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21 February, 2016

Mizukawa Japanese Restaurant @ IOI Boulevard, Puchong

Recently my adventurous soul has brought me to explore some relatively new eateries at IOI Boulevard (Opposite IOI Mall Puchong) and I found Mizukawa, a neighbourhood Japanese restaurant that serves good value-for-money set lunches, hence I am tempted to try it out.

The interior exudes a comfortable family-friendly seating with a sushi conveyor belt in the middle which operates only during weekends. Glancing through the menu, it offers a wide range of sushi, sashimi, bento, agemono, sukiyaki buffet, teriyaki, tempura, ramen and even pasta!

 If you can't spot the sushi you want, you can always ask the chef to prepare it ala minute.

Mizukawa Special Roll

Sushi is typically my go-to dish at Japanese restaurants. This chef's specialty roll is made of shrimp roe coating the rice, crabstick, egg and cucumber, then topped with special baked cream and seaweed. Not only do I love the buttery and smoky flavours, but I think its simple yet unique combination wins the creativity points.

 Kawa Harumaki

Before my main dish, I am served with another beautiful invention: Soft shell crab and prawn tempura wrapped in rice paper roll with wasabi dressing sauce. I am pleasantly surprised that the seafood remains crispy in the roll, and the fresh-tasting sauce is slightly tangy for my liking. 

BENTO SET LUNCH (11am to 3pm daily) 
 Saba Bento Set Lunch (11am to 3pm daily)

My bento set comes next and it is absolutely beautiful! There is a great selection of bento including chicken, salmon, soft shell crab and tempura. Each set is typically priced between RM15.90 to RM20.90, which I think it's a good deal for the generous amount of food.

Accompanied by miso soup, chawan mushi, fruits and salad, the bento box itself is filled with even more food. The golden eggy fried rice is pretty decent, but it is the Saba Shioyaki (Salt BBQ mackerel) that wows me because of its moist fillets with perfectly charred, crisp skin.

Few pieces of Japanese golden fried chicken are served along with the bento as an appetizer, and I find them very well-cooked into tender juicy perfection. Every bite yields a nice crunch before we enjoy the succulent meat in it.

 Soft Shell Crab Ramen

The ramen set is equally pocket-friendly as it comes in fair portion along with 3 sides dishes. The soft shell crab is slightly soggy after being soaked in the soup for a while, but remains tasty due to its oceanic freshness.

We also learn that the owner has trained under the belt of a Japanese chef for a couple of years, hence we truly appreciate his effort in creating the broths and sauces here using his own recipe including the wasabi and soy sauce!

On a side note, premium fishes are available on the menu on a seasonal basis,
so do check with the restaurant if you are craving for any.

1. Overall, it serves good, comfort Japanese food around the neighbourhood that is worth checking out. 
2. Set lunches are highly recommended, considering the taste, portion and price. 
3. Revisit: Yes, for the raw sashimi and exotic fishes. 

Mizukawa Japanese Restaurant
(Next to Chatime and Geographer Restaurant & Bar, facing the road.)
IOI Boulevard,
Jalan Kenari 5,
47150 Puchong,
Contact: 010-933 7839

Business Hours:
Tues - Sun: 11am - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm
Closed on Mondays


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