Friday, January 22, 2016

KL Fitness 24.7 Gym is Now Open in Puchong!

Selangor's newest 24/7 gym has just landed in Puchong! 

Puchong's newest home of fitness, KL Fitness 24.7 gymnasium centre has just opened its newest branch in IOI Boulevard, just one floor above Remedy Luxus bar. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can workout anytime you want!

Facing the main road opposite IOI Mall, it is easily noticeable and accessible for those working or staying around Puchong. The gym is located at Level 3, and you can easily see a signboard directing you on the ground floor.

I was invited to the grand opening of the gym, and enjoyed a splendid lion dance performance followed by a special fun workout session with the fellow celebrities. 

May this lion dance brings luck and fortune to the business!
To mark this memorable day of KL Fitness 24.7, the owner first signed on the guest poster board,
followed by the personalities.

Let's have a group picture of DJ Brothers, celebrity friends and the owner!

We had a fun workout session with DJ The Brothers (Facebook:, Armia and Arsham too. With the best kind of fitness music playing as background, the session was more energetic as our heart rates rose, and we got excited to sweat and match the upbeat tempos with the workout intensity. 

It was nothing too serious, just a chillax session with the DJs and other gym members.

After the workout, we managed to explore the spacious gym. It is well-equipped with world class facilities, featuring over 35 pieces of cardio equipment (Treadmills, steppers, cross trainers), an extensive range of pin loaded, free weights and cable machines, and a power lifting room with 2 platforms.

Apart from the month-to-month membership system26 group fitness classes are available per week including: Functional Strength training, Tabata, Stretch & Core, Boxing, Cycle, Zumba, Step and more! Group Fitness classes are free of charge with your membership.

I also like this place because of its service-- It has a team of qualified personal trainers to keep you motivated and to ensure you reach your health and fitness goals by tailoring a workout and dietary plan specially for you. Professional Personal Training is also available. 

Locker area for gym members.

Whether you are a gym addict or just a casual gym visitor, KL Fitness 24.7 always has something for everyone regardless of your fitness level and age. Don't forget to get your 3-day free trial at KL Fitness 24.7 Puchong branch!

KL Fitness 24.7
Lot B-3F-01,
Third Floor, (Above Remedy Luxus bar)
Block B,
IOI Boulevard,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
Contact: +6012-2471 247 / +603-8080 8247


  1. definitely interesting... so now you can work out any time, night or day at this new gym....but too bad it is too far from where I am...

  2. I love the idea of a gym that opens 24 hours. Easy for the working group. No reason to not exercise after this.

  3. Cool! No more "no time" excuse hehe 24/7 open for gym lover

  4. Ah, now everyone can make the time for gym. I hope I will no longer give that exceuse as well.

  5. Looks like a nice cozy gym to work out in! i hope they open one in PJ! :D

  6. Great! Now we can workout any time of the day

  7. Wow great! I must go there workout with my Puchong friends for a healthier new year! :)

  8. This looks like a great gym babe - loved the layout. Love the fact that its available 24/7; now everyone can go :)

  9. Banyak jugak dia punya facilities. I love the fact that the fitness classes are free for members :D

  10. yeah! new gym opening and quite near by my stay :) will check it out soon.
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  11. This would be my home since I'm a gym junkie Lol and it's quite near my mom's place too!

  12. Hahaha means no more excuse on not being able to hit the gym liao! since it's open 24/7!

  13. Eh, this place is quite near my house, and since my resolution this year is to be more healthy, will check it out :)

  14. Like this fitness center. Going to try it when my hub is back. :)

  15. great news for all the gym goers, a new gym to keep fit and spend the evenings working out

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