24 February, 2016

Rimbayu Big Fun Day @ The Arc, Bandar Rimbayu, Kota Kemuning

Hi, how was your weekend? I was pretty excited when I heard that my Dad was bringing us to Rimbayu Together-gather Big Fun Day at Kota Kemuning. It was a great carnival for families and friends to unwind and spend an enjoyable Sunday together, and also a perfect ending to the Chinese New Year festive season. 

If you do not already know, Bandar Rimbayu is an integrated township by IJM Land with residential, commercial, recreational and parkland components sitting on a 1,879 acre site surrounded by tranquil greenery. Yes, I am not joking when I say so-- Rimbayu had literally transported me to a serene, urban forest, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Happy Year of Monkey from Rimbayu!

The place was well-decorated with beautiful ornaments that lifted our festive spirits, and the appearance of the God of Fortune and Clown further boosted our mood as they spread happiness with the generous distribution of golden ingot, coins and balloons to the guests. 

Mr. Clown, can I have a cute shaped balloon too? :D

During the event, Rimbayu was transformed into a wetland as there were loads of water activities for families to enjoy with the little ones. I regretted for not bringing my niece along, otherwise she would be overjoyed to try each game there.

One of the most popular activities was Water Zorbing. Have you tried walking on the water, inside an inflated ball? Whether to stand upright or run like a hamster in a ball, it was fun to be "water walkers" if you hadn't tried it before. Classic games like Fish Scooping, Air Shooter and Bumper Boat were also available to relive those happy childhood moments.

Fish Scooping

Bumper Boat

Air Shooter

And the latest hit in town was there for everyone to try too! Honestly, I didn't know that
the Electronic Skateboard was so easy to play and control. Great experience indeed :)

Of course, the Big Fun Day was not complete without a series of performances by the special guests of the day. Let's say Hi to the emcee of the day-- Gan Jiang Han (颜江瀚), an ASTRO host whom my parents liked a lot. 

...followed by the amazing singing from the talents: Apple (邱诗凌), winner of the annual ASTRO Star Quest Chinese Singing Competition 2015, Uriah See (徐凯), winner of the annual ASTRO Star Quest Chinese Singing Competition 2014, and Sharon (黄雪云), the 1st runner up of ASTRO Classic Golden Melody Singing Competition 2013.

Don't you agree that good music and fun games should also come hand in hand with delicious food? We were spoilt with many choices of snacks and desserts from the food trucks there. After pampering the tummy, it was time to visit the property show gallery...

The houses at Bandar Rimbayu are totally dreamland to me! Featuring green roof deck, covered walkways, reflecting canal and open communal space, Bandar Rimbayu is amongst the largest certified green township that brings us closer to nature, enjoy a fresh luxurious lifestyle.

From the living area to the bedrooms and every corner of the house, it looks so comfortable
and exudes a sense of modern elegance and polished sophistication.

Spacious and brightly lit with natural sunshine; How I wish to own a unit at this beautiful neighbourhood! Moreover, this new township is easily accessible via KESAS, LKSA, ELITE and SKVE highways. 

Anyway, thank you IJM Land for having such a nice family gathering day to mark an end of the CNY celebration. If you're free, feel free to drop by at The Arc, Bandar Rimbayu show gallery which is available for public viewing. 

The Arc @ Bandar Rimbayu, Kota Kemuning
No.1, Jalan Flora 3,
Bandar Rimbayu,
42500 Telok Panglima Garang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

For more information, visit www.ijmland.com.


  1. This is such a pretty place with such a great event going on... and I love how they decorate the rooms .. I want a home like that too... huhuh

  2. Very nice place to hang out. Hopefully can have a hang out with family there.

  3. Dear, believe you have lotta fun during CNY. I love the place you share with us. Will visit it someday. :)

  4. It looks fun! Great event! I like how they decorated the rooms, looks so comfy and so stylish at the same time.

  5. Oh! I so love this place. So much fun with lots of bonding activities too.

  6. Water Zorbing looks fun!!!
    I want to try this ... LOL

  7. love the room deco so refreshing for a short getaway

  8. OMG This place look like so much fun! Would love to try the water zorbing. How much is one unit?

  9. wah the water zorbing looks fun leh! all the rooms so nice :)

  10. WAH! Look like a fun day out wor. Nice nice.

  11. Water Zorbing was my favourite. Look like a fun day out! =D

  12. This is such a pretty place Fish and love the pictures! Water zorbing looks so fun too :D

  13. Sounds like an awesome event! Love the blue painted rooms!

  14. Wow, i have been in Malaysia for 4 years and only now i hear about that. I definitely missed a lot..
    Water Zorbing must have been so fun hahahahaha
    Im in love with that bedroom design, its a dreamland house indeed

  15. wow! you had attended an awesome event :) wish my future hubby can afford to buy me a nice house like this :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  16. I had a great time last sunday too. The weather is too hot if not I would have go abnd walk around the park.

  17. Beautiful setting for a beautiful family gathering. And I love the rooms that you were in - so lively and spacious too.

  18. This place is so pretty! It has the beautiful garden and playground for kids! Even the interior looks so colorful and I love how homey feels it gives =D

  19. it looks very homely and lovely - seems like good for a family living. would love to drop by and visit some day.

  20. Good place to hangout to chill with family and friends. It is indeed quite spacious with a good view.

  21. The event really fun and the most important is spending time with you family.

  22. Some place seems very OOTD friendly. The event was so fun!

  23. really will make a nice neighbourhood, it will be nice to have families spending more time outdoors staying there

  24. Time to check out Kota Kemuning, I keep on postponing it because it is so far from my house, but If I can check out the property there, ooh lala, the commute will be so worth it!

  25. My friend is looking for property around that area, will share your post with her :)


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