11 February, 2016

Seeties x O'Briens Valentine's Dinner

Valentine's came early with a great surprise from TAP by Seeties and O'Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe. They have specially hosted a Valentine's dinner for us bloggers (and our partners) to celebrate this special occasion. 

Love is in the air! 

Of course, Valentine's is always associated with flowers and candlelit dinners. So Seeties and O'Briens have gone great lengths to transform the sandwich cafe into a romantic space with pastel pink heart-shaped balloons, and prepared a special Valentine's menu based on the healthy concept of the cafe. 

It melts my heart when I see the personalized touch that they have included for the table setting!

Smoked Salmon Salad in Pesto Dressing

Our 4-course dinner starts off with a light salad platter which is drenched in creamy pesto dressing and served along with smoked salmon slices and lemon wedge. A simple yet delicious combination to tantalize the palate before moving to the next course.

For the first time in a self-service chain cafe, I feel like I am being treated like a princess. The team is just so sweet! Everything is served in fine dining style on the table and the impeccable service is just on point.

Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread

The only item we have during the evening that is already available in O'Briens' menu is the creamy mushroom soup with crisp garlic toast. Other off-menu items are specially crafted just for us, how lucky we are!

Turkey Slice and Cheddar with Fresh Avocado in Ciabatta Bread

For the main, we have a choice between the Turkey Ham or Beef Pastrami. Honestly it may sound ordinary by its name, but this handcrafted sandwich earns brownie points from its beautiful presentation and healthy ingredients used. The thick avocado paste comes in a heart shape (Sorry, forgot to take a top view of it!) and solely made of pure avocado. Totally free from oil and bad fats! 

Creme Brulee

Moving towards the finale of the meal, they spice up the agenda by having the gentlemen to torch the sugar on the creme brulee for the ladies before the dessert can be served. Imagine how sweet it is to have your loved ones preparing desserts for you! Toppings are optional, but mine seems to be overloaded with yummy fruits. 

Although it is just a short gathering, but it indeed makes a memorable pre-Valentine's celebration with so many close blogger friends around. How I'd wish we could stay longer and keep the streams of conversations and laughter going! 

Thank you Seeties and O'Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe for the love! 

You guys made me realise that a truly romantic Valentine's dinner is not all about dining at posh restaurants or receiving expensive gifts. It is the thought that counts, and thanks for putting in so much effort to host such a premium dinner for us! 

Hope you guys enjoy your Valentine's Day too! 
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