06 January, 2016

Review: NAKEUP FACE Korean Makeup Trend

Achieving Korean makeup look has become effortless nowadays as we are spoilt with endless choices of brands endorsed by K-pop artists. Recently, what I found in 11Street Malaysia online shop is this Korean company called Isaac Korea which carries two beauty skincare and cosmetic brands: April Skin and Nakeup Face

So here are some Nakeup Face products I have gotten, for the face, eyes and lips. They are shipped directly from Korea within 5 days after my order. Thanks for the amazingly quick and reliable delivery! Now I can't wait to try out the products! 

No.23 Natural Beige

BB Cushion is a hot trend in Korea, but I notice something different about this waterking cover cushion. Love the metallic cover that gives it a classy touch! It comes in 2 shades: No.21 Light Beige and No.23 Natural Beige-- The latter is more suitable for our Asian skin tone.

Taking a closer look to the packaging, it uses a patented triple seal cushion container that is able to lock moisture within the cushion and prevent leakage of product. Plus, the puff applicator has antimicrobial feature to prevent the growth of bacteria.

It only takes few dabs to get sufficient product onto the puff for the entire face and neck. The texture is light yet not overly watery, hence blending is much easier when I dab it onto the skin. For smoother coverage, always use dabbing technique and do not "pull" the puff along the skin ya!

I really like the perfect coverage it gives! It manages to cover blemishes and pores very well, and creates a glowing skin texture with its aqua coating formula. It feels like there is a layer of bright and moist sheen protecting my skin.

It is great on its own for a casual day makeup :)
Or you can apply a finishing powder foundation for a more long-lasting coverage.

Link: www.11street.my/productdetail/nakeup-face-waterking-cover-cushion-no-21-light-10348552
No.3 Cashmere Pink

For the eyes, Nakeup Face has really amazing eyegloss that gives an instant brightening shine to the eyes. Unlike the usual eyeshadow in powder or cream texture, the Eyegloss comes in glossy liquid texture that uses a hyaluronic acid-based moisturizing coating system to give strong, long-lasting color without clumping.

I love the design of the wand applicator; It is easier to reach the edges of the eyes, and apply across the eyelid just by spreading from the centre in one stroke and let it dry for 3-4 seconds. There will be no clumping after it is completely dry.

Again, I am satisfied with its glossy and moist coverage, even without applying any eye primer beforehand. Despite of the liquid texture, it is smudge-proof and waterproof, hence able to stay in tact on the eyelids for long hours. The soft pink color looks really sweet and you don't need alot of product for each eye. 

No.1 White Star

Another shade that I personally prefer is this pearly white color with subtle shimmer that gives an instant glow to the eyes. Great for corners of the eyes and undereye area, to create a highlighting effect for a brighter and bigger eyes. 

You can pair the White Eyegloss with darker eyeshadows such as brown to create depthness to the eyes. I usually add a thin, black eyeliner line just to give it a more defined look. The shine is really beautiful especially for party nights!  

No.3 Some Pink

Babes who love bold lip makeup should really try this best-selling Lip Ink, as the color is highly pigmented (No joke!) and long-lasting. It is actually a 60% water-based lip stain that works perfectly like a lip tattoo while keeping the lips moist without any stickiness. 

The texture is slightly liquid, so you can apply it in different ways to achieve different color density and effect. Since Korean gradient lips is a popular trend, I try it out using this Lip Ink and the color payoff is amazing! It gives a beautiful finish even without using any lipgloss as top coat. 

For full-colored lips, it is equally great in creating a semi-matte coverage, with no wrinkles along the lips. I really like this hot pink shade that complements well with the skin color and makes the skin appear brighter! 

No.5 No Makeup

For a more natural look, try the light coral shade! It is suitable for an everyday casual wear, just to give the lips a healthy gradient. The pointed tip applicator is just nice for quick touch-up especially when you're rushing for time.

Link: www.11street.my/productdetail/nakeup-face-one-day-water-volume-lip-ink-self-lip-9659191

And here's the overall look using Waterking Cover Cushion in No.23 Natural Beige, No.3 Cashmere Pink Eyegloss and No.3 Some Pink Lip Ink. No concealer or primer is used; I only apply mascara and eyeliner on the eyes, with a little pinkish blusher on the cheek.

1. All the products are super quick and easy to use, even for beginners. Blending for the eyes and lips makeup is almost effortless and very convenient for quick touchup on the go.
2. The colors are very highly pigmented, and I really love them for giving the overall complexion an extra boost of moisture. 
3. Honestly I can't decide which is my favourite product from Nakeup Face, because all 5 of them are just awesome for an easy Korean makeup look! If you must get an item from them, I'd strongly recommend the Waterking Cover Cushion.

Feel free to visit Nakeup Face at:

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