29 February, 2016

6 Benefits of PURE BEAUTY The First Intense Treatment Essence from Korea

Pure Beauty The First Intense Treatment Essence (150ml) @ RM119.90

With the strong Korean wave hitting our shore, who doesn't love trendy Korean beauty products? This is especially the case when I always admire the flawless and young complexion of Korean celebrities. Thanks to Pure Beauty, I have just found "the one" for my skin!

Yes, I am talking about the gigantic "bottle" I hold here. Pure Beauty has recently launched The First Intense Treatment Essence, an exceptional beauty innovation enriched with fermented yeast concentrate with a whopping 95.3% of Galactomyces, hence packed with amino acid, vitamin and enzyme that helps in skin brightening and improving elasticity.

In fact, it is an extension product to the Pure Beauty family. What distinguishes it from its family is the unique formulation that features Bulgarian Rose Water to soothe mild sensitive skin, restore skin youthfulness, and therefore able to deliver the following skin benefits:
  1. Improve hydration
  2. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Minimise pores
  4. Even skin tone
  5. Improve luminosity
  6. Healthy, glowy radiance
I guess that explains why it is dubbed as the Amazing Essence. 

(L-R) Dato Kee Hua Chee, Claudia Low, Editor, CLEO, Caryn Loh, Chief Operating Officer, Watsons Malaysia, Amber Chia, Malaysia’s top model, Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing, Watsons Malaysia and Charis Ow, YouTuber at the launch of Pure Beauty 1st Intense Treatment Essence.

1 essence, 3 usages; Impressive! 

(1) Similar to many essences, it can be applied as a treatment essence on skin using cotton pad after cleansing, followed by the usual skincare such as toner, serum, moisturizer, cream etc. 

(2) Alternatively, it also works well as a revitalizing mask that allows quicker and fuller absorption into skin. Just soak a DIY mask sheet with this essence and apply it on skin for 15–20 minutes, and you'll feel the brighter, softer and smoother skin instantlyAfter 2 weeks, skin looks luminous and firmer.

(3) For the rest of the body: Yes, you can wipe the excess onto dull and dry elbows and knees to give them softer and brighter appearance too.

Personally, I find that its lightweight, liquid-like texture feels refreshing and moisturizing on the skin. As I prefer applying it directly on skin, I'd suggest for a more generous application as it gives a cooling, plump sensation that relaxes the skin. 

Plus, it does not contain any harmful ingredients such as paraben, lanolin and alcohol. So, it is odourless and does not give any stinging sensation even if you apply it generously.  

Amber Chia, the Watsons Celebrity Friend, was also present and shared her personal experience of using this Amazing Essence. She mentioned that her skin is fresher, more supple and healthier after a week of consistent use. She noticed fewer lines and dark circles too. Sounds fab right? 

I'd wish to own flawless, procelain complexion like hers!

Packaging wise, it looks simple, practical and elegant with roses doodles printed on it.

Having said all these, I guess it's time for you to visit Watsons and try it out yourselves!

Pure Beauty’s The First Intense Treatment Essence is exclusively available
at selected Watsons stores nationwide. Visit them at:

Pure Beauty Malaysia's Facebook: fb.com/purebeautymalaysia
Watsons Malaysia's Facebook: fb.com/watsonsmalaysia
Watsons Malaysia's Website: www.watsons.com.my


  1. Looks interesting ; I love the smell of Bulgarian rose!! Price wise seems to be quite a pricey one for drugstore brand.

  2. Awh love the pictures babe and the event does look like it was a lot of fun :) Bulgarian Rose on a product sounds amazing by the way - will check out the range soon :)

  3. Great essence... I heard the effect is quite good after applying, is it?

  4. I heard this product is nice. Would like to try it out! Nice photos with Amber Chia. <3

  5. i can't wait to try them out.. love your wefie shot with Amber!! :D

  6. loving this essence.. it really works just as good as the miracle water and for half the price...

  7. sounds not bad at all, shall check it out soon!

  8. Amber Chia is pretty! Heard about this brand but never try before. Will give it a try now. =)

  9. This beauty product seems not bad and interesting though...would love to try it though as if it is miracle water :)
    Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  10. Seeing this all over watsons lately, need to take advantage of the promotion to try this out.

  11. Pure Beauty The First Intense Treatment Essence looks very beautiful, sure liked by ladies! I will check out on the Watson! :D Thanks for sharing this info

  12. Essences are really lovely, Gives the skin the much needed moisture and the price is not too bad too.

  13. No wonder Amber Chia had a beautiful skin. I want to get the Pure Beauty’s The First Intense Treatment Essence to improve my skin conditions.

  14. interesting..would love to try it soon..and the price, quite affordable..Amber Chia is too pretty... :)

  15. This is a new product, I have not try it yet. Love the simple and elegant packaging.

  16. I have been hearing so many good reviews about this brand, would like to try out too :)

  17. ilove rose essential . suka bau dia..
    must try out this brand soon.. so relaxing
    kalau letak dimuka.. sejuk jer

  18. I love their product. Wondering how this works on my face but guess will be good too. Thanks for sharing. :)

  19. u look so pretty in ur dress. great to see claudia in the pix. she is so cute.

  20. Pure beauty treatment essence water doesnt work at all and i have using for 3 months!!!!!!!!!!!!


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