10 February, 2016

Brunch at #theBBP, The Club, Bukit Utama, PJ

#theBBP has been a popular after-work drinking hole since its grand opening last year. Here good food comes hand in hand with great drinks. Well, I mean what makes better combination than tucking in barbecued meats while sipping on a glass of beer?

Now this gastropub style restaurant is also open for weekend brunch from 11am to 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays. During lazy weekends, we prefer sitting around the long balcony area to relax and unwind while enjoying the natural breeze.

But if you feel it is too sunny outside, the venue also offers an interior den of warmly furnished ambience to exude a homey felling.

#theBBP "Chu" Sang @ RM49 nett (Half Portion) / RM88 nett (Full Portion)

In celebration of the festive season, #theBBP has introduced two Chinese New Year special items, available until 22 February 2016. The traditional prosperity toss is added with creative twist, by featuring airflown Spanish Jamon Iberico ham, bacon crackle and crispy pork lard.instead of the usual salmon or jellyfish. How can one resist such porky goodness!

Suckling Pig @ RM350 nett (1 day advanced booking is required)
Another auspicious dish for Chinese New Year, anyone's up for a hog feast?

Spicy Pork Sandwich @ RM25

To kickstart the day, of course the breakfast fare is not to be missed. Other than the usual eggs benedict, croissant, pancakes and yoghurt, #theBBP also serves spicy pork sandwich featuring thick pork steak, nachos, cheese, tomatoes and fries.

Scrambled Eggs @ RM6 / Mixed Garden Salad @ RM6

For a hearty breakfast platter, just top up a little for a wide variety of add-on items. You can even build your own brunch by choosing the eggs, meat, sides and sauces priced from RM2 onwards per item.

"One Hot Chick"

Another highlight of the day is the marinated whole chicken served with grilled mixed vegetables. What makes it special is the "flaming" technique by drizzling the whole bird with special sauce and putting on fire!

The presentation indeed wows most of us, and I appreciate the extra charred flavour it gives to the crisp skin of the chicken, while the meat inside retains its juiciness. Moist, flavourful and good to go with the tangy dip!  

You can also find many interesting pork dishes here too.

The eclectic music and live band performance keep the place constantly abuzz. Overall, I don't mind visiting #theBBP for some after-work drinks or to catch football matches with friends while nibbling on the mouth-watering snacking here.

Nice brunch date with the ladies!

302, 1 The Club,
9 Bukit Utama,
No. 9 Persiaran Utama,
Bandar Utama,
Petaling Jaya,
47800 Selangor.
Contact: +603-7724 1628
Instagram: @theBBP_malaysia

Business Hours:
Tues - Fri: 5pm - 1am
Sat - Sun: 11am - 3pm, 5pm - 1am
Closed on Mondays


  1. wow nice, if got chance i must try this too one day

  2. Wah good porky food lah! I miss it coz was in KL that day. Will go and try it out another time.

  3. every time saw suckling pig my first thought is chinese wedding. hahahaha ...my bad! the food is more like a feast suitable for this festive mood.

  4. That pig is so small huh~ Look like so delicious... Thanks for sharing ya.

  5. Nice. Would get my friends to give this place a try.

  6. Their food is really unique and good. Especially their "Chu" Sang, something new for CNY :)

  7. Wow the burning chicken though hahaha and the food looks delicious

  8. Amazing photos of these dishes but sadly I cannot partake in these, however I will definitely get my non Muslim friends to try it...

  9. My friends are now all flocking here every weekend after I told them about the place. Great place to hang out, they say.

  10. ha...ha...so creative that they have the "chu" sang :) pretty photo shoots :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  11. I love this setting and the ambience gives off a relaxing mood too. I am also sold on the food already! Can't wait to head there myself.

  12. The food looks so good. Why didn't bring me!

  13. Oh gosh! the variety looks amazing. Looks like a nice place to chill

  14. This place looks happening. Good number of food options and nice atmosphere to chill and relax.

  15. The One Hot Chick looks so yummy! Everything looks so fat and really delicious =D

  16. Quite a huge feast you girls had there and with the live music makes the dining experience even more enjoyable.

  17. This place and food both looks very happening. Didnt know about this place yet.

  18. Didnt know they open for brunch, only been there for dinner as I was told by them that they are only open from 5pm onwards.

  19. the place is cozy and the food looks delicious

  20. Love the 'chu sang' Interesting twist to the usual 'sang' hehehe.... Nice to catch up with you that day. :D

  21. nice place to dine but no go there yet. Should let my dear know of this place soon.

  22. I think I have been there when a friend of mine came over. I'm always very blur in the morning so I don't remember anything. But I did remember one thing, food was good.

  23. one hot chick really capture my eye. The chicken meat is so tender and juicy. Love the combination whereby it serve with vegetable.


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