26 February, 2016

Let's Play with The Hair! - Quick & No Damage

Have you ever felt that you want to try a new hairstyle but at the same time, afraid to go for it? Be it a new haircut or an unusual hair color, it is a very subjective matter whether you will find it suitable, or people around you are able to see you differently through your hairstyles... Once cut or bleached, it cannot be undone. 

Wow! Throughout these 2 years (2014-2016), I can't believe that I have done so much on my own, changing my style from long to short, from plain black to hot red, from natural to ombre and blonde. But as soon as I start working, I know I cannot be so adventurous on my hairstyles anymore. It's saddening, isn't it? 

But actually I have regretted over-bleaching my hair until I have to chop it off due to the severe damage. Now I have learnt my lesson and also found a good alternative to it, which is more affordable, easier and safer for the tresses. If you love playing with the hair but afraid to "take the risk", then Hair Weave certainly works very well.

I recently stumbled upon this site where I can easily hunt for Cheap Hair Wefts which come in different designs such as kinky curls, deep waves, silky straight, loose waves and more. Quality wise, they do not tangle easily because they are made of real human hair-- meaning 100% unprocessed virgin hair that gives you the thick and natural look.

High Quality 100% Brazilian Hair Ombre Color of Grey Body Wave Hair Weave

To me, hair wefts give the flexibility that I want :) I can even cut, perm, color, dye or straighten them according to my personal preference, so that it appears more natural and blends well with my existing hair. Most importantly, the hair ends are healthy without any splits, unlike the current condition of my own hair now. 

Since ombre hair is in trend recently, I really don't mind giving it a try to lengthen my hair since growing more than 5 inches seems impossible within a short period of time. 

Sometimes, I'd prefer using human hair wigs instead if I need different hairstyles for special occasions especially during cosplay parties. But my friends have commented that wigs are difficult to take care. If you are really a newbie int this, it is actually quite simple-- Just keep the wig fresh, glossy, and oil-free each time after use by keeping your own scalp and hair clean. Usually I'd get those with lace frontal cap underneath the wig which is more breathable.

There are just so many hair wefts and wigs on the website that I can't make up my mind.
So what hair color or hair length do you think suit me the most? Feel free to share with me!
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