03 February, 2016

Review: Mask House Diamond V Fit Mask for Fat Burning & Slimming

Today's beauty review is about this very popular Korean slimming mask from Mask House (Facebook: www.facebook.com/maskhousemsia) which many international celebrities and beauty TV shows have been raving about. Deemed as Asia's Number 1 Magic V-shape Mask, finally I get to try mine which I got from HiShop Malaysia.

Suitable for: All skin types.
Recommended for: Those who want V-shape face.
Features: Slimming, tightening and moisturizing.
Content:  5 Diamond V Fit Mask fat burning masks and 1 Korean slimming band.

STEP 1: After cleansing, remember to measure the circumferences of the face (from the points below earlobe on your left to your right). The measuring tape can be found inside the packaging.

STEP 2: Unfold the mask sheet and place the larger parts on cheeks and smaller parts around the upper neck. Just make sure it sits firmly on the face before putting on the slimming band.

The mask is very thick and slightly sticky, as it contains BodyFit essence that requires the pressure from the Slimming Band to improve absorption of nutrients into the cheeks, improve blood circulation and reduce the swelling of the jaw and chin areas.

It is also made of Q10 Coenzyme to reduce the appearance of deep neck wrinkles on the neck. At the same time, it helps to firm up and enhance the V shape of the face, resulting in more elastic and younger skin. Great for those with double chin and round face.

STEP 3: Wear the slimming band (with the colored part facing outwards) and fix it under the chin. Although the shape of our face is different from another, I am surprised that the slimming band fits comfortably onto mine. Plus, it is reusable.

For the first time, I feel a little tight and uncomfortable initially, but after few minutes, I start to get used to it. I think wearing it tight will be more effective :P

STEP 4: Adjust each hole for the ears and fasten it firmly over the top of the head.

STEP 5: Leave it on for 30-40 minutes.

It feels slightly warm with tingling sensation for the first few minutes, and the feeling goes off slowly. Then I can really feel the tightening effect as it starts to "pull" my skin inwards. But don't worry, it doesn't feel uncomfortable on the face.

STEP 6: Remove mask, and massage the essence into skin till fully absorbed. 

STEP 7: Remeasure the circumference and compare the difference.

Mine was 23.6cm initially, and after the mask, it reduces to 22.9cm! A reduction of 0.7cm may seem insignificant, but it definitely makes the face look slimmer and more "V" in shape! Also, it helps to effectively improve skin elasticity too. You can use it every 2-3 days for better result.

I wanna say goodbye to wrinkles, baby fat, double chin and fatty cheeks!

My personal experience with V Fit Mask is amazing, I am so surprised by its immediate result after my first time use. I personally think that it is useful to use it before attending important event or photoshooting, to give a slimmer complexion instantly. 

Don't forget to visit HiShop for more information and products!
Website: www.hishop.my
Facebook: fb.com/hishopmy 
Instagram: @hishopmy
Twitter: @hishopmy


  1. v-shape :)

    i think i need this arghhh..my face dah jadi double chin, huhuhu

  2. v shape every gals will like it.
    my sis also wanna try this, shall visit the website soon.

  3. Ur face looks even more V shapre afterwards :)
    Will give it a try.

  4. Wow .. its work !
    Wil give it a try ...

  5. Wow, can totally see the difference in photos even though in numbers, it is not too significant. Would you recommend all girls to have a V-shaped face?

  6. wow! 1st time heard about this facial mask brand and can help to V shape face! nice one :)
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  7. ooooo nice! Have seen this mask around but not sure if it really works. Time to get the Vshape face

  8. wah, they even provide you with measuring tape? so confident of the results :)

  9. ngeeeeee...watch this a lot in kdrama. Wanna get this one for myself. this look good for my first try.

  10. I time I see this type of mask. I want the V shape face to ♡

  11. Wahhh... interesting... I want to get one too...I have double chin already cos getting older by the years... huhuhu need to reduce it!!!

  12. hmm tempting! i need to get rid of my double chin :p

  13. Review it before and can feel my face very warm during the process. =D

  14. I am interested with this mask and have read a lot of review from different bloggers, but the result on you is the most good among other bloggers.
    Thanks for your review.

  15. Instant effect, that is amazing! I've seen this selling in SASA before, rather pricey though for a box think it was over RM100 @@

  16. i have this too. i love the result and I will continue to try it.

  17. Looks effective!~ So long didn't hear about HiShop d...

  18. I always used to wonder whether this product really works or not. Seems quite nice.

  19. Oh this is quite interesting Fish dear ; will definitely take note of it as it's results are pretty effective <3

  20. Looks really effective and nice product to have a V Shape Face! Lovely review you have too =D

  21. I always wanted a v-shape face, this application seems easy, will check it out :)

  22. actually i have this mask too, but found it quite suffering to use. wonder if can just use and go to sleep in it

  23. interesting! quite special product, they are so innovative ya! it's good that it's convenient too

  24. 7mm is quite obvious. I certainly would love to try it out for some firming action.

  25. You always have V shaped face and perhaps this mask will helps to enhance it more.

  26. I'm searching for v shape mask but its quite hard to get in indo

  27. I tried this before. Personally think the mask is so hot and spicy. Sensitive skin might get irritated after using it.. hmmm


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