22 February, 2016

Chang Beer is Here in Malaysia: Refreshingly Different in Green Chang Beer Bottle

Nothing comes better than having beers during celebrations and festive seasons. During this Chinese New Year, I have found a new favourite-- the famous Chang Beer imported from Thailand!

After celebrating over twenty years of glory in Thailand, Chang Beer has finally landed on the shore of Malaysia! Yes, no more going all the way to Bangkok for this. I kinda miss its light and smooth flavour when I first had it there, and now in 2016, the refreshing change is here...

Now it comes in a brand-new look and taste! If you are familiar with this brand, it used to be amber in color. Now, the new green Chang Beer bottle definitely looks younger to me! Well, don't you agree that the classic always offers the best? 

So light and smooth, a big YAY for younger drinkers like myself!

Overall, it becomes more elegant with nicer contour and hand-feel compared to the old packaging. Plus, it is more acceptable to drink with its new formula-- Only a 5.5-degree alcohol level, down from 6 degrees previously. 

Let's have fun with #ChangBeer; Refreshingly different in whichever way you look at it!

Whether to enjoy Chang Beer at the bar or at home, it is always a pleasure on its own, anytime, anywhere :)

I now challenge you to join the SNAP & SHARE challenge! SNAP your 90 degree perspectives photos, and then SHARE them on your Instagram/Facebook with the hashtag #changbeer!

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