06 February, 2016

Chinese New Year Menu at Tai Zi Heen, Pullman KLCC

I can't believe it has been years since I last dined at Tai Zi Heen (Feel free to read my previous review: HERE). But good food here has made my dinner memorable and I am glad to be back to try out its premium set of Chinese New Year menu.

 Crispy Whitebait Yee Sang

To begin with, the prosperity toss is not to be missed. The crispy whitebait is slightly salty, and able to give a balance to the sweetness of plum sauce. A great option for those who do not take raw fishes.

Comes in 3 types of serving size (Regular, Medium, Large), the Yee Sang here is also available in other variants: Vegetarian Snow Pear, Salmon, Hamachi, Abalone and Four Seasons Prosperity Yee Sang.

Double-boiled Chicken and Vegetable Soup with Fish Maw and Sun Dried Scallops

After tossing, we move on to the double-boiled dried seafood soup that is so full-bodied with oceanic goodness. Well, no Chinese meal is complete without a bowlful of hearty soup. Refreshingly light and soulfully hearty, the dried scallop and fish maw give an instant lift to the overall flavours of the clear soup.

Braised Sea Cucumbers with Morels Mushroom, Sun Dried Oysters and Baby Pak Choy

Also served during the meal is this symbolic dish of wealth and prosperity, so healthy and good to go with a bowlful of steaming hot rice or on its own. Apart from dried oysters, it highlights the use of premium morels mushroom that tastes crunchier than the usual mushroom. 

Roasted Five Spice Chicken Sprinkled with Crispy Garlic and Spring Onions

As for the chicken, it is butterflied and well-marinated, exuding beautiful aroma of spices and crispy garlic. Succulent and tender, I am glad that the bird is almost greaseless when served.

Crispy Prawns Coated with Lemon Dressing, Tropical Fruit Salsa and Tobiko Caviar

Another notable dish is the platter of juicy prawns, deep-fried with crisp outer perfection and drizzled with zingy lemon mayonnaise. I notice that the fruity combination of kiwi, berries and mango actually pairs well with seafood. And of course, the creative dish wins the greatest applause from the diners of the evening!

Steamed Dragon-Tiger Grouper with Mushrooms in Soy Sauce, Spring Onions and Fresh Coriander

Stir-Fried Glutinous Rice with Chinese-style Preserved Duck

Surprise comes one after another. A more interesting dish than the usual waxed meat rice, we have a bowlful of aromatic golden brown glutinous rice stir-fried into soft sticky consistency that reminds me of the "Loh Mai Kai" dim sum. The best thing is, it is generously topped with flavourful sliced preserved duck and mushrooms! What a beautiful yet comforting combination it is.

Deep-fried Sesame Balls with Salted Egg Yolk Custard and Sweet Potato

To end our celebratory dinner on a sweet note, we are treated with another eye candy. The chef's specially crafted pastries of the evening are composed of the snow skin carrot-shaped pastry filled with sweet potato, exuding a familiar taste as if we are having mooncakes. 

It is paired with deep-fried sesame balls served piping hot from the kitchen. It seems like the trend of salted egg yolk has stormed into the hotel's restaurant too. The molten sweet salted egg yolk custard oozes out from the crisp pastry and melts perfectly in the mouth! 

CHINESE NEW YEAR 2016: Spring in the City
Available from 18 Jan till 22 Feb 2016
RM1788 nett to RM2788 nett per table of 10 persons.
Ala carte festive dishes are priced from RM50 onwards.

Tai Zi Heen (太子轩)
Level 2
Pullman KLCC Hotel and Residences
Jalan Conlay,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603-2170 8888
Email: restaurants@pullman-klcc.com
Instagram: @PullmanKLCC

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  1. this is really nice place for a family dinner : ) I like the foods served for CNY esp the deep-fried Sesame Balls with Salted Egg Yolk Custard and Sweet Potato :)


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