streaky layers of fat on the outside. But nothing beats the lovely crunch of the beancurd rolls with sweet-savoury chicken floss. 

Crispy Bean Curd Rolls with Chicken Floss

I have tried the Original Yezi Broth during Watson's CNY Gathering recently, and this time around I choose another premium broth: Wild Forest Truffle Mushroom Broth. It is a very rich, vegetarian broth with strong earthy aroma and truffle flavours. The soup is so delicious on its own! 

Our huge set meal for a table of 10 comprises of fresh geoduck, tiger prawn, white clam, sliced meat, homemade balls, seafood paste, vegetables, egg, noodles and ice cream. The seafood here is freshly picked from the huge tanks (They were still alive!) in the restaurants, so I am satisfied with the level of freshness. 

Geoduck and White Clams

*Must Try* Squid Balls, Fried Lobster Salad Balls, Cuttlefish Pork Balls, Wagyu Beef Tendon Balls

Unlike those artificial meat balls which are usually served in other steamboat places, Yezi uses only its very own homemade meaty balls. Each and every type of them is unique in flavour and texture, so one must not miss any of them! 

Prawn Paste and Fish Paste

The seafood pastes are equally good as I can really taste the natural flavour of the seafood, unlike those artificial ones that have hard, cakey or powdery texture upon each bite. Plus, the service here is good, as the waiter patiently scoops each dollop of meat into the boiling broth. 

Fresh Pork Slices and Premium Beef Slices

Mixed Vegetables and Mushrooms

White Tofu

Udon Noodles

Homemade Fragrant Coconut Ice Cream and Beer Ice Cream 

At the end of our steamboat session, we are already stuffed but still can't resist the aromatic homemade coconut ice cream which is the signature item at Yezi. Topped with grated coconut, each spoonful is very creamy, dense and melts perfectly in the mouth. For stronger taste, the beer ice cream is highly recommended. 

Let's enjoy the bubbling hot pot moments with dearest friends and family this CNY!

Yezi at The Roof
SKY Level
1, First Avenue,
Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: +603-7724 1628
Fax: +603-7729 1668
Website: www.theroof.com.my
Facebook: fb.com/Signature.TheRoof
Instagram: @SignatureAtTheRoof


  1. Great ambience and great food. Our family always have steamboat on CNY eve. Happy Chinese New Year to u and family :)

  2. one of the top restaurants in malaysia for steamboat. i love the quality of their food

  3. Haven't had the chance to check out this steamboat place yet. The food looks really fresh

  4. The Roof restaurant always beautiful with the deco CNY! We will try it when we are free :)

  5. Those food looks just so fresh and delectable... would love to try the food there... except.. it serves pork right...

  6. The plating looks very generous and everything seems really fresh. Love the ambiance of the place as well, its very cosy Fish dear :)

  7. Like their steamboat. Will dine there with my family. :)

  8. ohh...so tempting...especially Wild Forest Truffle Mushroom Broth as I am a fan of all kinds of mushroomsss :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  9. Yezi is nice restaurant. Too bad we can't take its coconut based broth.


  10. WAH..I will recommend this restaurant to my non-muslin friends :)

  11. that's really nice hot pot for reunion dinner with all those amazing dishes

  12. Our family love steamboat at 30th night of CNY. This place is awesome <3

  13. That looks a like a huge feast you have there! And that pigs in blankets looks so adorable and round lol

  14. Look so nice.. Heard about Ye Zi but never been there before. Thanks for the review..

  15. I like the restaurant ambient its so antic and the food is of course delicious.

  16. Love Yezi for their refreshing coconut based broth, and that Bacon Roll really caught my attention :)

  17. wonderful, CNY is so much more fun with yummy food :D

  18. one of the best steamboat restaurants in KL. love this place as always

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