13 February, 2016

Review: Valentine Gel Manicure @ The Curve, PJ

Hi babes  I am back with my monthly nails update. Do you remember the Christmas gel manicure I did HERE? It was my first time meeting Sharon, the manicurist and I had fallen in love with her artwork since then. 

So now I'm back to Sharon's nail parlour, Pastel Nail Room (Check out its Facebook page!) for my Valentine's gel manicure. It is located inside Paris Art of Hair saloon on the 2nd floor of The Curve (2 floors direcly above McDonalds, facing Ikea)

Based on my previous experience, the premium Korean Gellyfit gel color that she uses for gel manicure is really good! The color remains shiny and vibrant even after 6 weeks, and it does not chip easily :) 

Of course, you can take a look at the sample colors first before picking your favourite

From time to time, the manicurist will update the samples of nail designs for customers to choose from. During my visit, I see some cute hand-drawn designs in Chinese New Year theme. But you can always bring your own design, and request for her to do it on your nails. So it is entirely up to you to choose any design you want! 

For gel manicure, it is RM90 for a set of plain color gel (Can mix colors). For each drawing / design on every nail, there will be additional charges ranging from RM2 to RM10 depending on the complexity and amount of accessories (eg: diamonds) used. 

So in the celebration of love, she suggested me to go for a set of chocolate-inspired nail art on pastel pink shade. Sounds sweet right? Well, I am not the kind of person who usually loves lovey dovey design, but since it is Valentine, I thought why not give it a try? 

To jazz up the design, she adds alot of diamond accessories that exude a sense of glamour. Some of you have asked me whether such huge accessory will be burdensome for the nails, and whether it will come off easily. 

Actually, the accessory I had during my previous manicure was even bigger than this! And it does not fall off / become loose at all even after 6 weeks! This is why I am impressed by her delicate artwork :) 

So don't worry about the diamonds coming off, just be careful and don't knock it ya.

Ta-daa! Here's the final outcome: Valentine's Sweetheart Manicure with Chocolate Drips

Left Hand.

Right Hand.

Of glitters, diamonds, chocolates and hearts. I bet nothing could be sweeter than this!

Just mention my name OHFISHIEE to enjoy 10% OFF on ALL manicure services.
Don't forget to make your appointment at Pastel Nail by calling/ Whatsapp-ing 012-2456981!

Paris Art of Hair
(2 floors above McDonalds)
Lot 202, Level 2,
The Curve,
Mutiara Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya,
Reservation: 012-2456981
Facebook: Pastel Nail


  1. Lovely nail art, dear. Feels like licking your finger nails, sweet like chocolate. Hahaha.....

  2. love the bling bling on your nail. wanna go try this shop soon.

  3. How long can it last on our nail? Is it easy to take them off?

  4. OMG those pretty nails... I feel like can lick the nails too... like it is drenched in chocolate.. LOL

  5. omg..kawaiiiiii..love that bling2 details..always wonder how did you manage ur long nail? mine is always short. haha

  6. wow! the plain gel manicure is cheap! I always like plain colours :) thanks for sharing this great deal :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  7. So pretty and nice, like this Valentine's theme, especially the chocolate drips design :)

  8. beautiful.. a nail gel art for every occasion.. bi weekly ones are perfect :D

  9. I like their delicate and feminine nail art. The place also easy to get carpark.

  10. Oh dear! It's so lovely especially your thumbnail. Wish to do mani there someday. :)

  11. Valentines nail so cute! But i like the Victorian style better. Anyway, both are so cute <3


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